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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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312 km Mubadala Ruby Field Subsea Gas Pipeline Dent Investigation and Assessment

Faisal D Purnawarman, Widi Hernowo, Tris Zulfirmie

Achieving Indonesian Oil and Gas production to 1 million barrels per day by 2030 using Nanoflooding as Novel EOR Method: Dream vs. Reality

L Hendraningrat, A Wulandari, B.V.S. Harahap, S Tasha, M. A Pamungkas

Analytical Method to Accurately Estimate Overpressure Magnitude: The Case Study from Indonesia's Tertiary Basins

Agus M. Ramdhan, Lambok M. Hutasoit, Arifin

Application of Anomaly Spectral Density (ASD) for Hydrocarbon Prospecting

Bambang Setiawan, Muchlis, Ibnu Hafizh, Hafidl Arsyi, Mirzal Ardhie

Application of Capacitance-Resistive Model With Global Optimizer

Aulia Ahmad Naufal, Sabrina Metra, Deva Tasia Ulitha, Julfree Sianturi, Edy Suwito

Application of Unbalanced Load Sharing to Compensate Low Compressor Train Capacity

Yoga Hutomo Putra, Rezha Adrian Tanuharja

Artificial Lift Project in Bekapai Field, A Comprehensive and Challenging Selection Process for Mature Offshore Field

Benidiktus Gunung Massuka, Jhon Victor Siahaan, Hudan Wira Alam, Toto M. Hutabarat, Untung Ashari

Batch Production: A Success Story to Improve Oil Production in Mature Fields in Medco E&P, South Sumatera

Nayesha Shafira Elthaf, Prayudha Rifqi Safiraldi, Candra Kurniawan, Hendra Kusuma, Azis Hidayat

Biogenic and Thermogenic Gas Potential of The Underexplored Southern Kutai Basin, Offshore East Kalimantan: A Case Study from South Sesulu Block

Yudhi Artha, Eddy. A. Subroto

Breaking the Limit: Breakthrough Technology to Develop Ultra Shallow Heavy Oil with Oil Mining

Dyah Pitaloka Citrarasmi, Karina Asti Puri, Yasin Zaidun, Handita R. Dwitantra, Dwi Esthi Ariningtias

Burial History, Hydrocarbon Generation, and Migration in the Upper Paleogene to Neogene: Petroleum System of the Offshore North Sumatra Basin: Insights from 1D and 2D Basin Modeling.

Handika Lazuardi, Nada Salsabila Irsani, Jarot Setyowiyoto, Budi Prasetyo, Dhanny Triamindo

Capturing the Reservoir Uncertainty through Probabilistic Dynamic Modelling and Prediction: A Case Study of Multi-Layered Waterflood Reservoir with 90 Years Production History and 293 Wells

Ecko Noviyanto, Deded Abdul Rohman, Theoza Nopranda, Rudini Simanjorang, Kosdar Gideon Haro

Carbonate Pore System Characterization, a Study Case from Drowning Cap Sequence in VITA Field, ExxonMobil Block Cepu Limited (EMCL)

Viska Triaraminta Dewi, La Ode Ahdyar, Undang Mardiana, Febriwan Mohammad

Case History of Matrix Acid Stimulation for High Temperature Carbonate Formation and Long Interval Section

Mukhamad Denica Elsa, Anak Agung Gde Iswara Anindyajati, Ardiyanto, Hafidz Kurniawan, Reyhan Syaiful

Cement Packer - Another Chance for 2nd Hand Late Life Medco E and P Offshore Field

Stephanus Eko Andriyanto, Michael Jubel Hutagalung, Hutami Henning Farinia, Yan Anggoro, Zandra Yuliarosa

Challenging Pipeline In-Line Inspection (ILI) by using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Intelligent Pig For Mature Pipeline With 18.2% Dent Due to Third Party Activity

Dony Soelistiyono, Dedy Iskandar, Hermanto Sutjipto, Fahmi Irfan

The Characteristics of Kasiro Shale and Its Implication to Oil Shale Identification at The Batang Asai, Sarolangun, Jambi

Abizar Rachman, Atep Beni, Hana Nur, Hanif Abiyuza, H. W. Utama

The Characterization of Stratigraphic Play in Middle Baong Sand for Hydrocarbon Prospecting in Offshore North Sumatera Basin

Abdullah Nurhasan, Alexis Badai Samudra, Zuardin Azzaino, Muhammad Zaki, Muhammad Fajar

Characterizing the Seismic Response of Naturally Fractured Basement Reservoir in Sumatra Area: Towards an Efficient Seismic Exploration Strategy

Pongga Wardaya, Vida Irine Rossa, Erlangga Septama, Richie Rahmat Pratama, Rusalida Raguwanti

Ciletuh Subduction, Southwest Java - New Findings: Nature, Age, and Regional Implications

Awang Harun Satyana, Agung Prasetyo, Mega F. Rosana

A Cohesive Approach in Identifying a Missed-pay of Carbonate Reservoir in a Brownfield

Nida Muthia Lamis, Tribuwono, Elsa Fitrani Saib, Febrian Asrul, Haryo Tedjo Baskoro, Geraldus Yudhanto Sigit

Company Cost Accuracy Benchmark Toward Industry Practice and International Guidelines at Project Phases Gate

Erwin Indrawan

Comparative analysis of the relative attractiveness of the current fiscal terms in the South East Asia region

David Ooi, Robert Chambers, Amelia Surdirdja

A Comparative Study of Using Risk Adjusted Discount Rate and Historical-Based Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate Risk/Uncertainty in Oil and Gas Investment

Dika Iqbal Lidyanto

The Comparison between Empirical and Data-driven Computation in Predicting CO and NOx Emissions from Gas-Turbine-Based Power Plant

Tristantyo Yoga Wicaksono, Mordekhai, Nadiyatur Rahmatikal Wasi'ah

Confirming Reservoir Geometry and Exploration Opportunity through 5D Interpolation PSDM in The Sub-ophiolite Zone, Banggai Sula Basin, Central Sulawesi

Mufied Ahmad, Dadang Ramdan, Yudi Herdiana, Abdullah Nurhasan, Arif Budi Mulyawan

Continuous Circulation while Drilling: A New Approach to Maintain Hole Cleaning and Improve Drilling Performance in Swamp Drilling Operation

Bintang Kusuma Yuda, RBM Aditya, Andre Wiharja, Scott Petrie, Rick Doll

De-risking Appraisal Phase in the Recent Gas Discovery in Banggai-Sula Basin, Central Sulawesi: Application of AVO Analysis and Pre-stack Inversion in the Sub-ophiolite Reef Carbonate Play

Mufied Ahmad, Yudi Herdiana, Tika R. Pertiwi, Hendarsyah, Arie Naskawan

Deep Dive Into The Mesozoic Play Potential Beneath The Batui Thrust: A Case Study in The Offshore Matindok, The Eastern Arm of Sulawesi

Fatrial Bahesti, Galang Purnomo Adi, Indi Amrullah, Bagus Guspudin

Detailed Lithofacies and Architectural Facies Analyses on Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Clastic Shoreline Depositional Environment of the Cibulakan Formation in Cipamingkis River, Jonggol, Bogor, West Java

Eric Edwin

Detailed Lithological Study Leads to New Insights about the Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary Reservoirs in the Suban Gas Field, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Budi R Permana, Rita R Achdiat, Riki Tasrianto

Detect Oil Spill in Offshore Facility Using Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning

Dharmawan Raharjo, Muhamad Solehudin

Determining Well Growth in High Temperature Well by History Matching to the Production Data

M. Syaiful Nurdin, Fianti Ramadhani, Yang Zhi, Michael Etuhoko

Development and Improvement of Organic Salt Solutions of Potassium Citrate As An Environmentally Friendly Completion Fluids for Oil and Gas Wells

Usman, W.S. Panca, IGN. Widiantara, H. Arie, S. Budi

Development of Integrated Oil and Gas Plant Information Management System (PIMS) in Indonesia

Mohamad Fauzan Amir, Yogi Arsianto, Rossupanji Pribadi, Bambang Prayoga, Ngatijan

Development of Structural Risk-Based Underwater Inspection (RBUI) based on Agile and Dynamic Inspection Data Analysis

Faisal D Purnawarman

Digitalization of Decommissioning Cost Estimation Process for PETRONAS Upstream Assets

Muhamad B Che Lah, Mashitah M Jais, N. Ashwin Kumar, Shazrul Azuan Shahidan

Digitalizing and Geo-Enabling Observation Cards to Improve Hazard Mitigation and Better Risk Assessment

Pachira E. Paramitha, Cahyo Nugroho, Yoga Abdilah

Effective Alarm Management System for Process Safety and Plant Reliability

Arief E Prasetyo, Andre Pradhanto

Encouraging Preliminary Results of Steam Flood Pilot Project in Unconsolidated Reservoir with Strong Water Drive, Sultanate of Oman

Abdullah AL Qassabi, Hassan AL Saadi, Muhammad Mirza, Hari Sudono Setiawan, Chaidir Yassin

EOR Steam Injection Huff and Puff Method: A Comprehensive Analysis of Production Response in Low Performance Well

Muhammad Mursalin, Andre Almuttaqin, Aldo Setiawan, Dhany Firmansyah, Bagas Juniar

First Application Drilling New Wells with HWU in Swamp Environment, Delta Mahakam

Ryan Wijaya, Riko, Rahmad Jatikusuma, Irfan Hanif, Aditya Bayu Pratama

First Application Micro Coiled Tubing in Indonesia at Offshore Mahakam

Rantoe Marindha, Pratika Siamsyah Kurniawati, Gerardus Pancawisna, Nasrulloh Alfarisy, Eko Marsudiono

The First Successful Rig-Less Mono-Trip Gas Lift Completion in Mahakam Field

Rahmat Sinaga, Kristoforus Widyas Tokoh, Tomi Sugiarto, Miazzy I. Maharanoe, Wiryawan Suraji

Fiscal Optimizations to Achieve a Win-Win Gross Split Production Sharing Contract on Deep-Water Study Case Project

Arsyan Hilman

Gas Deliverability Monitoring and Reserves Quantification without Shut-In the Well: Application of Coupled Material Balance - Nodal Analysis Approach in Main Zone of Tunu Field, Mahakam

Prakash Jeet Singh, Adnan Syarafi Ashfahani, Triantoro Adi Nugroho, Riza Aria Amar, Yan Muhazir

Handil Low Salinity Water Injection: A Success Story

Julfree Sianturi, Bayu Setyo Handoko, Muhammad-Rully Chaerul-Shobar, Arizka Mesayu Andari, Azarya-Hesron Surbakti

High Resolution Correlation of Sequence Stratigraphy to Stipulate Further Hidrocarbon Prospect in A Mature Field: Case Study of Limau Field, South Sumatera Basin

Pambudi Suseno

A History of 50 years Deepwater Drilling Activities in Indonesia (1968 - 2020)

Yohanes Ronny Costamte Siregar, Firman Cahya Putra Adistia, William Lim, Rahmad Hidayat

A Holistic Approach to Achieve Excellence in Pipeline Security Using "SOLIDS"

Muhamad Rais, M. Nuramzan Iftari

Hybrid Method: Surface Geochemical and CWT Gamp for Reducing the Risk of Exploration in the Sanga Sanga Area, Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Asnanto Multa Putranto, Afzalurrahman Assalam, Ridha Santika Riadi, Robhy Cahya Permana, Teguh Surino Setiawan

Imaging of Subsurface Velocity Structure on Volcanic Area of South East Java: An Application of Passive Seismic Ambient Noise Tomography for Sub-Volcanic Hydrocarbon Exploration

Pongga Wardaya, Erlangga Septama, Vida Irine Rossa, Richie Rahmat Pratama, Rusalida Raguwanti

The Implementation of Hybrid Parallel Computation for Complex and Fine Reservoir Model Using Cluster Technology

Budi Darmawan, Ahmad Reizky Azha

Improving The Efficiency of Well Intervention Project Trial, Commissioning and Management Walk Through During Pandemic with Virtual Based Synergy of Engineering, Operation & Planning Division

Khalid Umar, Pratika Siamsyah Kurniawati, Didik Susilo, Eko Marsudiono, Nasrulloh Alfarisy

Increasing Wells Lifetime by Using PAR VALVE to Overcome Sand Settling Problems at Pertamina EP Asset 1 Field Jambi

Adnan Syahrul Ramadhan, Edwar, Alip Triwanto

Inspection and Mitigation for Pitting Corrosion on Stainless Steel Process Piping to Prevent Process Safety Event and Loss Production Opportunity in Medco E&P

Imron Rosyadi

Inspection of Production Tubing Thickness to Extend Well Operation Time With Thicktube Robot at Pertamina EP Asset 5 Field Sangasanga

Teguh Rachman Hidayat, Endah Laksmi Nugraha, Gitab Bangkit Wicaksono, Reza Riswandana

Integrated Dynamic Synthesis as Key Success to Sustain Oil Production in Mahakam: Case Water Flooding Project in Handil Field

Azarya Hesron Surbakti, Aditya Suardiputra, Julfree Sianturi

Introducing the Application of Hybrid Gas and Sand Control in Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) Case Study Old Rimau Mature Field South Sumatera

Prayudha Rifqi Safiraldi, Candra Kurniawan, Hendra Kusuma, Aldani Malau, Azis Hidayat

ISCA: Quick Real-Time Sand Potential Prediction Simulator based on Critical Drawdown Failure and Machine Learning Model

Alaex Izzal Biladi, Mohammad Edwin Alif Utama, Jihaan Aliyyah Widagdo, Vincent Chandra, Steven Chandra

Java Volcanic Arc: What Lies Beneath?

E. Septama, C. Prasetyadi, A. Abdurrokhim, T. Setiawan, P. D. Wardaya

Low Resistivity Reservoir Pay Evaluation, New Opportunity for Further Development, Case Study On Gumai Formation Of "B" Field, Jambi Sub Basin, South Sumatera Basin

Debby Rahayu, Lia Reulina Ketaren

The Machine Learning's Classification Methods Comparison to Estimate Electrofacies Type, Lithology and Hydrocarbon Fluids from Geophysical Well Log Data

Dimas Andreas Panggabean, Jihan Hardiyanti Arief, Lucky Kriski Muhtar, MN Alamsyah

Machine Learning Technology to Improve Precision and Accelerate Screening Shallow Gas Potentials in Tunu Shallow Gas Zone, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam

Ronald Herbet, Debrina Sugiharto, Cepi M-Adam, Andrean Satria, Khairul Ummah

Market Survey Methodology to Determine Best Practice Procurement Strategy and Sharp Well Economic: A Case Study of Well Planning in Deepwater Exploration Indonesia

Bayu Buana Natanagara, Yohanes Ronny Costamte Siregar, Merindra Bagus Setyawan, Erwindo Tanjung

Mature Field Development to Periphery Area: Tambora West Flank Development Opportunity

Yasinto Sindhu Priastomo, Aditya Suardiputra, Jodi Astorifa Anggoro, Thomas Yunanto Yoga, Julfree Sianturi

The Mechanical Stratigraphy of Upper Kutai Basin: Implication to Kerendan Field Development Strategy as Massive Carbonate Tight Gas Reservoir

Krishna Pratama Laya, Ade Surya Setiawan, Ricko Rizkiaputra, Dimmas Ramadhan, Esterlinda Sinlae, Ari Subekti, Anak Agung Gde Iswara, I Gusti Ngurah Beni Setiawan, Monzurul Alam, Assef Mohamad-Hussein

Mechanism of Gravity-Driven Deformation Using Sandbox Modeling: A Case Study of The Tarakan Sub-Basin, East Kalimantan

Benyamin Sapiie, Tery Alfa Furqan, Erlangga Septama, Pongga Dikdya Wardaya, Indra Gunawan

Mechanisms of Nanofluid Based Modification MoS2 Nanosheet for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Ming Qu, Tuo Liang, Jirui Hou

Mesozoic Tectonic Setting of SE Sundaland After Magmatism and Suture Evidence in JS-1 Ridge

Ginanjar Mahar Pamungkas

Mid-Crustal Detachment Beneath Southern Timor-Leste: Seismic Evidence for Australian Basement in the Timor Collision Complex (and Implications for Prospectivity)

Tim R. Charlton, Dino Gandara, Ivonio Freitas, Mariano de Araujo, Maria Guterres, Francisco Tilman, Lamberto Fernandes, Dirce Nicolau, Debora Freitas

Millennial Green Drilling: Deliver More with Less (Solution to the Drilling Operations)

Danaparamita Kusumawardhani, Agil Rakestu Prababirawa, Nicko Wijaya, Charbel Oueis

Miocene Turbidite Sequence as Potential Reservoir and Source Rock Of Mamberamo Basin: An Insight From Fieldwork in Metaweja Area, Central Mamberamo District, Papua

Demianus Tonni Olua, Indra Gunawan, Lukman Nurdiansyah Reliubun

MPEP Scorecard: A New Quantitative Approach to Measure Project's Maturity in Medco E&P

Prima Tirto Kusumo, Agung Budi Indriyo, Agus Ibrahim

New Approach in Developing Minimum Facility Platform (MFP) Through Standardization Design in Medco E&P Offshore

Yasin Cahyono, Era Islami

New Finding on Oil Distribution in Jabung Block and its Implication to Pre-Talang Akar Formation (Pre-TAF) Play in the Jabung Block

Beiruny Syam, Teguh Fitrianto, Mawar Indah Nursina, Hendra Niko Saputra, I Nyoman Suta

New Perspective on the Source Rock Facies of Offshore Aceh’s Andaman Trough, North Sumatra Indonesia, Based on the Latest Onshore Oil Sampling and Analysis

Dedi Ariyono, Anthony Jervis, Bob Davis, Damion Rudd

New Perspectives on the Stratigraphy of the Andaman Trough, offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia. Utilising Modern Quantitative Biostratigraphical Analysis, Integrated with Newly Acquired 3D Multi Client Seismic Data

N. Nirsal, S. Clark, A. Jervis, D. Rudd

Numerical Analysis of the Design of a Subsea Gas Pipe Route Passing a Thrust Fault Using the Finite Element Method

Fatma Dewi Sinurat, Ir. Dr. Arianta

One Phase Well (OPW): Unlock Shallow Reservoir Efficiently and Economically by Eliminating Surface Casing

Irfan Hanif, Bramarandhito Sayogyo, Riko, Praja Hadistira, Karina Sari

Onshore Site Restoration; Overview and Lesson Learned

Galih Pandu Atmaja, Agung Prabowo

An Optimization Model for Corrosion Repair Campaign Plan on Offshore Platform's Topside Facilities

Mohammad Pribadi, Faisal D Purnawarman, Andika Amanatillah, Arya Yudhistira

Optimizing Electrical Borehole Images to Predict Porosity in New Discovery Limestone Minahaki Formation Pia-001 Exploration Well Matindok Block Central Sulawesi

Bagus Guspudin, Tika Roswina Pratiwi, Agung Budianto, Angga Direzza, Leonora Ludwina Lilasari

Optimizing the Enhanced Oil Recovery Method using Nanotechnology to Maximize Oil Production in Old Wells

Ariska Nur, Aldian

Optimum Salt Concentration Design of Low Salinity Water Injection in Tangai Structure at Sukananti Field

Hafizh Zakyan, Andri Luthfi Lukman Hakim, Santy Ghea Dyandra Soemarsono, Asep Kurnia Permadi, George Vincent Bungaran Pardede

Pipeline slugging and mitigation: Production strategy challenge at the tail of production

Satya Dharma Pinem

The Power of Predictive Analytics in Oil Field Development: Integrating Machine Learning with Reservoir Hydrocarbon Data to Enable Enhanced Oil Recovery of Hugin Formation within the Theta Vest Structure

Lilik T. Hardanto, Fenny Chrisman

Probabilistic History Matching and Prediction of Production Performance by Waterflood: A Case Study of 70 Years Old Oil Field

Ecko Noviyanto, Deded Abdul Rohman, Kosdar Gideon Haro, George Vincent, Ivan Praja

Real-Time Gas Lift Well Optimization Using Surface Read Out (SRO) System in Bunyu Field

Chandra Fadhillah Amiin, Saifudin Zuhri

Redefining Reservoir Architecture of Hydrocarbon-Bearing Ngrayong Formation in Banyu Urip Area:New Insights to Unravel Hidden Potential in East Java Basin

La Ode Ahdyar, Agung B. Cahyono, Triyani Hidayah, Rizky P. Sekti

Reducing Uncertainties In Shear Wave Petrophysical Log Prediction By Using Deep Neural Network and Machine Learning Methods

Muhammad Faris Abdurrachman, Muhammad Dhafit Muhsin

Refined Karst Feature and Fault Identification Through Integrated Wave Field Separation and Imaging of Diffraction Energy

Riaz Alai, Afiq Mokhtar, Christopher Lee Slind, Yonghe Guo, Rizki Krishna Pratama

Regional Basin Play Analogue Evaluation in Offshore Northwest Java Basin to Find New Opportunities in Matured Field

Deni Wahyuadi, Aveliansyah

Regional Tectonics & Structural Framework of Offshore Aceh's Andaman Sub-Basin, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

S. Clark, J. Teasdale, A. Jervis, D. Rudd

Regional Top Seal Capacity Analysis in JS-1 Ridge, Offshore Madura Involving Seal Geometry, Capilary Seal, Hydrofracturing Analysis, and Natural Fracture Modelling

Khadafi, Agus M. Ramdhan, Riszky B. Risyad, Andri Akbar, Ghufron Fauzi

The Relationship of Organic Components to Source Rocks Types Based on Biomarker Data at Central Sumatra Basin

Anil, Asy’ari Alfin Giovany, Yarra Sutadiwiria

Reservoir Characterization of Fractured Gas Reservoirs Through The Integration of Dynamic Data

Irvan Rahmawan, Mugie Ginanjar, Budi R. Permana, Riki Tasrianto

Reservoir Management Paradigm Shift Upon Successful Infill Wells of Sungai Gelam Field

Reza Rahadian, Adi Widyantoro, Oki Musakti, Hendra Baskara, Fannopo Rikardo

Rigless Remote Intervention: A Case Study of Combo Unit Utilization in Mahakam Offshore East Kalimantan

Reyhan Hidayat, Gerardus Pancawisna, Gitani-Tsalitsah Dahnil, Pratika Siamsyah, Khalid Umar

Risk Analysis Study for Fuel Gas System Improvement in Banyu Urip Facility

Yoga Hutomo Putra, Nurania Saubryani

Rock Physics Diagnostics as a Prerequisite for Optimal Petrophysics

Akash Mathur, Hilfan Khairy

Screening Criteria for Dump-flood Projects Implementation in Indonesia Fields

Alfanda Kurnia Widi, M. Hairul Fikri, Nadya Fitriani, Steven Chandra

Seismic Forward Modeling of Semberah Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoir

Adi Widyantoro, Wahyu Dwijo Santoso

Seismic Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis for Reservoir Characterization of Globigerina BH Gas Field, North East Java Basin.

Indra Sumantri, Okky Yuditya Pahlevi, Hendra Himawan, Vickry Rowi, Kian Han

Selecting An Optimum Hydrophobic Groups From Vegetable Oil Derivative for Surfactants used in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Ilham Ardatul Putra, Yani F. Alli, Usman, Didin Mujahidin

Shallow Water Subsea Well Drilling and Completion Utilizing Jack Up Rig at Natuna Sea Block

Sulistyo Rahutomo, Sayid Faisal Abdila, Dian Sutejo, Erwindo Tanjung

The Shaped PDC Cutter and Special Bit Element Utilization to Improve Overall Drilling Performance in Hard Massive Carbonate: A Case Study of ERD Horizontal Well In Offshore East Java, Indonesia

Irshad Fajar, M Ikhsan Akbar, M Zarir B Musa, Jerry Tobing, Wienarno Nurrakhmadi

Significance of The Sedimentology and Stratigraphy for Identification of Low Contrast Low Resistivity Zones in a Clastic Outcrop of The Upper Talang Akar Formation, Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia

Amsal Frans Harapenta Surbakti, Muhammad Fadhli, Muhamad Ridho Naufalwan, Ugi Kurnia Gusti

Significant Increasing of well life time by changing conventional artificial lift to rodless ESPCP

Hassan Al Saadi, Abdullah Al Qassabi, Hazaa Al Issaei, Hilal Al Abri

Spatial Data Visualization in Augmented Reality for Facility Operations and Asset Monitoring in Oil and Gas Industry

Eufrasia Bianca A. Diatmiko, Pachira Eizza Paramitha, Daniel Maynard Samosir

Steam Injection in Faulted Reservoir and Application of Fracture-Assisted Flooding

Agnes Tianovita, Silvya Dewi Rahmawati, Ahmad Reizky Azhar, Theoza Nopranda

The Stratigraphy of Pre-Tertiary Economic Basement in South Jambi B Block, South Sumatra Basin

Enry Horas Sihombing, Bella Safitri, Budi Malaysetya Amboro

Successful Sand Consolidation Portfolio Expansion Through Comprehensive Parameter Control

Izzad Abidiy, Taufiq Ismail, R Aulia Muhammad Rizky, Heri Setiawan

The Success of Managing Participating Interest (PI) in Cepu Block in Increasing Regional Revenue in East Java

Sunni Nugraha Priadi, Hadi Ismoyo, Kharisma Agung Ibnuaji

Success Story of Integrated Subsurface Study to Deliver a Successful Infill Drilling: Buntal-5 Case Study

Budi Khoironi, Angela Ismayawati Felder, Aries B. Nugroho, Margaretha Purwaningsih, Paramita Wardhani

Technological Advances in Water-less Fracking: A Case Study

Rishabh Bharadwaj, Shashwat Harsh, Manish Kumar

Thermoelectric Peltier-based Cooler Generator as the Right Option to Optimize Flare Gas Utilization in Mature Fields

Adha Bayu Wijaya, A. Zainal Abidin, Rizky Martareza Noor, Febri Yudha, Heriyanto

TOC Prediction Using Delta Log Resistivity, and Its Distribution in Cyclostratigraphy-INPEFA Trend in “S-Field”, Kutai Basin

Betania Brigita S. Kembuan, Desma Risqullah W. Putra, Hendro Kurniawan, Ikhsansyah Putra Pratama, Muh. Naim, Brian Reinhard N. Nanlohy

Transitioning from Time Based to Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for Static Equipment at Banyu Urip Facility

R.A. Novitasari, P. Venkataraman

Trilogy Of Southeast Sundaland Terranes: Re-Uniting Drifted Terranes of Southeast Sundaland Using Common Marker of The Late Cretaceous Volcanics to Volcanic-Clastics of The Meratus Mountains, South Sulawesi, and Sumba - Implications For Petroleum Opportunities

Awang Harun Satyana, Aries B. Nugroho, Deni Sugandi

Understanding the Fractures Connectivity Control in NEB Field, South Sumatra Basin: From Seismic to Geomechanics and its Implication for Further Fractured Basement Exploration

Teguh Fitrianto, C. Maya Resha Tuhar, M. Noor Alamsyah, Hendra Niko Saputra, I Nyoman Suta

The Uniqueness of Heterogeneous Globigerina Limestone Reservoir and The Importance of Integrated Rock Type Definition for Field Development Plan: Case Study in Madura Strait, East Java

Erick Prim Putra, Vickry Rowi, Kian Han

Unlocking The Complex Geology & Petroleum Systems; Efforts to Awakening The Sleeping Giant - A Prospectivity Rejuvenation Case Study of West Sebuku Block, South Makassar Basin, Indonesia

Rahmat Utomo, Chrisna Asmiati Tanos, Yuyus Kusnandar, Baskara Wikrama, Argha Satya Hilman

Unlocking the Potential of Conventional Narrow Azimuth Data by Full-Waveform Inversion: a Deep Carbonate Imaging Case Study, Offshore Indonesia

Jun Wang, Yonghe Guo, Putri Supriandini, Bahrul Yusrie, Natalia Anggriani

Unpiggable Pipelines Integrity Assessment by Internal Corrosion Modelling and Prediction Based on Topside Piping Inspection Data in The Mature Field Offshore North West Java

Dedy Iskandar, Iman B. Hartawan, Hermanto Sutjipto, Dony Soelistiyono, Fahmi Irfan

Unravelling the 'Sweet Spot' Potential of Fractured Basement in Ketaling High, South Sumatra Basin by Integrating Complex Seismic Attribute and Resistivity Log Evaluation

Rady Adiarsa, Yona Akbar, Hendra Baskara, Adi Widiyantoro, Ibnu Suhartanto

Using Spatial Analysis of Hydrocarbon Compositions to Better Understand the Petroleum Systems of the South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Andy Livsey, Dindin Nurhaydin

Utilization of Digital Mapping and Outcrop Model to Assess Reservoir Characterization and Quality Index: Study Case from Ngrayong Formation in the Randugunting Block, East Java

Leon Taufani, Dicky Harishidayat, Rian Cahya Rohmana, Iqbal Fardiansyah, Yudi Satria Purnama, Iwan Bagus Indriyanto

What Hit And Miss in Indonesia CBM Project : Empirical Study of Slowing Down Factors for CBM Development and Proposed Suitable Action for CBM Development in Indonesia by Using Analytical Hierarch Process

Imam Ahmad Firdaus, Nita Apriyani, Yusni Aditiah R.