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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Cemented Sandstone Slabs of the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana

James P. Morgan, Robert C. Treadwell

Sedimentary Framework of the Modern Mississippi Delta

H. N. Fisk, E. McFarlan, Jr., C. R. Kolb, L. J. Wilbert, Jr.

Roundness and Shape of Marine Gravels from Urk (Netherlands), a Comparison of Several Methods of Investigation

TJ. H. van Andel, A. J. Wiggers, G. Maarleveld

A New Teaching and Research Aid in Sedimentation

Daniel J. Jones

Testing Graphical Methods of Grain-Size Analysis of Sandstones and Siltstones

R. A. Cadigan

The S.E.P.M. Looks Ahead

Harold N. Fisk

Lower Pennsylvanian Sediment Sources of the Eastern Interior Basin

Raymond Silver, Panel E. Potter

Facies Development and Intertonguing in the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah

Robert A. Young

The Process of Deposition of the Salina Salt of Michigan

Louis F. Dellwig

A Comparative Study of Upper Chester and Lower Pennsylvanian Stratigraphic Variability

Paul E. Potter, Raymond Siever

Statistical Analysis of Facies Patterns

W. C. Krumbein

Sedimentation Phenomena in a Mountainous Source Area

F. Alton Wade

Sedimentary Characteristics of Producing Zones in West Brock Area, Carter County, Oklahoma

L. L. Sloss, E. C. Dapples

Petrology of Springer Oil Bearing Sandstones

Lynn Jacobsen

The Origin of Native Sulfur in the Gulf Coast Salt Domes

J. Laurence Kulp

A Simple Coring Tube for Soft Sediments

Marcus A. Hanna

Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary in Northeastern Utah

Walter Sadlick

Exploratory Drilling in 1953

Frederic H. Laree

Significant Exploratory Developments of 1953

Phillip C. Ingalls

Introduction to the Oil and Gas Geology of the Great Plains Region

Theo. A. Link

Geologic Framework of the Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas

J. A. Waters, P. W. McFarland, J. W. Lea

The Present State of Geothermal Investigations

Francis Birch

A Seismic-Reflection Quality Map of North America

Paul L. Lyons

Thickness Maps as Criteria for Regional Structural Movements

Wallace Lee

Oil and Gas Production from Carbonate Reservoirs

Frank B. Conselmsan

Regional Stratigraphic Analysis of the Cotton Valley Group of the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain

James M. Forgotson, Jr.

Some Modern Faunal and Lithologic Associations

Fred B. Phleger

Relationships of Invertebrate Organisms in Pennsylvanian Strata

L. M. Cline

Relationship Between Fauna and Lithology in the Moenkopi Formation

Edwin D. McKee

A Quantitative Lithofacies and Biofacies Study of the Florena Shale (Permian) of Kansas

John Imbrie

Sample-Population Concepts in Faunal-Lithologic Facies Studies

Robert L. Mille, Everett C. Olson

The Distribution of Marine Carbonate Sediments

Joan Rodgers

Calcium Carbonate Deposits of the Great Bahama Bank, British West Indies

Norman D. Newell, J. Keith Rigby (6)

Early Diagensis and Lithification of Carbonate Sediments in South Florida

Robert N. Ginsburg

Mississippian Carbonate Deposits of the Ozark Region

Raymond C. Moore

Brazilian Devonian Carpoids

Kenneth E. Caster

Lithologic and Faunal Characteristics of Lower Cretaceous and Pre-cretaceous (?) Limestones of South Peninsular Florida

P. L., E. R. Applin

Recent Ostracod Biofacies in East Mississippi Area

Doris Malkin Curtis

Post-glacial Stratigraphy Along the Central Texas Coast

F. P. Shepard, D. G. Moore

Non-marine Frontier Microfauna, Coalville Area, Utah

Daniel J. Jones

A Cretaceous Vertebrate Fauna of Minnesota and South Dakota

Robert E. Sloan

Some Foraminifera, Radiolaria and Ostracoda from the Cretaceous of Minnesota

Edward J. Bolin

The Isolation and Cultivation of Micro-organisms from Deep Well Borings in the Williston Basin

James M. Williams, Willard D. Pye, Casper I. Nelson

Distribution of Marine Upper Jurassic Ostracodes, Western Interior United States

James A. Peterson

Paleozoic Fossils in Cretaceous Conglomerates from Colorado

John Chronic

Late Mississippian-early Pennsylvanian of Southern Midcontinent

Maxim K. Elias

Lithologic Features of Cores of Jurassic Limestone from a Deep Well in South Mississippi

P. L., E. R. Applin

A Paleoecological Study of the Viesca Member of the Weches Formation, Smithville, Texas

Neville M. Curtis, Jr.

Classification of Spores and Pollen for Paleontologic Correlation

W. L. Norem

Size Distribution of Gravels

K. O. Emery

Eocene Foraminifera from the Woodside District, San Mateo County, California

Joseph J. Graham

Recognition of Playa Sediments in the Geologic Column

Richard Stone

Genesis of Pelagic Sediments

Gustaf Arrhenius

Some Spectacular Effects of Wind Erosion Near Palm Springs, California

Thomas Clements, John F. Mann, Jr., Richard O. Stone, James L. Eymann

Some Guide Foraminifera of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary in Australia and California

Stewart Edgell

California Lower Tertiary Foraminiferal Sequence

V. Standish Mallory