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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Grain-Size Analysis of Jacksonian Sediments of Mississippi and Adjacent Areas

Ming-Shan Sun

The Origin of Calcareous Ooliths

P. H. Monaghan, Melba L. Lytle

An Application of the Theory of Sediment Transport by Turbidity Currents to the Dredging of Navigable Channels

John S. Bradley

An Application of the Theory of Sediment Transport by Turbidity Currents to the Dredging of Navigable Channels: DISCUSSION

J. L. Hough

Clay Minerals from the Rot Member of the Triassic Near Gottingen, Germany

Friedrich Lippmann

Estimation of Recent Sediment Size Parameters from a Triangular Diagram

William J. Plumley, Donald H. Davis

Soil Boulders in the Temecula Arkose: NOTES

John F. Mann, Jr.

Lower Limits to the So Coefficient: NOTES

William F. Tanner

Estimation of Percentages in Thin Sections--Considerations of Visual Psychology: NOTES

John Eliot Allen

A Hand Auger for Boring Recent Sediments: NOTES

James P. Morgan, William G. Mcintire

The Preparation of Thin Sections of Well Cuttings: NOTES

Ross Hickam

The Role of Texture and Composition in Sandstone Classification: DISCUSSION

Robert L. Folk

2. Flume Experiments on the Production of Stratification and Cross-stratification

Edwin D. Mckee

3. Sand-grain Orientation and Geological Application

Gene A. Rusnak

4. Grain Orientation Studies of Recent Sands

Joseph R. Curray

5. Directional Properties of Some California Sandstones

L. C. Bonham

6. Oriented Phenomena Produced by Sedimentation from Turbidity Currents and in Subaqueous Slope Deposits

John E. Sanders

7. Tracing Turbidity Current Deposits Down the Slope of an Alpine Basin

Albert Carozzi

1. Ecological Interpretations of the Pliocene and Pleistocene Stratigraphy in the Great Great Plains Region

John C. Frye (), A. Byron Leonard

2. Problem of Scientific Nomenclature Applicable to Fragmentary Fossils

Raymond C. Moore, P. C. Sylvester-Bradley ()

3. Significance of Living Foraminiferal Populations Along the Central Texas Coast

Fred B. Phleger

4. Paleoecology of the Florida Miocene

Harbans S. Puri (), Robert O. Vernon

5. Sedimentary Reflections of the Depositional Environment in a coastal Lagoon

Harris B. Stewart, Jr.

6. Recent and Ancient Penetrants

Maxim K. Elias

7. Marine Ecology as an Aid in the Teaching of Invertebrate Paleontology and Stratigraphy

William H. Matthews III

1. Introductory Remarks

Robert R. Shrock

3. Marine Level-bottom Animal Communities of Recent Seas

Gunnar Thorson

4. Conditions of Life in the Sea

Joel W. Hedgpeth

5. Paleoecological Evidence Furnished by Fossils

Harry S. Ladd

6. Paleoecological Evidence from Sediments

Bernhard Kummel

7. Diatoms as Paleoecological Indicators

Kenneth E. Lohman

8. New Techniques in Paleoecology

Philip H. Abelson

1. Uniformitarianism is a Dangerous Doctrine

Paul D. Krynine

2. Tertiary Reef Limestones from Southern Louisiana and Guam

Mclain J. Forman (), Seymour O. Schlanger

3. The Mineralogy of the Funafuti Drill Cores and its Bearing on the Physicochemistry of Dolomite

Robert F. Schmalz

4. Heavy-mineral Assemblages of the Coral-reef Limestones at the Base of the Trichinopoly Cretaceous (Cenomanian to Danian), South India

C. Gundu Rao

5. Petrography and Genesis of the Ogallala "Algal Limestone" in Kansas and Adjacent States

Ada Swineford (), John C. Frye, A. Byron Leonard

6. Shelfedge, Calcareous Prominences in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

John C. Ludwick (), William R. Walton

7. Silurian Reefs of the Northern Edge of the Eastern Interior Basin

John B. Sangree, Jr.

8. Transitional Permo-Pennsylvanian Sediments of the Rowemora Basin, New Mexico

Raymond Sidwell, G. Frederick Warn ()

1. Alice in Graywackeland

Paul D. Krynine

2. Petrologic Analysis of a Stratigraphic Type Oil Field in West Central Texas

Morton K. Blaustein

3. Permeability Loss from Swelling of Matrix Clays in Sub-gray-wackes

G. Harvey Hamilton, George R. Downs ()

4. Differential Compaction of Pennsylvanian Sediments in Relation to Sand-shale Ratios, Jefferson County, Illinois

Joseph C. Mueller (), Harold R. Wanless

5. Clay-mineral Composition of Recent Sediments from the Mississippi River Delta

W. D. Johns, Jr. (), R. E. Grim

6. Environmental Conditions Affecting the Deposition of Beach Sands Between Virginia and Florida

Suzanne F. Bershad (), John K. Duncan

7. Middle Paleozoic Tectonic History of North-central and Northwestern Utah

James E. Brooks

8. Triassic in the Eastern Great Basin

David L. Clark, (), William Lee Stokes

1. The Identification of Ostracode Genera and Species in Thin Sections

Stuart A. Levinson

2. A Faunule of Unusual Nonmarine Ostracoda from the Pliocene of Idaho

Daniel J. Jones (), Norman R. Anderson

3. Conodonts from the Type Chester, Illinois

Carl B. Rexroad

4. Upper Devonian Substages and their World-wide Correlation on the Basis of Conodonts

Klaus J. Muller

5. Specific Variations Among Arenaceous Silurian Foraminifera from Illinois

Howard Schwalb (), Charles Collinson

6. Acanthocladia Guadalupensis Girty, A Possible Algal Bryozoan Symbiot

J. Keith Rigby

7. Dendraster: A Problem in Echinoid Taxonomy

D. M. Raup