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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Reef Petrography in the Beaverhill Lake Formation, Upper Devonian, Swan Hills Area, Alberta, Canada

Albert V. Carozzi

Distinction Between Dune, Beach, and River Sands from their Textural Characteristics

Gerald M. Friedman

Discriminating Between Refractory and Non-refractory Quartzite by Quantitative Petrography

G. V. Wood

Submarine Geology of the Santa Rosa-Cortes Ridge

E. Uchupi

Phosphatic Pebbles from the Brightseat Formation of Maryland

John K. Adams, Johan J. Groot, N. William Hiller, Jr.

Genesis of Primary Structures in Anhydrite

Charles M. Riley, John V. Byrne

Colloid Phenomena in Sedimentation of Argillaceous Rocks

W. Arthur White

Mechanical Analysis and Heavy Minerals, Morrison and Cloverly Formations, Southern Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Arthur Mirsky

Post-Sangamonian(?) Calcareous Spring Deposits, Wellsville Area, Colorado

C. C. Reeves, Jr.

Genetic Relationship Among Tertiary Blue Sandstones in Central California

J. F. Lerbekmo

Backset Beds in the Coso Formation, Inyo County, California

W. Robert Power, Jr.

Note on Measurement of Grain Size in Phi Units: NOTES

G. C. Grender

A Simple Drilling Tool For Orienting Cores At Shallow Depth: NOTES

Carlton R. Johnson, Othar M. Kiel

Regenerated Anhydrite Redefined: NOTES

Marcus I. Goldman

Comments on Teodorovich's "Structural Classification of Limestones and Dolomites," and Shvetsov's "Genetic Classification of Limestones": NOTES

Harold J. Bissell, George V. Chilingar

Axiometer--A Mechanical Device for Locating and Measuring Pebble and Cobble Axes for Macrofabric Studies: NOTES

Henry R. Schmoll, Richard H. Bennett

Method of Solution of Calcareous Materials Using the Complexing Agent, EDTA: NOTES

Everett D. Glover

Occurrence of Rangia Cuneata Gray and Crassostrea Virginia (Gmelin) in Sabine Lake, Texas-Louisiana: NOTES

Bhenry E. Kane

The Free-corer: Sediment Sampling Without Wire and Winch: NOTES

David G. Moore

Field Method for Sieve Analysis of Sand: NOTES

Emanuel Azmon

Clay and Peat Boulders: NOTES

William F. Tanner