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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Lower Mississippian Bioherms of Southwestern Missouri and Northwestern Arkansas

Arthur R. Troell

The Hydraulic Shape of Sand Particles

Louis I. Briggs, David S. Mcculloch, Frank Moser

Petrology, Origin and Deposition of the Highest Lower Old Red Sandstone of Shropshire, England

J. R. L. Allen

Recent Sediments of Lake Maracaibo

R. Sarmiento, R. A. Kirby

Size and Sphericity of Quartz Grains in Two Turbidite Formations

Gerard V. Middleton

Graphical Aids for Determining Reliability of Sample Means and an Adequate Sample Size

John M. Dennison

Rapid Methods for Dimensional Grain Orientation Measurements

W. Zimmerle, L. C. Bonham

Sedimentary Markings and Other Structures in the Rocks of the Vindhyan Formations of the Sone Valley and Maihar-Rewa Area, India

R. C. Misra, N. Awasthi (Miss)

Aspects of Diagenesis in Some Irish Carboniferous Limestones

Norman C. Wardlaw

Paleocurrent Study of the Tesnus Formation, Marathon Basin, Texas

Kent E. Johnson

Quartz and Feldspar Content in South Platte, Platte, and Missouri River Sands

John R. Hayes

Analysis Of Vectorial Data

Richard Steinmetz

A Method for Determining the Randomness of Regionally Distributed Quantitative Geologic Data

R. A. Cadigan

Petrography of Mississippian Limestones and Cherts from the Northwestern Highland Rim, Tennessee

Melvin V. Marcher

Electronic Data Processing In Sedimentary Size Analyses

Joe S. Creager, Dean A. McManus, Eugene E. Collias

A Band of Extraordinary Calcareous Concretions in the Upper Lias of Yorkshire, England

A. Hallam

Diagenesis of a Crinoidal Sediment

F. Jerry Lucia

Lead Isotopes and Uranium Contents in Experimental Mohole Cores (Guadalupe Site): NOTES

Tsaihwa J. Chow, M. Tatsumoto, C. C. Patterson

Improved Acetate Peel Technique: NOTES

Donald W. Lane

A Method Of Correcting Hydrometer Readings For Temperature Variations: NOTES

Hulon M. Madeley

Shale Compaction in a Section of Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone, Northwestern North Dakota: NOTES

John W. Shelton

Determination of Co2 in Carbonate Rocks by Controlled Loss on Ignition--additions and Modifications: NOTES

S. St. J. Warne