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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sedimentation in a High Energy, Embayed, Continental Shelf Environment

Joe S. Creager

A Rapid Visual Method for Estimating Sedimentary Parameters

Grover H. Emrich , Frank J. Wobber

Bay of Fundy Intertidal Zone Sediments

George Devries Klein

Percussion Marks on Quartz Grains

Donald H. Campbell

Petrology and Sedimentation of the Upper Cambrian Lamotte Sandstone in Missouri

Richard W. Ojakangas

A Reconnaissance Survey of the Relationship between Clay Mineralogy and Geological Environment in the Negev (Southern Israel)

Yaacov K. Bentor , Wolf Bodenheimer , Lisa Heller

Banded Calcite Mudstone in the Lower Carboniferous "Reef" Knolls of the Dublin Basin, Ireland

M. E. Philcox

Mineral Composition and Texture in Graywackes from the Harz Mountains (Germany) and in Arkoses from the Auvergne (France)

Hans Gerhard Huckenholz

Concentration Changes of Pore Solutions During the Compaction of Clay Sediments

Wolf V. Engelhardt, Karl H. Gaida

Kapteyn's Transformation of Grain Size Distribution

Jiri Brezina

Analysis of Percussion Cones

Donald R. Lamb, Robert B. Johnson

Pressure-Disc Sediment Sampler: NOTES

L. W. LeRoy

The Geiger Counter X-Ray Diffractometer for Determining the Rutile Content of Heavy Mineral Separations of Beach Sands: NOTES

David S. Buist

Cross Ripples in Jodhpur Sandstone, Rajasthan, India: NOTES

Sudhir Basumallick

A Note on Some Possible Misinformation from Cores Obtained by Piston-Type Coring Divices: NOTES

Robert E. Burns

Sieve Calibration: NOTES

Dean A. McManus

Ultrasonic Disaggregation of Shale: NOTES

Mack Gipson, Jr.

Sedimentary Structures in the Schenectady and a Portion of the Austin Glen (Trenton) in Eastern New York: NOTES

WM. C. Krueger, Jr.

A Preliminary Note on the Mechanical and Organic Factors Influencing Carbonate Differentiation Heron Island Reef, Australia: NOTES

W. G. H. Maxwell, J. S. Jell, R. G. Mckellar

Recent Ripple Marks at Giorgimpopoli, Libya: NOTES

George R. Wulf

Preparation of Oriented Clay Mineral Aggregates from Oil-Saturated Sandstones: NOTES

Walter E. Parham, Richard F. Mast