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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Grain Orientation and Imbrication in Miocene Turbidity Current Sandstones, California

J. H. Spotts

Petrography and Origin of Some Upper Jurassic Beds from Dorset, England

Philip R. Brown

Petrology of the Vindhyan Rocks Around Rohtasgarh, India

Dipankar Lahiri

Limestone-Dolomite Transition in the Ordovician Platteville Formation in Wisconsin

Robert W. Deininger

Sedimentological Models

P. Allen

Differentiation of Carbonate Sediments in the Heron Island Reef

W. G. H. Maxwell , J. S. Jell , R. G. McKellar

Algae, Contributors to the Formation of Calcareous Tufa, Mono Lake, California

David W. Scholl , William H. Taft

The Dearth of Certain Sizes of Materials in Sediments

R. G. Wolff

Sedimentary Properties and Processes on a Sandstone Hillside

P. H. Walker

Orthoclase Distribution and Authigenesis in the Franciscan Formation of a Portion of Western Marin County, California

Harold J. Gluskoter

A New System for the Cataloguing and Storage of Sedimentary Rocks Based on Lithologic and Genetic Characteristics


Sampling and Treatment of Unconsolidated Sediments for Study of Internal Structures

Arnold H. Bouma

Observations on a Dustfall in the Eastern Atlantic, February, 1962

P. M. Game

Petrology of Rocks Collected on the Antarctic Peninsula Traverse

T. S. Laudon, J. C. Behrendt, N. J. Christensen

Petrographic Classification and Method of Description of Carbonate Rocks of the Bird Spring Group in Southern Nevada

Mark Rich

Cross-Laminations in Graded Bed Sequences

K. Jinghwa Hsu

Eolian Cross-Bedding in the Beach Dune Environment, Sapelo Island, Georgia

Lynton S. Land

Sedimentation of an Alluvial Fan in Southern Nevada

Brian J. Bluck

Petrology of Tertiary Bentonites of Texas

Herman E. Roberson

A Quantitative Separation of Non-Carbonate Minerals from Carbonate Minerals

John Ellingboe, James Wilson

Minor Internal Sedimentary Structures in the Cored Sediments of Sabine Lake and Adjacent Water Bodies, Texas-Louisiana: NOTES

Henry E. Kane

Tadpole Structures Again: NOTES

G. J. Boekschoten

A Technique for the Study of Surface Textures of Sand Grains with Electron Microscopy: NOTES

David Krinsley, Taro Takahashi

Normative Illite in Sedimentary Rocks: NOTES

Jon N. Weber, Eugene G. Williams

Eolian Varving in the Colorado Plateau: NOTES

Wm. Lee Stokes

Eolian Ripple Marks in Sandstone: NOTES

William F. Tanner

Amino Acids in Basin Sediments: NOTES

K. O. Emery, Clyde Stitt, And Paul Saltman

The Role of the Homogeneous Unit in Sampling Plans for Sediments: NOTES

Robert Ehrlich

Available Methods for the Analysis of Vectorial Data: DISCUSSION

Ronald Green

Available Methods for the Analysis of Vectorial Data: REPLY

Richard Steinmetz

Undulatory And Polycrystalline Quartz: DISCUSSION

John Trevor Greensmith