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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Quartzite Problem

Herbert Skolnick

Genesis of an Upper Cretaceous Offshore Bar Near Arlington, Texas

Charles F. Dodge

Reconstruction of Depositional Environments in the Pennsylvanian Vanport Basin by Carbon Isotope Ratios

J. N. Weber, R. E. Bergenback, E. G. Williams, M. L. Keith K@Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

Sedimentary Petrology and Origin of Analcime-Rich Popo Agie Member, Chugwater (Triassic) Formation, West-Central Wyoming

Lee R. High, Jr., M. Dane Picard

Significance of Constituent Composition, Texture, and Skeletal Breakdown in Some Recent Carbonate Sediments

Jonathan P. Swinchatt

The Origin and Geological Significance of the South Wales Underclays

M. J. Wilson

Correlation of Sedimentary Fabric and Sole Marks as Current Indicators in Turbidites

G. Sestini, G. Pranzini

On the Heavy Mineral Zones in the Geosyncline Series. Recent Studies in the Northern Apennines, Italy

Paolo Gazzi

The Occurrence of Polycrystallinity and Undulatory Extinction in Quartz in Sandstones

John R. Conolly

Petrography and Origin of Permian Mccloud Limestone of Northern California

Ferruh Demirmen, John W. Harbaugh

Notes on the Mineralogy and Origin of Glauconite

Y. K. Bentor, Miriam Kastner

Upper Old Red Sandstone (Farlovian) Paleogeography in South Wales and the Welsh Borderland

J. R. L. Allen

New Data on Experimental Production of Sedimentary Structures

Stanislaw Dzulynski

The Mineralogical Composition of Shales

Daniel B. Shaw , Charles E. Weaver

Calciferous Sandstone Series Sedimentation at the Eastern End of the Midland Valley of Scotland

John Trevor Greensmith

Nature and Origin of Beach Rock: NOTES

D. R. Stoddart, J. R. Cann

The Preparation of Stained Acetate Peels for the Study of Carbonate Rocks: NOTES

Amitai Katz, Gerald M. Friedman

A New Method of Displaying Microstructures in Porous Limestone: NOTES

Ian M. West

Laboratory Growth of Pisolite Grains: NOTES

Jack Donahue

Probable Spur-and-Groove Structures in Middle Ordovician Limestone Near Ottawa, Canada: NOTES

Christopher R. Barnes Present address: Department of Geology, University of Wales, Swansea, Wales.

Calcite-Dolomite Ratios VS. Insoluble Content in the Lockport Formation (Niagaran) in New York State: NOTES

Donald H. Zenger

Homotrema Rubrum (Lamarck), A Sediment Transport Indicator: NOTES

F. T. Mackenzie, L. D. Kulm, R. L. Cooley, J. T. Barnhart

On the Earliest Recognition of Coprolites: NOTES

Robert L. Folk

Identification of Dolomite: DISCUSSION

V. B. Tatarsky

Residual Seams and Cementation in Oligocene Shell Calcarenites, Te Kuiti Group: ERRATUM