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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Depositional Environment of the Gowganda Formation (Precambrian) at the South End of Lake Timagami, Ontario

Paul E. Schenk

Characteristics of a Carboniferous Marine Invasion in Western Pennsylvania

John C. Ferm , E. G. Williams

Scour Marks in Snow

J. R. L. Allen

Dolomite-Calcite Relationships in Sea Water: Theoretical Considerations and Preliminary Experimental Results

Eytan Sass

Subaqueously Formed Shrinkage Cracks in Clay

J. F. Burst

Tables for the Determination of Sphericity and Shape of Rock Particles

Paul A. Catacosinos

Diagnostic Characters of Fluviatile Sediments of the Torridonian Formation (Precambrian) of Northwest Scotland

R. C. Selley

Form and Function of Sedimentary Particles

N. C. Flemming

Heavy Mineral Evidence for Source of Some Permian Quartzose Sandstones, Colorado Plateau

G. L. Scott

Implications of Two Cretaceous Mass Transport Deposits, Sacramento Valley, California

Gary L. Peterson

Application of the Electron Microscope to the Study of Particle Orientation and Fissility in Shale

Mack Gipson, Jr.

Observations on Primary Deformed Sedimentary Structures in Some Metamorphic Rocks from Scotland

Othmar T. Tobisch

"Grain-Diminution" of Algal Colonies to Micrite

Karl H. Wolf

Genesis and Environment of Deposition of the Meagher Formation in Southwestern Montana

Lawrence R. Lebauer

Possible Roles of Clay Minerals in the Formation of Dolomite

Charles F. Kahle

Porcellanite in the Mishash Formation, Negev, Southern Israel

Y. Kolodny, Y. Nathan, E. Sass

Iron Oxides and Fine-Grained Rocks of Red Peak and Crow Mountain Sandstone Members, Chugwater (Triassic) Formation, Wyoming

M. Dane Picard

Geopetal Pyrite in Fine-Grained Limestones

S. Honjo , A. G. Fischer, R. Garrison

A Fractionator for Medium and Fine Silt: NOTES

L. P. Wilding

Improved Method for Studying Carbonate Rocks in Thin Sections: NOTES

C. L. Sainsbury

Beach Pitting: An Unusual Beach Sand Structure: NOTES

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Mechanical Method of Estimating the Abrasion Grade of Sand Grains (Mechanical Graniformametry): NOTES

Bogumil Krygowski , Tadeusz M. Krygowski

An Improved Carbonate Peel Technique for High-Powered Studies: NOTES

Ruben M. Frank

Note on the Texture of Some Pleistocene Sands: NOTES

Robert N. Schock

On the Use of the Term "Amplitude" in Ripple Mark Description: NOTES

Supriya Sen Gupta

Occurrence of Gibbsite Nodules in the Soils of the Koolau Family of Kauai: NOTES

G. Donald Sherman, Yoshito Matsusaka

A Peculiar Pedestalate Terrace, San Nicolas Island, California: NOTES

Harold D. Palmer , David W. Scholl , Jack Green

Source Areas of the Patula Arkose (Lower Cretaceous) Coahuila, Mexico: NOTES

Paul R. Krutak

Early Diagenesis and Lithification in Carbonate Sediments: ERRATUM

Gerald M. Friedman