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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Hydraulic Factors Controlling the Shape of Laminae in Laboratory Deltas

Alan V. Jopling

A Study of Maximum Load for Small-Diameter Sieves

Dean A. Mcmanus

Cementation as a Clue to Structure, Drainage Patterns, Permeability, and other Factors

Mont M. Warner

Sedimentology of Middle Precambrian Animikean Quartzites, Florence County, Wisconsin

Tor H. Nilsen

Devonian Paleoecology of Northeastern Alberta

D. M. Loranger

Ferruginous Oolites and Pisolites

Hugh A. Jones

Strontium in Oolitic Limestones

Charles F. Kahle

Underwater Study of Ripples, Southeastern Lake Michigan

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Tectonic Polish of Pebbles

H. Edward Clifton

Radiocarbon Dating of Size Fractions of a Sample of Bahama Carbonate Sediment

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Power-Spectrum Analysis of Two "Varved" Argillites in the Huronian Cobalt Series (Precambrian) of Canada

Togwell A. Jackson

Petrology of a Lower Carboniferous Bryozoan Limestone and Adjacent Limestones in North Wales, Great Britain

R. A. H. Nichols

Atlantic Beach and Dune Sediments of the Southern United States

Robert T. Giles , Orrin H. Pilkey

Source of Upper Cenozoic Sediments in Colorado Delta Region

Richard Merriam, Orville L. Bandy

Rock Properties Computed from Random Pore Size Distribution

A. W. Talash, Paul B. Crawford

Antidune Cross-bedding In A Large Flume

G. V. Middleton:

Dolomitization, Silicification and Calcitization Patterns in Cambro-Ordovician Oolites from Northwest Scotland

Keene Swett

Heavy Mineral Correlations and Provenances

Louis I. Briggs

Biogenic Graded Bedding

Donald C. Rhoads , Daniel J. Stanley

Formation of Ice-Cemented Sand Blocks on a Beach and Lithologic Implications: NOTES

William P. Dillon, J. Towne Conover

High-index Ripple Marks in the Swash Zone: NOTES

William F. Tanner

Transformation of Arithmetic and Phi Size-Distribution Moments: NOTES

Basanta K. Sahu

Transformation of Weight--and Number--Frequencies for Phi-Normal Size Distributions: NOTES

Basanta K. SAHU

Surface Properties and Epigenetic Fractures of Gravels From Patagonia, Argentina: NOTES

Cesar R. Cortelezzi, Jorge O. Kilmurray

Undulose Extinction in Fine-grained Rocks: NOTES

Robert E. Carver

On the Problem of n in Weight Frequency Distributions: NOTES

Nils Meland, J. C. Ferm, J. O. Norrman

Calcite Spherulites from the Morrison Formation, Wyoming: NOTES

Malcolm P. Weiss, Henry E. Wenden

Fluorescent Tracer Particle Determination of the Size-Velocity Relation for Foreshore Sediment Transport, Sandy Hook, New Jersey: NOTES

Warren E. Yasso

A Method of Indicating Pebble Shape with One Parameter: NOTES

Elizabeth M. Williams

Conical Slip-Marks In Shale: DISCUSSION

Alan Wood