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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Petrogenetic Classification of Carbonate Rocks

Thomas W. Todd

Sand Movement Along Equilibrium Beaches North of San Francisco

John A. Cherry

Quantitative Determination of Calcite-dolomite-apatite Mixtures by X-ray Diffraction

S. H. Bromberger, John B. Hayes

Studies on Orientation and Imbrication of Pebbles with Respect to Cross-stratification

Supriya Sengupta

Effect of Shape Upon the Settling Velocity of Regular Convex Geometric Particles

N. C. Janke

Mojave Playa Crusts: Physical Properties and Mineral Content

Arthur M. Langer, Paul F. Kerr

Precision of Linear and Areal Measurements in Estimating Grain Size

Carol Waite Connor, John C. Ferm

A Modified Woods Hole Rapid Sediment Analyzer

John Schlee

Ordovician Potassium Bentonites of Iowa

John H. Mossler , John B. Hayes

Genesis of Recent Lime Mud in Southern British Honduras

R. K. Matthews

Algal Cap for a Niagaran (Silurian) Carbonate Mud Mound of Indiana

Daniel A. Textoris

Oolites On The Georgia Continental Shelf Edge

Orrin H. Pilkey, Detmar Schnitker, D. R. Pevear

Fluorescent Sand Tracers

P. G. Teleki

Ankerite in the Green River Formation's Mahogany Zone

John Ward Smith, William A. Robb

Carbonate Identification and Genesis as Revealed by Staining

J. A. D. Dickson

Non-opaque and Opaque Grain Fabrics of Siltstones in Red Peak Member (Triassic), Central Wyoming

M. Dane Picard, Douglas D. Beckmann

Bottom Sediments of Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua, Western Nicaragua

Frederick M. Swain

Relationship Between Depositional Environment and Uranium Concentrations of Molluskan Shells

Joseph A. Lahoud, Donald S. Miller, Gerald M. Friedman

Primary Dolostone Patterns in the Utah-Nevada Middle Cambrian

John C. Kepper, Jr.

Turbidites in Dolomitized Flank Beds of Niagaran (Silurian) Reef, Lapel, Indiana

Albert V. Carozzi, Stanley H. Frost

Petrology of the Carbonate Members of the Swope and Dennis Formations (Pennsylvanian), Missouri and Iowa

Charles E. Payton

Selective Dolomitization and the Origin of White Dolomitic Marble Bodies in the Middle Devonian of Western Utah

Robert B. Nelson

Sediments of Sabine Lake, the Gulf of Mexico and Adjacent Water Bodies, Texas-Louisiana

Henry E. Kane

X-ray Radiography with X-ray Diffraction Equipment: NOTES

H. Edward Clifton

On The Routine Analysis of Carbonates in Unconsolidated Sediments: NOTES

Jobst Hulsemann

The Expected Shapes of Blocks and Grains: NOTES

I. J. Smalley

Improved Methods of Heavy Mineral Separation and Counting Suitable for Fine Grained Sandstones: NOTES

V. Ramesam

A Sample Splitter for Moist, Saturated, or Suspended Sediment: NOTES

Dean A. Mcmanus, Larry G. Hanson, James V. Baker