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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Properties of Glacial Loess and the Formation of Loess Deposits

I. J. Smalley

Sedimentary History of Upper Ordovician Geosynclinal Rocks, Girvan, Scotland

John f. Hubert

Deep Submarine Channel in Upper Miocene, Orange County, California

J. Alan Bartow

Textural Comparison of John Day Volcanic Siltstone with Loess and Volcanic Ash

Richard V. Fisher

Carboniferous Subaqueous Mass-Movement in the Manning-Macleay Basin, Kempsey, New South Wales

John F. Lindsay

Processes of Conversion of Aragonite to Calcite with Examples from the Cretaceous of Texas

J. Robert Dodd

Planar Cross-Stratification Formed by the Lateral Migration of Shallow Streams

George E. Williams

Experimental Compaction Effects in Carbonate Sediments

L. S. Fruth, Jr., G. R. Orme , F. A. Donath

Evaluation of Sampling and Analytical Methods for the Regional Geochemical Study of a Subsurface Carbonate Formation

E. M. Cameron

Limestone Diagenesis and Dolomitization in Mississippian Carbonate Banks in Montana

Edward Cotter

A Mineralogical Study of Some Lower Devonian (Helderberg) Rocks of the Central Hudson Valley, New York

Roger L. Borst

Petrology of Some Beacon Rocks between the Axel Heiberg and Shackelton Glaciers, Queen Maud Range, Antarctica

P. J. Barrett

Flow Visualization Using Plaster of Paris: NOTES

J. R. L. Allen

Using an Ultrasonic Disruptor as an Aid to Wet Sieving: NOTES

Joseph H. Kravitz

Quiet Water Oolites from the Ordovician of Minnesota: NOTES

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Sampling Device for Semiconsolidated and Unconsolidated Sediments: NOTES

James D. Howard, Vernon J. Henry, Jr.

Backset Bedding Developed in Shooting Flow in Laboratory Experiments: NOTES

Alan V. Jopling , Everett V. Richardson

Truncated Wave-Ripple Laminae: NOTES

Charles V. Campbell

Dolomite-Insoluble Residue Relationships in the Ten Mile Creek Dolomite (Middle Devonian) Near Toledo, Ohio: NOTES

Craig B. Hatfield, Timothy J. Rohrbacker

Terminology of Mixed Coarse-Fine Sediments: NOTES

L. J. G. Schermerhorn

Heavy Mineral Concentration and Sastrugi-Like Deflation Furrows in a Beach Salcrete at Rockaway Point, New York: NOTES

Warren E. Yasso

Mysid Statoliths in Shelf Sediments Off Northwest North America: NOTES

Betty J. Enbysk, Fay I. Linger

Grain Size Measurement in Thin Section and in Grain Mount: NOTES

Richard E. Smith