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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Automatic Analysis of Tracer Sand

P. G. Teleki

Supratidal Dolomitization and Dedolomitization in Jurassic Rocks of Hamakhtesh Haqatan, Israel

Moshe Goldberg

Petrography Of The Upper Cenozoic Non-marine Sediments In The San Pedro Valley, Arizona

Robert S. Gray

Continental Shelf Sediment, Northwestern United States

M. Grant Gross , Dean A. Mcmanus, Hsin-Yi Ling

The Texture of Talus in Tasmania

N. Caine

Slump Features, Fayetteville Formation, Northwestern Arkansas

A. C. Spreng

Winnowing--An Important Process in the Concentration of the Stairway Sandstone (Ordovician) Phosphorites of Central Australia

Peter J. Cook

Flood Deposits, Bijou Creek, Colorado, June 1965

E. D. McKee, E. J. Crosby, H. L. Berryhill, Jr.

Paleocurrent Trend Analysis of a Delta in the Bjorne Formation (Lower Triassic) of Northwestern Melville Island, Arctic Archipelago

F. P. Agterberg, L. V. Hills, H. P. Trettin

Clay Mineralogy of the Glenwood Formation, Southeastern Minnesota and Adjacent Areas

Walter Parham, George Austin

Shell Content in Quartzose Beach and Dune Sands, Dee Why, New South Wales

G. S. Gibbons

Occurrence of Pure, Well-Crystallized 1m Illite in Cambro-Ordovician Sandstone from Rhourde El Baguel Field, Algeria

D. M. Triplehorn

Sedimentology Of Prealpine Flysch Sequences, Switzerland

John F. Hubert

Measurement of Roundness and Sphericity Parameters Using an Electronic Particle Size Analyzer

S. Boggs, Jr.

Diagenesis of Skeletal Carbonates

Lynton S. Land

Delineating the Major Depositional Environments in Northern Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Albert G. Link

Mineralogy of an Upper Cambrian K-Bentonite from Missouri: NOTES

Arthur O. Beall, Jr., Richard W. Ojakangas

The Axial Ratio of Clays: NOTES

Norman Street

Strontium Distribution in Recent Indian Ocean Sediments off the Eastern Coast of Somalia: NOTES

German Muller

Sulfur Isotopes in Altered Pyrite Concretions from Israel: NOTES

Arie Nissenbaum, T. A. Rafter

Dolomite from the Continental Slope Off Southern California: NOTES

J. W. Pierce, William G. Melson

Cristobalite and Clinoptilolite in Bentonite Beds of the Colville Group, Northern Alaska: NOTES

R. C. Reynolds, Jr., D. M. Anderson

Freeze Drying as a Rapid Method of Disaggregating Silts and Clays for Dry Particle Size Analysis: NOTES

Walter B. Charm

Variability of a River Clay Suite: NOTES

Charles E. Weaver

A Square-Rod Piston Sampler for Lake Sediments: NOTES

H. E. Wright, Jr.