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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Generation of Scour Marks Near Obstacles

Peter D. Richardson

Morphology and Origin of Ripple-Drift Cross-Lamination, with Examples from the Pleistocene of Massachusetts

Alan V. Jopling, Roger G. Walker

The Sediments of Card Sound, Florida

Charles F. Earley, H. G. Goodell

Fluviatile Obstacle Marks from the Wadis of the Negev (Southern Israel)

Iaakov Karcz

Wheeler Gorge Turbidite-Conglomerate Series, California; Inverse Grading

Richard V. Fisher, James M. Mattinson

Petrology of Domengine Formation (Eocene), at Potrero Hills and Rio Vista, California

Thomas W. Todd , William A. Monroe

Recent Algal Mats of a Persian Gulf Lagoon

Christopher G. ST. C. Kendall , Sir Patrick A. D'E. Skipwith BT.

Algal Stromatolites from the Southwestern Part of the Kaladgi Basin, Lokapur, Mysore State, India

B. V. Govinda Rajulu, M. J. Chandrasekhara Gowda

Unconsolidated Marine Sediments in Baffin Bay

James I. Marlowe

A Tidal Flat Evaporitic Facies in the Visean of Ireland

I. M. West , A. Brandon, M. Smith

Climatic Significance of Roundness and Percentage of Quartz in Conglomerates

Renzo Dal Cin

Carbonate Turbidites, Gulf of Mexico

David K. Davies

Carbonate Diagenesis: Equilibration of Sedimentary Mineralogy to the Subaerial Environment; Coral Cap of Barbados, West Indies

R. K. Matthews

Comparison of Sedimentation in the Bavarian Flysch (Cretaceous) and Recent San Diego Trough (California)

Ulrich Von Rad

Natroalunite in Upper Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks, North-Central Texas

Clarence S. Ross , Harlan R. Bergquist , Watson H. Monroe , Joseph J. Fahey , Malcolm Ross

Sedimentological Indices of Transport Direction, Distance, and Process Intensity in Glacio-fluvial Sediments

Robert Ehrlich , David K. Davies

Recognition of Fluvial Environments by Particle-Size Characteristics

C. F. Royse, Jr.

Origin of Some Pennsylvanian Underclays in Western Pennsylvania

E. G. Williams, R. E. Bergenback , W. S. Falla, S. Udagawa

Diagenesis of Phosphatic Carbonate Rocks on Remire, Amirantes, Indian Ocean

C. J. R. Braithwaite

Distinction Between Tills and Other Diamictons Based on Textural Characteristics

Paulo M. B. Landim, Lawrence A. Frakes

Reworking of Glacial Sediments in the North West Arm, a Fjord-Like Inlet on the Southeast Coast of Nova Scotia

D. J. Stanley

The Development of Clast Fabric in Mudflows

John F. Lindsay

The Diagenesis of Spherulitic Carbonate Concretions and other Rocks from Mangakahia Group Sediments, Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand

W. Andrew Hodgson

Positions of Empty Pelecypod Valves on the Continental Shelf

K. O. Emery

Factors Affecting the Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Sediments, Part III, Eniwetok Atoll

Jon N. Weber (2,3), R. F. Schmalz

Petrology and Depositional Environments of the Beck Spring Dolomite (Precambrian), Kingston Range, California

Allan M. Gutstadt

Sedimentation in an Arctic Lake

J. P. Coakley, B. R. Rust

Cyclic Sedimentation in a Silurian Intertidal Sequence in Eastern Pennsylvania

Norman D. Smith

Lithified Carbonates from the Deep-Sea of the Equatorial Atlantic

Geoffrey Thompson, V. T. Bowen, W. G. Melson, Richard Cifelli

Chemical Changes in Interstitial Waters from Continental Shelf Sediments

Gerald M. Friedman , Burton P. Fabricand, Eugene S. Imbimbo, Mary E. Brey, And John E. Sanders

The Role of High Mg Calcite in the Preservation of Micrite Envelopes and Textural Features of Aragonite Sediments

H. D. Winland

Experimental Study of Rock Fragments

Sam Boggs, Jr.

The Distribution of Garnet in Compacted Sediments: NOTES

John F. Potter

Occurrence of Authigenic Feldspars in Arkosic Sandstones of Kaladgi Formations, Badami, Mysore State, India: NOTES

M. N. Viswanathiah, M. R. Govinda Rao Sindhia

A Mound-Shaped Mega-Structure in the Recent Sediments of Firth of Tay, Fife, Scotland: NOTES

Sharad K. Mishra

Transmitted Infrared Photography: Cincinnatian Limestones: NOTES

Syed A. Ali, Malcolm P. Weiss

Settling Velocity Tube Apparatus for Successive Determination of Fall Velocities of Sand Size Particles: NOTES

Hassan G. Modarresi

Splitting Core Liners with a Mica Undercutter: NOTES

Joseph H. Kravitz

Field Concentration of Heavy Minerals: NOTES

Christopher B. Gunn

The Role of Iron Sulfides in the Diagenetic Formation of Iron-Poor Manganese Nodules: NOTES

E. S. Cheney, L. D. Vredenburgh

The Origin and Destruction of Armored Mud Balls in a Fresh-water Lacustrine Environment, Lake Superior: NOTES

A. B. Dickas, W. Lunking

Primary Rhombic Calcite In Sedimentary Carbonates: NOTES

R. D. Perkins

Evidences of Environment of Deposition of Red High Falls Shale, New York: NOTES

John J. Fagan

Method for Making Slides of Fine-Grained Unconsolidated Sediment and Ooze: NOTES

Ralph Orlansky

The Extent of Erosion Beneath Sandstones in Turbidites as Revealed By Scour Markings

J. R. L. Allen

Diver-Operated Simple Hand Tools for Coring Nearshore Sands: NOTES

John E. Sanders

Orthoconic Nautiloids as Indicators of Shoreline Surface Currents: NOTES

R. A. Reyment

Currents And Slopes In Flysch Basins: A DISCUSSION

John F. Hubert


G. M. Friedman