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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Dune Reddening and Time

Robert M. Norris

Irmay's Saturation Factor as an Indication of an Immobile Fraction of Pore Water in Saturated Permeable Sandstone

G. Edward Manger, Robert A. Cadigan , George L. Gates

The Carolina Cretaceous: Petrographic Reconnaissance of A Graded Shelf

Donald J. P. Swift , S. Duncan Heron, Jr. , Charles E. Dill, Jr.

Carbonate Facies and Paleogeography of the Blackjack Creek Formation (Pennsylvanian), Missouri

William J. Neal

Distribution, Morphology, and Accretion Rate of Recent Subtidal Algal Stromatolites, Bermuda

Conrad D. Gebelein

Modern Evaporite Deposition and Geochemistry of Coexisting Brines, the Sabkha, Trucial Coast, Arabian Gulf

Godfrey P. Butler

Study of the Fabric of Fine-Grained Sediments with the Scanning Electron Microscope

J. E. Gillott

A Laminated Marine Shale of Carboniferous Age from Yorkshire, England

D. A. Spears

Carbonate Lithofacies and Environments of the Tribes Hill Formation (Lower Ordovician) of the Mohawk Valley, New York

Moshe Braun , Gerald M. Friedman

Aragonite-Cemented Sandstone from Outer Continental Shelf Off Delaware Bay: Submarine Lithification Mechanism Yields Product Resembling Beachrock

Robert C. Allen, Eliezer Gavish , Gerald M. Friedman , John E. Sanders

Geosynclines: What Contribution to the Crust?

Frederic L. Schwab

Differential Sorting of Pelecypod Valves in the Swash Zone

E. William Behrens, Richard L. Watson

Petrology of Siliceous Rocks in the Mishash Formation (Negev, Israel)

Yehoshua Kolodny

Trend Surface Analysis Applied to the Rensselaer Graywacke and its Implications to the Taconics

Charles W. Ondrick , John C. Griffiths

Quantification in Clay Mineral Studies of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks

J. W. Pierce, F. R. Siegel

The Sedimentology of the Grindslow Shales and the Kinderscout Grit: A Deltaic Complex in the Namurian of Northern England

John D. Collinson

Landward Transport of Bottom Sediments in Estuaries of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Robert H. Meade

Storms and Sedimentary Processes Along the Northern British Honduras Coast

Lee R. High, Jr.

Relationships between Initial Porosity of Tertiary Argillaceous Sediments and Paleosalinity in the Rheintalgraben (SW-Germany)

Dietrich Heling

Diurnal Variations in the Carbonate Saturation of Seawater

Robert F. Schmalz, Frederick J. Swanson

Carbonate Petrology of the Onondaga Limestone (Middle Devonian), New York: a Case for Calcisiltite

Roy C. Lindholm

Distribution and Provenance of Minerals From Continental Shelf Sediments Off the South Carolina Coast

Irving C. Stone, Jr. , Frederic R. Siegel

Size Grading Along A Pebble Beach: Chesil Beach, England

A. P. Carr

Porosity and Permeability of Unconsolidated, Upper Miocene Sands From Grain-size Analysis

Norman R. Morrow, John D. Huppler, A. Barlow Simmons, III

The Shear Strength of Tidal Marsh Sediments: NOTES

Raymond Pestrong

A Multipurpose Soft Sediment Sampler: NOTES

Raymond Pestrong

Markov Analysis of Cyclic Alluvial Sediments: NOTES

Philip D. Gingerich

Mud Pebbles in a Flash Floods Environment: NOTES

Iaakov Karcz

A Field Technique for Making Epoxy Relief-Peels in Sandy Sediments Saturated with Saltwater: NOTES

John A. Burger, George De Vries Klein, John E. Sanders

Development of Cavernous Sediment in a Non-beach Environment: NOTES

Ronald D. Stieglitz, Richard F. Inden

Amino Acid Levels in the Argentine Basin Sediments: Correlation with Quaternary Climatic Changes: NOTES

F. J. Stevenson, C-N. Cheng

Hoof-print Structures in Beach Sand: NOTES

G. J. Van Der Lingen, Peter B. Andrews

Tadpole Holes: A True Biogenic Sedimentary Structure: NOTES

Jean-Claude Dionne

External and Internal Undersurface Features Produced by Subaerial Deposition of Pyroclastic Material on a Soil Profile: NOTES

P. A. Riezebos

The Isotopic Age of the Flathead Sandstone (Middle Cambrian), Montana: NOTES

Sambhudas Chaudhuri, Douglas G. Brookins

Weathering of an Antarctic Argillite: Field, Geochemical And Mineralogical Observations: NOTES

Paul Tasch, E. L. Gafford

Note on a Non-Laminated Joint-Free Sample Splitter: NOTES

R. I. Lawson, G. F. Day

Ultrasonic Disaggregation of Sandstone and Siltstones: NOTES

E. Lynn Savage

Devaluation of "Dedolomitization": NOTES

David E. Smit, Keene Swett

Diagenetic Dedolomitization in the Albian-Cenomanian Yagur Dolomite on Mount Carmel (Northern Israel): NOTES

Yehoshua Folkman

An Inexpensive Portable Vibrocorer for Sampling Unconsolidated Sands: NOTES

J. W. Pierce, James D. Howard

Authigenic Tourmalines from the Lower Kaladgi Sandstones Jamkhandi, Mysore State: NOTES

B. V. Govinda Rajulu, H. R. Nagaraja

Anomalies in the Thermoluminescence of the Austin Chalk of Texas: DISCUSSION

David J. McDougall

Anomalies in the Thermoluminescence of the Austin Chalk of Texas: REPLY

J. M. Waite

On the Term "Cryptalgalaminate": DISCUSSION

John M. Cys

Modified Centrifuge Apparatus for Heavy Liquid Separations: ERRATUM

M. R. Sharma, S. P. Krishnaswami