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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sediments and Sedimentary Structures of the Astoria Submarine Canyon-Fan System, Northeast Pacific

Paul R. Carlson, C. Hans Nelson

The Effect of Fresh Water on the Redistribution of Uranium in Carbonate Sediments

David S. Haglund , Gerald M. Friedman, Donald S. Miller

Origin of Matrix in Ordovician Greywackes, Berwyn Hills, North Wales

P. J. Brenchley

Antidunes as Trochoidal Waves

Bryce M. Hand

Antidunes in the Mount Toby Conglomerate (Triassic), Massachusetts

Bryce M. Hand , James M. Wessel, Miles O. Hayes

A Grain Size Analysis of Longshore-Bars and Troughs, Lake Superior, Ontario

John S. Mothersill

Cyclic Geosynclinal Sedimentation: A Petrographic Evaluation

Frederic L. Schwab

Shelf Sedimentation: An Example from the Jurassic of Britain

David K. Davies

A Non-Destructive Core Analysis Technique Using X-Rays

Seymour R. Baker, Gerald M. Friedman

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Heavy Minerals

W. A. Pryor, N. C. Hester

Organic Carbon in Sediments of Japan Sea

Hiroshi Niino, K. O. Emery, Chul Min Kim

Genesis of Oolite and Pisolite Grains: An Energy Index

Jack Donahue

Iron-Rich Layers in Sediments from the Gulf of Mexico

Jerry A. Watson, Ernest E. Angino

The Petrology of a Glauconitic Sandy Chalk

R. J. Bailey, M.P. Atherton

Destruction of Plagioclase Twins by Stream Transport

Edward D. Pittman

Nature, Origin, and Significance of Cone-in-cone Structures in the Kiowa Formation (Early Cretaceous), North-Central Kansas

Paul C. Franks

Petrology of Upper Precambrian and Paleozoic Sandstones in the Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica

Paul L. Williams

Algal Stromatolites in the James Reef Complex (Lower Cretaceous), Fairway Field, Texas

C. W. Achauer, J. Harlan Johnson

Determination of n in Weight Frequency Data

Thomas A. Jones

Gamma-Ray Spectrometry as a Tool for a Rapid Investigation of Detritic Cores

Lydie Chenouard, Claude Lalou

Petrology of Gartra Formation (Triassic), Uinta Mountain Area, Utah and Colorado

C. D. McCormick, M. Dane Picard

Preliminary Evaluation of a Core Scintillation Counter for Bulk Density Measurement in Marine Sediment Cores

Chester Brier , Robert Bennin , Peter A. Rona (5)

Geological and Mineralogical Studies of Some Sand Deposits in the Nile Delta, U.A.R.

M. M. Kholief, E. Hilmy, A. Shahat

Supratidal Carbonate Rocks in the Black River (Middle Ordovician) Group of Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Kalyan Kumar Mukherji

Microstructure of Unconsolidated and Consolidated Marine Sediments

Frederick A. Bowles, William R. Bryant, Charles Wallin

Heavy Minerals and Size Analysis of the Citronelle Formation of the Gulf Coastal Plain

Norman C. Rosen

Tectonics and Sedimentation in a Precambrian Shallow Epicontinental Basin

B. K. Chatterjee, A. K. Bhattacharya

Eolian Microridges on Modern Beaches and a Possible Ancient Example

Ralph E. Hunter

Stability of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Warm, Shallow Seawater

H. Dale Winland

Surinam and the African Continent: A Clay-mineralogical Study of Sea Water Solids: NOTES

F. A. van Baren, H. J. Von M. Harmse

Clay Mineral Composition of the Tipton Shale Member of the Green River Formation (Eocene) of Wyoming: NOTES

Ronald Tank

Authigenic Mineral Growths as Revealed by the Scanning Electron Microscope: NOTES

Roger L. Borst, Robert Q. Gregg

Grain Size-Frequency Distributions from Thin-Section Data: NOTES

N. H. Gray

The Study of Mineral-grain Surfaces by Interference Microscopy: NOTES

Detlef A. Warnke, Ralph Gram

"Salt-Biscuits"--A Special Growth Structure of Nacl in Salt Sediments of the Tuz Golu ("Salt Lake"), Turkey: NOTES

German Muller, Georg Irion

A Surface Replica Technique for the Examination of Quartz Sand Grains in the Electron Microscope: NOTES

M. R. Hornby, W. B. Scott

Nitrobenzene-tetrabromoethane Solutions for the Gravity Separation of Minerals: NOTES

W. A. Mclaughlin, D. C. Berkshire

Iron-bearing Heavy Minerals in the Sespe Formation (California): NOTES

Ronald C. Flemal

A Hydraulic Corer for Use in Water Saturated Sediment: NOTES

John A. Gifford

Skewness and Kurtosis as Criteria of Normality in Observed Frequency Distributions: NOTES

Thomas A. Jones

Granulometer--A Sediment Analyzer Directly Writing Grain Size Distribution Curves: NOTES

Jiri Brezina

Origin of Quartz Silt: NOTES

Ph. H. Kuenen

Salinities of Interstitial Waters from Selected Sediments in the Gulf of Mexico: NOTES

Paul J. Cernock, William R. Bryant

Calclithite Fragments Versus Extracts: DISCUSSION

S. K. Chanda

Settling Convection and Grain Size Analysis: DISCUSSION

David J. A. Williams