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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Relationship Between Sphere Size And Settling Velocity

Ronald J. Gibbs, Martin D. Matthews, David A. Link

Particle Shape: Classification of Thickness Using Slotted Screens

John C, Ludwick

Measurement of C Intercepts in Loose Sand Grains by Optical Height

William B. Wadsworth

Quartz Grain Orientations--1 (The Photometric Method)

R. F. Sippel

A Test of Validity of Quartz Grain Orientation as a Paleocurrent and Paleoenvironmental Indicator

I. P. Martini

Pseudo-planar Stratification Produced by Very Low Amplitude Sand Waves

Norman D. Smith

Relationship Between Grain Size Parameter Distribution and Current Patterns in the Gironde Estuary (France)

George P. Allen

Wave Effectiveness at the Sea Bed and its Relationship to Bed-forms and Deposition of Mud

I. N. McCave

Mixing at Turbidity Current Heads, and Its Geological Implications

J. R. L. Allen

Relationship of Flute Cast Morphology to Internal Sedimentary Structures in Turbidites

John W. Pett , Roger G. Walker

Paleoflow Characteristics of a Late Cretaceous River in Utah from Analysis of Sedimentary Structures in the Ferron Sandstone

Edward Cotter

Harpers Formation, Central Virginia: A Sedimentary Model

Frederic L. Schwab

Continental Shelf and Upper Slope Sediments Off Portuguese Guinea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, West Africa

Robert L. Mcmaster, John D. Milliman, Asaf Ashraf

Fish-produced Markings on the Outer Continental Margin East of the Middle Atlantic States

Daniel J. Stanley

Fossil and Recent "Tadpole Nests": DISCUSSION

Barry Cameron, Richard Estes

Classification of Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks

M. Dane Picard

Physical Classification of Carbonate Cement in Quartzose Sandstones

E. C. Dapples

Paleoenvironment, Algal Structures, and Fossil Algae in the Upper Cambrian of Central Texas

Wayne M. Ahr

The Westphalia Limestone of the Northern Midcontinent: A Possible Ancient Storm Deposit

Stanton M. Ball

Diagenesis of Deep-Water Carbonate Turbidites, Upper Cretaceous Monte Antola Flysch, Northern Apennines, Italy

Peter A. Scholle

The Carbonate Minerals of Deep-Sea Bioclastic Turbidites, Southern Blake Basin

Ter-Chien Huang, J. W. Pierce

Calcite Cements in the Corallian Beds (Upper Oxfordian) of Southern England

M. R. Talbot

Case-Hardening of Carbonate Alluvium and Colluvium, Spring Mountains, Nevada

Laurence H. Lattman , Elliott M. Simonberg

Isotopic Composition of Diagenetic Siderites from Cretaceous Sediments in Western Canada

P. Fritz , P. L. Binda , F. E. Folinsbee , H. R. Krouse

Application of the Scanning Electron Microscope in the Investigation of Oil and Gas Reservoir Rocks

S. G. Sarkisyan

Ways of Deciphering Compacted Sediments

Brewster Baldwin

Source and Mixing of Insoluble Clay Minerals in a Shallow Water Carbonate Environment--Florida Bay

J. P. Manker, George M. Griffin

The Magnetic Fabric of a Sedimentary Rock Deposited on a Slope: NOTES

A. I. Rees

A Technique for Magnetically Separating Minerals in a Liquid Mode: NOTES

George M. Greene, L. E. Cornitius

Carbonaceous Inclusions, Sulfides, and "Fossil Gas Bubbles" of Presumably Biologic Origin Associated With Rafted Erratics in Huronian (Precambrian) Glacial-lake Argillites: NOTES

Togwell A. Jackson

Use of Micrometer Gauges for Linear Measurement in Thin Sections: NOTES

G. A. Sanderson

Lift Forces on Suspended Sediment Particles in Laminar Flow: Experiments and Sedimentological Interpretation: NOTES

John B. Southard

Density-Separation Apparatus: NOTES

Francis T. Jones

Dangers of Working with Anisole in Falling Drop Grain-Size Analysis: NOTES

Ellen T. Drake

Textural and Compositional Transitional Stages Between Various Lithic Grain Types (with a Comment on "Interpreting Detrital Modes of Graywacke and Arkose"): DISCUSSION

Karl H. Wolf