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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Petrology of the Quartzose Sandstone of the Parting Formation in West Central Colorado

John A. Campbell

Petrography and Origin of Cretaceous Limestones, Sierra de Picachos and Vicinity, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

B. A. Bishop

Palynologic Correlation and Environmental Analysis within the Marine Mancos Shale of Southwestern Colorado

Gary G. Thompson

Correlation of the Bishop Ash, a Pleistocene Marker Bed, Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

G. A. Borchardt , P. J. Aruscavage, H. T. Millard, Jr.

Soft-Sediment Glacial Grooving of Dwyka Age in South Africa

Norman M. Savage

Subaqueous Shrinkage Cracks from the Caithness Flagstone Series (Middle Devonian) of Northeast Scotland

R. Nowell Donovan, Richard J. Foster

Fair Weather Versus Storm Processes in Shallow Marine Sand Bar Sequences in the Late Precambrian of Finnmark, North Norway

D. K. Hobday , H. G. Reading

Surface Diagenesis of Limestone

Henry S. Chafetz

Diagenesis of Orthoquartzites Near Bogota Colombia

K. R. Aalto

Albite of Secondary Origin in Charny Sandstones Quebec

Gerard V. Middleton

Shale Petrology by Electron Microprobe: Pyrite-Chlorite Relations

Raymond Siever, Miriam Kastner

Identification of Leonardite, a Naturally Oxidized Lignite, by Low-Angle X-ray Scattering Method

Paul L. Broughton

Surface Sediments in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

James E. Court , Charles R. Goldman, Norman J. Hyne

Flume Experiments on the Durability of Mud Clasts

Norman D. Smith

Pebble Orientation in Fluvial Sediments

Brian R. Rust

Pleistocene Sedimentology, Credit River, Southern Ontario: A New Component of the Braided River Model

W. R. Costello , Roger G. Walker

Coastal Processes and Nearshore Sand Bars

Richard A. Davis, Jr., William T. Fox

Comparison of Ridge and Runnel Systems in Tidal and Non-Tidal Environments

Richard A. Davis, Jr., William T. Fox, Miles O. Hayes, Jon C. Boothroyd

Map Pattern Reconstruction from Sample Data: Mississippi Delta Region of Southeast Louisiana

Richard B. McCammon

Roundness-Mineralogical Relations of Some Intertidal Sands

R. J. Balazs , George DeVries Klein

Petrology and Origin of Some Phosphorites from the South African Continental Margin

Robin J. Parker, William G. Siesser

Intragranular Growth of Marine Aragonite and Mg-Calcite: Evidence of Precipitation from Supersaturated Seawater

Torbjorn Alexandersson

Sedimentary Components of Northwest Pacific Pelagic Sediments

Robert K. Oser

A Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Technique Applied to Fine-Grained Sediments of the Deep Gulf of Mexico

S. B. Devine , R. E. Ferrell, Jr., G. K. Billings

A Multiple Grouping Method for the Choice of Isopleth Values of Mineral Distribution Maps: NOTES

S. Bevan Devine , Prentiss E. Schilling, Ray E. Ferrell, Jr.

a New Filtering Water Bottle (2): NOTES

J. R. Schubel, E. W. Schiemer, T. W. Kana, G. M. Schmidt

A Microsplitter for Subsampling Small Particulate Samples: NOTES

R. Brewer, K. J. Barrow

"Our Changing Coastlines" by Francis P. Shepard and Harold R. Wanless. New York: Mcgraw-hill Book Co., 1971, 579 Pages, $39.50.: DISCUSSION

W. Armstrong Price