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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Role of Subaqueous Debris Flow in Generating Turbidity Currents

Monty A. Hampton

Chemical Composition of Interstitial Waters from Marine Sediments, Baffin Bay

Syed A. Ali, Gerald M. Friedman, Abraham J. Amiel

Electron Microprobe Analyses of Magnesium and Iron Distribution in Carbonate Cements and Recrystallized Sediment Grains from Ancient Carbonate Rocks

L. V. Benson, C. W. Achauer, R. K. Matthews

Length-Slow Chalcedony and Relicts of Sulphates--Evidences of Evaporitic Environments in the Upper Carboniferous and Permian Beds of Bear Island, Svalbard

Anna Siedlecka

Holocene and Pleistocene Calcareous Crust (Caliche) Profiles: Criteria for Subaerial Exposure

Noel P. James

Worm and Algal-Built Columnar Stromatolites in the Persian Gulf

Eugene A. Shinn

Incipient Metamorphic Fabrics in Some Mud-Supported Carbonate Rocks

Philip R. Brown

Ribbed Grooves and Tracks in Mud Tidal Flats of Cold Regions

Jean-Claude Dionne

Bimodal Composition and Cyclic Characteristics of Beach Sediment in Continuously Changing Profiles

Choule J. Sonu

Sediment Transport of Estuary Entrance Shoals and the Formation of Swash Platforms

George F. Oertel

"Glacial" Micro-textures on Quartz and Heavy Mineral Sand Grains from the Littoral Environment

Loren William Setlow , Raymond P. Karpovich

Development of Soil on the Lunar Surface

John F. Lindsay

Paleo-climatic Events Indicated by Mineralogical Changes in Deep-sea Sediments

Marian B. Jacobs, James D. Hays

Embayed Quartz Grains in Soils and Their Significance

William J. Cleary, John R. Conolly

Initial Fluviatile Fragmentation of Granitic Quartz

A. J. Moss

Fossil Contourites in Lower Niesenflysch, Switzerland

Arnold H. Bouma

Flysch Pebble Conglomerate of the Cap-des-rosiers Formation (Ordovician), Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

K. R. Aalto

Ice-Cemented Sand Blocks in the Pilcher Quartzite, Western Montana

H. A. Illich , F. W. Hall , D. Alt

Depositional Environments of the Rochester Formation (Middle Silurian) in Southern Ontario

B. Thusu

Deformation Structures in Siltstone Resulting from the Migration of an Upper Devonian Aeolian Dune

Brian G. Jones

Heavy Minerals in Precambrian Quartzite of the Lesser Himalaya, Garhwal, India

A. K. Jain

The Description and Measurement of Sedimentary Particles and the Concept of Form

W. Brian Whalley

Sandstone Imbrication Study in Planar Sections: Dispersion, Biasses, and Measuring Methods

G. S. Gibbons

Experimental Error in Pebble Roundness Determination by the Modified Wentworth Method

Robert L. Folk

A New Method for Determining Sphericity

Candelario Perez-Rosales

An Estimate of Sediment Sieving Time from Computer Simulation

David Poche

A Simple Apparatus for the Rapid and Accurate Determination of Bulk Densities or Volumes of Rock or Mineral Fragments

Charles V. Clemency

A Rapid Method for Size Analysis of Coarse Sediments

Martin H. Iriondo

The Electro-Osmotic Guillotine, a New Device for Core Cutting

Michael Sturm, Albert Matter

Map Pattern Reconstruction from Sample Data: Mississippi Delta Region of Southeast Louisiana: ERRATUM

R. B. McCammon