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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Deficiencies of Clastic Particles of Certain Sizes

James H. Shea

Bulk Density--Water Content Relationship in Marine Silts and Clays

Adrian F. Richards, Terrence J. Hirst, James M. Parks

Theory of Nuclear Transmission Densitometry Applied to Sedimentology and Geotechnology

Peter V. Meyers, Wesley J. Van Sciver, Adrian F. Richards

Vertical Variation in Strength and Porosity of Calcrete (Nari) on Chalk, Shefela, Israel and Interpretation of its Origin

Dan H. Yaalon, Shmuel Singer

A Quantitative Study of Compaction with Depth in a Vesicular Sand Layer in an Intertidal Area of Dublin Bay, Ireland

Colin R. Harris

Application of Multiple Comparisons to Grain Size on Sand Waves

John T. Wells , John C. Ludwick

The Bathymetry and Sedimentation of Cape San Blas Shoal and Shelf Off St. Joseph Spit, Florida

Donald K. Stauble , Detlef A. Warnke

Yukon River Sediment on the Northernmost Bering Sea Shelf

Dean A. Mcmanus, Kolla Venkatarathnam, David M. Hopkins, C. Hans Nelson

Sand-silt Petrology and Sediment Dispersal in the Gulf of Alaska

Roger M. Slatt, David J. W. Piper

Clays and Clay Minerals of the Santa Ana River Drainage Basin, California

G. M. McMurtry, Pow-Foong Fan

Clay Mineral Changes in Antarctic Deep-Sea Sediments and Cenozoic Climatic Events

Marian B. Jacobs

Suspended Matter and Other Properties of Surface Waters of the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean

K.O. Emery, Fred Lepple, Lois Toner, Elazar Uchupi, R. H. Rioux, Walter Pople, E. M. Hulburt

Centroclinal Cross Strata, A Distinctive Sedimentary Structure

James R. Underwood, Jr., Wayne Lambert

Directional Features in Braided-meandering-stream Deposits, Cimarron River, North-central Oklahoma

John W. Shelton, H. Richard Burman, Raymond L. Noble

Rain-drop Impressions?

Mounir T. Moussa

Distribution of Microborings Within Continental Margin Sediments of the Southeastern United States

Brian D. Edwards , Ronald D. Perkins

Callianassid Burrows as Indicators of Subsurface Beach Trend, Mississippi River Delta Plain

J. Thomas DeWindt

Hatteras Deep-sea Fan

William J. Cleary, John R. Conolly

On the Planimetric Shape of Wreck Bay, Vancouver Is.

J. M. Bremner, P. H. LeBlond

Paleocurrent Analysis of Severely Deformed Flysch-type Strata-a Case Study from South Georgia Island

R. H. Dott, Jr.

Paleocurrent Analysis of Alluvial Sediments: A Discussion of Directional Variance and Vector Magnitude

Andrew D. Miall

Depositional Environment of the Sharon Conglomerate Member of the Pottsville Formation in Northeastern Ohio

John V. Mrakovich, Alan H. Coogan

Transport and Deposition of Resedimented Conglomerates: The Cap Enrage Formation, Cambro-ordovician, Gaspe, Quebec

Ian C. Davies, Roger G. Walker

Petrography and Diagenesis of Franciscan Limestones

Daniel Wachs, James R. Hein

Palaeokarstic Surfaces in Upper Visean (Carboniferous) Limestones of the Derbyshire Block, England

Gordon M. Walkden

Non-calcareous Algae in Silurian Carbonate Mud Mound, Indiana

Cynthia R. Coron, Daniel A. Textoris

Origin of Massive Banded Carbonates with "Bluebird Structures" in the Cambrian of the Eastern Great Basin

John C. Kepper

Early Diagenetic Chert in the Marble Falls Group (Pennsylvanian) of Central Texas

Jerome N. Namy

Influence of Coatings on Quartz Cementation

M. T. Heald, R. E. Larese

Metamorphosed Berthierine Pellets in Mid-Cretaceous Rocks from North-eastern Algeria

B. Velde, J.-F. Raoult, M. Leikine

Surface Microtextures of Heavy Minerals from the Mediterranean Coast of Israel

Israel J. Lin, Vera Rohrlich, Anatole Slatkine

Chemical Changes in Interstitial Water from the Bardawil Lagoon, Northern Sinai

Yitzhak Levy

Submarine Strain-Gage Instrumentation for Monitoring Diurnal Beach Sediment Migration

Gerald L. Shideler , Dennis G. McGrath

Methods for Staining Organic Matter in Marine Sediments

Robert B. Whitlatch, Ralph G. Johnson

Modern Deep-Sea Magnesian Calcite in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea

Renzo Sartori