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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Making and Unmaking of Limestones or the Downs and Ups of Porosity

Gerald M. Friedman

Post-Compactional Calcitization of Molluscan Aragonite in a Jurassic Limestone from Saskatchewan, Canada

A. C. Kendall

Pseudo- and Dubiofossils from the Newland Limestone (Belt Supergroup, Late Precambrian), Montana

Allan M. Gutstadt

Distribution of Halimeda Plants and Sediments on and Around A Patch Reef Near Old Rhodes Key, Florida

Stephen K. Wiman, William G. Mckendree

Holocene Carbonate Sedimentation, Matecumbe Keys Tidal Bank, South Florida

W. J. Ebanks, Jr., J. N. Bubb

Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Carbonates in Recent Sediments and Soils from Western Europe

W. Salomons

Bathymetry and Sediment Distribution in Proglacial Malaspina Lake, Alaska

Thomas C. Gustavson

Clastic Sedimentation in a Modern Alpine Lake

David Mankiewicz, James R. Steidtmann, Leon E. Borgman

New Observations on the Pleistocene Evaporites of Montallegro, Sicily and a Modern Analog

B. Charlotte Schreiber , David J. J. Kinsman

An Alluvial Plain and Lacustrine Model for the Precambrian Witwatersrand Deposits of South Africa

Richard G. Vos

A Reconnaissance Survey of the Cover Sands in the Republic of Botswana

Thomas A. Baillieul

Geotechnical and Chemical Property Relationships for Wilkinson Basin, Gulf of Maine, Sediments

Matthew H. Hulbert, David N. Given

Progressive Pedogenesis of Eolianite Sandstone

Abraham J. Amiel

Eolian Contributions to Marine Sediments

Herbert L. Windom

Origin of Surface Pits on Quartz as Revealed by Scanning Electron Microscopy

V. Subramanian

The Association of Alluvial Fan, Aeolian and Fluviatile Facies in the Caherbla Group (devonian), Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Ralph R. Horne

Effect of Staining on Microprobe Determination of Iron in Carbonates

Sheldon Sommer

An Inexpensive Plate Holder for the Suction-On-Ceramic-Plate Method of Mounting Clay Minerals For Semi-quantitative Analysis

Richard W. Carlton

A Regression Technique for the Analysis of Shales by X-ray Diffractometry

John M. Cubitt

Small Scale Aeolian Bedforms

John M. Ellwood, Peter D. Evans, Ian G. Wilson

Density-current Strata in Lower Cretaceous Washita Group, North-central Texas

Robert W. Scott, Hooman Laali , David W. Fee

Discussion of Prophylactic Separation of Heavy Minerals: DISCUSSION

Gretchen Luepke

A Settling Tube System for Sand-Size Analysis: ERRATUM

Ronald J. Gibbs

Origin of a Lower Pennsylvanian Depositional Cycle: ERRATUM

Jerome N. Namy