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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Laterites and Flint Clays in the Early Permian of the Sydney Basin, Australia, and Their Palaeoclimatic Implications

F. C. Loughnan

Sparitization of a Pelleted Limestone: A Case Study of Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Composition

Mordeckai Magaritz

Limestone Formation and Dolomitization in a Lower Proterozoic Succession from South Africa

K. A. Eriksson, T. S. McCarthy, J. F. Truswell

Mottled Upper Ordovician Carbonates in Northwest Georgia

Frederick H. Manley, David E. Ogren, Lyndall C. Webb

Genesis of Chlorite Pellets from Mesozoic Bedded Cherts of Sicily

Marco Leone, Rosario Alaimo, Salvatore Calderone

Variability of Zircons from the Sharon Conglomerate of Northeastern Ohio

R. A. Heimlich, L. B. Shotwell, T. Cookro, M. J. Gawell

Feldspar--Grain Size Relations in Cambrian Arenites, Upper Mississippi Valley

I. Edgar Odom

Stratigraphic Analysis of the Navajo Sandstone

William E. Freeman , Glenn S. Visher

Late Cretaceous Sedimentation in a Low-Energy Coastal Zone: The Ferron Sandstone of Utah

Edward Cotter

Petrology and Origin of Fecal Pellets in Upper Cretaceous Strata of Kansas and Saskatchewan

Donald E. Hattin

The Initiation of Oscillatory Ripple Marks and the Development of Plane-bed at High Shear Stresses Under Waves

Paul D. Komar, Martin C. Miller

Downstream Changes in Shape in the Pebble Morphometry of the Tambo River, Eastern Victoria

Albert Goede

Primary Fluvial Oolites

Donald E. McGannon, Jr.

Physical Parameter Distribution Patterns in Bottom Sediments of the Lower Chesapeake Bay Estuary, Virginia

Gerald L. Shideler

Turbidite Origin of Glaciolacustrine Sediments, Woodcock Lake, Pennsylvania

Samuel S. Harrison

A Simple Method for Determining Calcium Carbonate in Sediment Samples

B. J. Presley

Supercritical Flow in Density Currents: A Discussion

Paul D. Komar

Supercritical Flow in Density Currents: Reply

Bryce M. Hand