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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Lime Mud Deposition and Calcareous Algae in the Bight Of Abaco, Bahamas: A Budget

A. Conrad Neumann, Lynton S. Land

A Deeper Water Mud Mound Facies in the Alps

Avinash C. Mathur

Derivation of Fragmentary Oolites and Pisolites from Desiccation Cracks

D. R. Adeleye

Association of Lithologies and Sedimentary Structures in Marine Deltaic Paleoenvironments

Robert G. Sutton, George R. Ramsayer

Significance of Authigenic K-feldspar in Cambrian-Ordovician Carbonate Rocks of the Proto-atlantic Shelf In North America

M. Raymond Buyce , Gerald M. Friedman

Oceanography and Suspended Matter Off Northeastern Brazil

Henyo T. Barretto, Colin P. Summerhayes

Competence of Fine-grained Debris Flows

Monty A. Hampton

Significance of Textural Variations, Baltimore Canyon Trough Area

Harley J. Knebel

Process-Response Patterns in Beach and Nearshore Sedimentation: I. Mustang Island, Texas

Richard A. Davis, Jr., William T. Fox

Computer Simulation Models of a Hooked Beach Shoreline Configuration

C. Cary Rea , Paul D. Komar

Re-evaluation of the Use of Undulatory Extinction and Polycrystallinity in Detrital Quartz for Provenance Interpretation

Abhijit Basu, Steven W. Young, Lee J. Suttner, W. Calvin James, Greg H. Mack

Quantitative Fabric Analysis of Drammen Clay Using X-ray Diffraction Technique

A. Kazi

Tea Kettle Carbonates

John C. Butler

Recent Calcareous Stromatolites from Laguna Mormona (Baja California) Mexico

Robert J. Horodyski, Stephen P. Vonder Haar

The Petrology of a Composite Vertical Section of Cincinnatian Series Limestones (Upper Ordovician) of Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky

Wayne D. Martin

Hydrodynamic Implications of Beach, Beach Ridge and Dune Grain Size Studies

Frank W. Stapor , William F. Tanner

Penecontemporaneous Recumbent Folds in Trough Cross-Bedding of Pleistocene Sands in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hugh E. Hendry, Mel R. Stauffer

Downward Injection Structures in Miocene Sediments, Arikaree Group, Nebraska

H. A. Bart

Replacement of Fossils by Length-Slow Chalcedony and Associated Dolomitization: DISCUSSION

Craig B. Hatfield

Fossils by Length-Slow Chalcedony and Associated Dolimitization: Third-Party Reply to Hatfield: DISCUSSION

Robert L. Folk