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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Genesis and Significance of Marsh Islands Within Southeastern North Carolina Lagoons

William J. Cleary, Paul E. Hosier, Glenn R. Wells

Depositional Processes, Sedimentary Structures, and Predicted Vertical Sequences in Barred Nearshore Systems, Southern Oregon Coast

Ralph E. Hunter, H. Edward Clifton, R. Lawrence Phillips

Sources and Nonsources of Beach Sand Along Southern Monterey Bay California--Fourier Shape Analysis

Gerald A. Porter, Robert Ehrlich, Robert H. Osborne, Rodney A. Combellick

Origin, Sedimentary Features, and Significance of Low-Angle Eolian "Sand Sheet" Deposits, Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Vicinity, Colorado

Steven G. Fryberger, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Sarah Andrews

Modern Modified Carbonate Grain Flow Deposit

Henry T. Mullins, H. Mark Van Buren

Buoyancy in Debris Flows

Monty A. Hampton

The Comparative Reliability of Magnetic, Photometric and Microscopic Methods of Determining the Orientations of Sedimentary Grains

Asahiko Taira, Barry R. Lienert

Use of the Chi-Square Test for the Analysis of Orientation Data

C. K. Ballantyne, R. Cornish

Origin of Bimodal Sands in Some Modern Environments

Asahiko Taira , Peter A. Scholle

Discrimination of Depositional Environments Using Settling Tube Data

Asahiko Taira , Peter A. Scholle

Magnetic Susceptibility and Particle-Size Distribution in Recent Sediments of the Loch Lomond Drainage Basin, Scotland

R. Thompson, D. J. Morton

The Effects of Deposit Feeding Oligochaetes on Particle Size and Settling Velocity of Lake Erie Sediments

Peter L. McCall

Deep Sea Carbonates: Acoustic, Physical, and Stratigraphic Properties

Larry A. Mayer

Features and Origin of Italian Jurassic Radiolarites Deposited on Continental Crust

Earle F. McBride, Robert L. Folk

Red Bed Members of the Lower Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Southern Nevada: Sedimentology and Paleogeography of a Muddy Tidal Flat Deposit

Douglas M. Reif , Roger M. Slatt

A Textural Inversion Phenomenon Within Lower Jurassic Red Beds of the Ardon Formation, Makhtesh Ramon, (Israel)

Ron Goldbery

Alteration of Sandstone as Revealed by Spheroidal Weathering

M. T. Heald, T. J. Hollingsworth, R. M. Smith

Preliminary Report of Authigenic, Euhedral Tourmaline Crystals in a Productive Gas Reservoir of the Tiger Ridge Field, North-central Montana

Donald L. Gautier

Marine Aragonite Sea-Floor Growths and Cements in Permian Phylloid Algal Mounds, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

S. J. Mazzullo, John M. Cys

Orthophosphate: Effect on the Relative Stability of Aragonite and Magnesian Calcite During Early Diagenesis

Lynn M. Walter, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Magnesium Incorporation in Recent Marine Calcite Cement from Denmark

Niels Oluf Jorgensen

The Effect of Seawater Calcium Concentrations on the Growth and Skeletal Composition of a Scleractinian Coral: Acropora Squamosa

Peter K. Swart

Calcified Filaments in Quaternary Calcretes: Organo-mineral Interactions in the Subaerial Vadose Environment

Colin F. Klappa

Fresh-Water Cementation of a 1,000-Year-Old Oolite

Robert B. Halley, Paul M. Harris

Interstitial Water and Sediment Chemistry of Two Cores from Florida Bay

Jeffrey K. Rosenfeld

The Pliocene Glenns Ferry Oolite: Lake-margin Carbonate Deposition in the Southwestern Snake River Plain

Krystyna Swirydczuk, Bruce H. Wilkinson, Gerald R. Smith

Lithologic Patterns in the Energy Shale Member and the Origin of "Rolls" in the Herrin (No. 6) Coal Member, Pennsylvanian, in the Orient No. 6 Mine, Jefferson County, Illinois

Martin J. Edwards, Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr., W. J. Nelson, Chris Ledvina

Lenticular Gypsum: Occurrences in Nature, and Experimental Determinations of Effects of Soluble Green Plant Material on its Formation

Robert D. Cody

A Reinterpretation of Astropolithon Hindii Dawson 1878

Ronald K. Pickerill, Ian M. Harris