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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Comparative Anatomy of a Posttsville Lithic Arenite and Quartz Arenite of the Pocahontas Basin, Southern West Virginia: Petrogenetic, Depositional, and Stratigraphic Implications

David W. Houseknecht

Hybrid Arenites: Their Composition and Classification

Gian Gaspare Zuffa

Use of Classification Procedures and Discriminant Analysis in Differentiating Tertiary Coarse Clastics in the Alabama Coastal Plain

Wayne C. Isphording, George C. Flowers

Petrology and Diagenesis of Sandstones in the Post Oak Formation (Permian) Southwestern Oklahoma

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Richard E. Hanson, R. Nowell Donovan, John W. Shelton

Detrital Mode Evolution of the Rifted Continental-Margin Longobucco Sequence (Jurassic), Calabrian Arc, Italy

Gian Gaspare Zuffa, Wilma Gaudio, Silvana Rovito

A Vertical Pattern of Variation in the St. Peter Sandstone--Fourier Grain Shape Analysis

James M. Mazzullo, Robert Ehrlich

Rounding of Ore Particles from the Witwatersrand Gold and Uranium Deposit (South Africa) as an Indicator of their Detrital Origin

T. Utter

Organic Matter in Appalachian Devonian Black Shale: I. Comparison of Techniques to Measure Organic Carbon, II. Short Range Organic Carbon Content Variations

J. S. Leventhal, V. E. Shaw

Recognition of Hardgrounds and Emersion Surfaces: A New Criterion

Soumen Sarkar, Ajit Bhattacharyya, S. K. Chanda

Cambrian Carbonate Platform Margin Facies, Shady Dolomite, Southwestern Virginia, U.S.A.

R. W. Pfeil , J. F. Read

Nodular Carbonate Sediment on Bahamian Slopes: Possible Precursors to Nodular Limestones

Henry T. Mullins, A. Conrad Neumann, R. Jude Wilber, Mark R. Boardman

Glauconite Shrinkage and Limestone Cementation

Maurits Lindstrom

Stratification, Bedforms, and Discharge Relations of the Platte Braided River System, Nebraska

Robert H. Blodgett, K. O. Stanley

Comparison of Bed Form Variance Spectra Within a Meander Bend During Flood and Average Discharge

Raymond A. Levey, Bjorn Kjerfve, Rufus T. Getzen

Sedimentation in Anastomosed River Systems: Examples from Alluvial Valley Near Bannf, Alberta

Derald G. Smith, Norman D. Smith

Effectiveness of Discriminating Beach, Dune, and River Sands by Moments and the Cumulative Weight Percentages

R. W. Tucker , H. L. Vacher

Oscillation Sand Ripples Generated by Laboratory Apparatus

Martin C. Miller , Paul D. Komar

A Field Investigation of the Relationship Between Oscillation Ripple Spacing and the Near-Bottom Water Orbital Motions

Martin C. Miller , Paul D. Komar

Possible Quartz Synthesis During Weathering of Quartz-free Mafic Rock, Jasper County, Georgia

Gene D. Robinson, Jr.

Size Distribution of Chemically Extracted Quartz Used to Characterize Fine-grained Sediments

J. Paul Dauphin

Dissolution and Analysis of Amorphous Silica in Marine Sediments

Donald W. Eggimann, Frank T. Manheim, Peter R. Betzer

The Northwest Atlantic Mid-Ocean Channel of the Labrador Sea: III. Head Spill Vs. Body Spill Deposits from Turbidity Currents on Natural Levees

S. K. Chough , R. Hesse

Wilmington Fan: Mid-Atlantic Lower Rise Development

Mark W. Ayers, William J. Cleary

Distribution and Origin of Magnetite Spherules in Air, Waters, and Sediments of the Greater New York City Area and the North Atlantic Ocean

John H. Puffer, Emily W. B. Russell, Michael R. Rampino

Beach Salcrete and Eolian Sand Transport: Evidence from North Queensland

Kenneth Pye

Quasi-Planar Adhesion Stratification--An Eolian Structure Formed in Wet Sand

Ralph E. Hunter

Estuarine Circulation: Controlling Factor of Clay Mineral Distribution in James River Estuary, Virginia

Jean-Pierre Feuillet, Peter Fleischer

Saline Lake Charophytes and Their Geological Significance

R. V. Burne, J. Bauld, P. De Deckker

Origin of Oolitic Ironstones: DISCUSSION

Martin J. Bradshaw, Stephen J. James, Peter Turner

Origin of Oolitic Iron Formations: REPLY

Michael M. Kimberley

Petrography of Subduction Zone Sandstones: DISCUSSION

Michael A. Velbel

Sepm Research Group State-of-the-art Summaries

Charles T. Siemers


Stuart J. Birnbaum, Mark W. Presley

Organic Geochemistry

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Carbonate Geology

William J. Meyers

Diatom Biostratigraphy

Andrew M. Gombos, JR., with contributions by Lloyd Burckle, John Barron, Howard Harper, Laurent Labeyrie, William Abbott


H. Allen Curran