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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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A Transgressive Shelf Sequence Exibiting Hummocky Stratification: the Cape Sebastian Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Southwestern Oregon

Joanne Bourgeois

Fabric of Coarse Deep-water Sandstones Tourelle Formation, Quebec, Canada

Richard N. Hiscott, Gerard V. Middleton

Deep-Sea Fan Deposits in the Macigno Formation (Middle-Upper Oligocene) of the Gordana Valley, Northern Apennines, Italy

Guido Ghibaudo

Early Tertiary Conglomerates of the Santa Ana Mountains, California

A. O. Woodford, Craig Gander

Smectite Diagenesis and Sandstone Cement: The Effect of Reaction Temperature

R. W. Lahann

Nature of Authigenic Illites in Sandstone Reservoirs

Necip Guven, Wayne F. Hower, David K. Davies

Paleoenvironment of the New Albany Shale Group (Devonian-Mississippian) of Illinois

Robert M. Cluff

Field Classification of Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks

Paul D. Lundegard , Neil D. Samuels

Shearing and Kolking Phenomena in Fluvial Sediments Old Crow, Yukon Territory, Canada

L. D. Danny Harvey

Genetic Significance of Deformed Cross Bedding--With Examples from the Navajo and Weber Sandstones of Utah

T. W. Doe , R. H. Dott, Jr.

Clast Shape as an Indicator of Transport and Depositional Mechanisms in Glacial Marine Sediments: George V Continental Shelf, Antarctica

Eugene W. Domack, John B. Anderson, Dennis D. Kurtz

Inter-Turbidite Bottom Current Orientation from Trace Fossils with an Example From the Silurian Flysch of Wales

T. P. Crimes, J. D. Crossley

Nearshore Bedform Patterns Along Rhode Island from Side-Scan Sonar Surveys

Andrew Morang , Robert L. McMaster

Control of Mudcrack Patterns by Beetle Larvae Traces

Robert Metz

Use of Grain-Size Frequency Data to Interpret the Depositional Environment of the Pliocene Pleshet Formation, Beer Sheva, Israel

Ron Goldbery

Roughness of Limestone and Quartzite Pebbles by the Modified Fourier Method

Eliza Czarnecka, J. E. Gillott

Sediment Ingestion by Tigriopus Californicus and other Zooplankton: Mineral Transformation and Sedimentological Considerations

James P. M. Syvitski , Alan G. Lewis

Bathymetric Zonation and Paleoecological Significance of Microborings in Puerto Rican Shelf and Slope Sediments

David A. Budd , Ronald D. Perkins

Sediments of the Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida (MAFLA) Continental Shelf

Larry J. Doyle, Thomas N. Sparks

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Hydrothermal and Pelagic Sediments from the Mounds Hydrothermal Field, Galapagos Spreading Center: DSDP LEG 54

Ed L. Schrader, Bruce R. Rosendahl, W. J. Furbish, D. P. Mattey

Littoral Transport in the Surf Zone Elucidated by an Eulerian Sediment Tracer Experiment

David B. Duane, William R. James

Transport Processes in Ooid Genesis

Paul L. Heller , Paul D. Komar, David R. Pevear

Vadose Beachrock Cementation along A Southeastern Michigan Marl Lake

Kathy L. Binkley, Bruce H. Wilkinson, Robert M. Owen

Experimental Investigation of Carbonate Precipitation in Hydrated Silica Gels

B. D. Ricketts

Origin of Discontinuity Surfaces in Limestones: Isotopic and Petrographic Data, Pleistocene of Barbados, West Indies

P. E. Videtich, R. K. Matthews

Spur and Groove Patterns on the Reefs of the Northern Gulfs of the Red Sea

Amihai Sneh , Gerald M. Friedman

Thickness Change Involved in the Peat-to-Coal Transformation for a Bituminous Coal of Cretaceous Age in Central Utah

Thomas A. Ryer, Anna W. Langer

Implication of Clay-Provenance Studies in Two Georgia Estuaries: DISCUSSION

Raymond A. Scheinfeld, John K. Adams

Implication of Clay-Provenance Studies in two Georgia Estuaries: REPLY

Paul R. Pinet, Warren P. Morgan, Jr.

The Pliocene Glenns Ferry Oolite: Lake-Margin Carbonate Deposition in the Southwestern Snake River Plain: DISCUSSION

Philip A. Sandberg

The Pliocene Glenns Ferry Oolite: Lake-Margin Carbonate Deposition in the Southwestern Snake River Plain: REPLY

Krystyna Swirydczuk, Bruce H. Wilkinson, Gerald R. Smith

Origin of Oolitic Iron Formations: DISCUSSION

D. R. Adeleye

Origin of Oolitic Iron Formations: REPLY

Michael M. Kimberley

The Behavior of ZN2+ and MN2+ during Carbonate Diagenesis: Theory and Application: DISCUSSION

D. W. Morrow, I. R. Mayers

The Behavior of Zn2+ and Mn2+ During Carbonate Diagenesis: Theory and Applications: REPLY

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr.