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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Physical Properties of Peru-Chile Continental Margin Sediments--The Influence of Coastal Upwelling on Sediment Properties

William H. Busch , George H. Keller

Dispersal of Fine-Grained Sediments in the Southeastern Yellow Sea: A Steady-State Model

S. K. Chough, D. C. Kim

A Temporal and Spatial Study of Mudflat Erosion and Deposition

Franz E. Anderson, Luther Black, Les E. Watling, William Mook, Lawrence M. Mayer

Storms and Shoreline Configuration

Robert Dolan, Bruce Hayden

Sedimentation in an Arid-zone Anastomosing Fluvial System: Cooper's Creek, Central Australia

Brian R. Rust

The Properties of Bed Sediments in Pools and Riffles

Paul J. Hirsch , Athol D. Abrahams

Coastal Sabkha and Salt Pan Deposition of the Lower Clear Fork Formation (Permian), Texas

C. Robertson Handford

Giant Polygons in the Triassic Salt of Cheshire, England: A Thermal Contraction Model for Their Origin

Roger M. Tucker

Displacive Halite Hoppers from the Dead Sea: Some Implications for Ancient Evaporite Deposits

Vivien M. Gornitz, B. Charlotte Schreiber

Chertification of Crinoids May Yield a Product Resembling "Dedolomite"

Gerald H. Kuslansky , Gerald M. Friedman

Depositional Environments of the Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama

Catherine A. Horsey

Sedimentology of a Middle Cambrian Outer Shelf Margin with Evidence for Syndepositional Faulting, Eastern California and Western Nevada

John C. Kepper

Storm-Generated Sedimentary Structures in Subtidal Marine Facies With Examples from the Middle and Upper Ordovician of Southwestern Virginia

Ronald D. Kreisa

Flume Experiments on Lower-Flow-Regime Bed Forms in Coarse Sand

Warren R. Costello, John B. Southard

Reservoir Properties of Submarine-Fan Facies: Great Valley Sequence, California

Hugh McLean

The Orientation of Small Muddy Clasts in Turbidites: Paleocurrent Indicators on a Jurassic Carbonate Slope, Tunisia

Stephen P. J. Cossey, Robert Ehrlich

Enigmatic Deep-Water Depositional Mechanisms, Upper Part of the Oquirrh Group, Utah

Teresa E. Jordan

Middle Jurassic Shoaling of the Central High Atlas Sea Near Rich, Morocco

Richard G. Stanley

Sedimentary Facies in Air-Fall Pyroclastic Debris, Arikaree Group (Miocene), Northwest Nebraska, U.S.A.

Robert G. Vicars, John A. Breyer

A Transitional Alluvial to Marine Sequence: The Eocene Llajas Formation, Southern California

Richard L. Squires

Late Oligocene-Early Miocene Facies and Lacustrine Sedimentation, Upper Ruby River Basin, Southwestern Montana

Stewart Monroe

Submarine Lithification on Windward Reef Slopes: Capricorn-Bunker Group, Southern Great Barrier Reef

John F. Marshall, Peter J. Davies

Pore Networks in Holocene Carbonate Sediments

Paul Enos, L. H. Sawatsky

Chemical Diagenesis of a Multicomponent Carbonate System -2: Stable Isotopes

Uwe Brand , Jan Veizer

Modern Deep-Water Coral Mounds North of Little Bahama Bank: Criteria for Recognition of Deep-Water Coral Bioherms in the Rock Record

Henry T. Mullins, Cathryn R. Newton, Kathryn Heath, H. Mark Vanburen

Deep-Sea Fan Deposits in the Macigno Formation (Middle-upper Oligocene) of the Gordana Valley, Northern Apennines, Italy: DISCUSSION

Richard N. Hiscott

Deep-sea Fan Deposits in the Macigno Formation (Middle-upper Oligocene) of the Gordana Valley, Northern Apennines, Italy: REPLY

Guido Ghibaudo

Mudrock Fabrics and their Significance: DISCUSSION

Edward B. Nuhfer

Mudrock Fabrics and their Significance: REPLY

Robert M. Cluff

Field Classification of Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks: DISCUSSION

D. A. Spears

Field Classification of Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks: REPLY

Paul D. Lundegard, Neil D. Samuels