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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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1984 SEPM Presidential Address: Diagenetic Albitization of Potassium Feldspar in Arkosic Sandstones

Theodore R. Walker

Mineral Dispersal Patterns in the Pierre Shale

Richard L. Jones, Harvey Blatt

Marine Sand-Wave Complex in the Permian of Central Arizona

Ronald C. Blakey

Relation of Paleovegetation to Geometry and Cyclicity of Some Fluvial Carbonaceous Deposits

Scott L. Wing

Temporal, Spatial, and Textural Variation in the Mineralogy of Mississippi River Suspended Sediment

Anthony G. Johnson, Joseph T. Kelley

Variations in Large-Scale Beach Amplitude Along the Coast

Nina Fisher, Robert Dolan, Bruce P. Hayden

Sediment Composition and Hydrography in Six High-Gradient Estuaries of the Northwestern United States

Curt Peterson, Kenneth Scheidegger, Paul Komar, Wendy Niem

Shape Evolution and Fabric in a Boulder Beach, Monument Cove, Maine

Charles J. Waag, David E. Ogren

The Effect of Grain Size on Detrital Modes: A Test of the Gazzi-Dickinson Point-Counting Method

Raymond V. Ingersoll , Thomas F. Bullard, Richard L. Ford, Joel P. Grimm, John D. Pickle, Steven W. Sares

Optimal Configuration and Information Content of Sets of Frequency Distributions

William E. Full , Robert Ehrlich, Stephen K. Kennedy

Filtering of Depositional Events and the Completeness of Sedimentary Sequences

Kevin D. Crowley

Role of Hydraulic Sorting in the Origin of Fluvial Placers

Rudy Slingerland

Heavy Mineral Concentration at the Bottom of Polychaete Traces in Sandy Sediment

Thomas R. Clifton

A Gibbsite-Cemented Quartz Sandstone

O. M. Clarke Jr., W. D. Keller

Porcelaneous Cement and Microporosity in California Miocene Turbidites--Origin and Effect on Reservoir Properties

Stephen O. Sears

Facies History of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Great Valley Sequence: Response to Structural Development of an Outer-Arc Basin

Robert K. Suchecki

Sandstone Compositions From The New England Orogen, Eastern Australia: Implications For Tectonic Setting

R. J. Korsch

Exceptions to the Relationship Between Plate Tectonics and Sandstone Composition

Greg H. Mack

Extensive Submarine Lithification in a Cave in the Belize Barrier Reef Platform

Ian G. Macintyre

Stable Isotope Study of Karstic-Related Dolomitization: Jurassic Rocks from the Coastal Plain, Israel

L. G. Buchbinder, M. Magaritz, M. Goldberg

Intratest Porosity in Foraminifera

Richard T. Bachman

Petrology and Geochemistry of Rhizoliths from Plio-Pleistocene Fluvial and Marginal Lacustrine Deposits, East Lake Turkana, Kenya

Jeffrey F. Mount, Andrew S. Cohen

Burial Dedolomite in the Mississippian Madison Limestone, Wyoming and Utah Thrust Belt

Joyce M. Budai, Kyger C. Lohmann, Robert M. Owen

Travertines: Depositional Morphology and the Bacterially Constructed Constituents

Henry S. Chafetz, Robert L. Folk

Accretionary Lapilli in Altered Tuffs Associated with Coal Beds

B. F. Bohor, Don M. Triplehorn

U, Sr, and Mg in Holocene and Pleistocene Corals A. Palmata and M. Annularis: DISCUSSION

Peter K. Swart

U, Sr and Mg in Holocene and Pleistocene Corals A. Palmata and M. Annularis: REPLY

Timothy S. Cross, Barbara W. Cross