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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Supratidal Evaporitic Dolomite at Ojo De Liebre Lagoon: Mineralogical and Isotopic Arguments for Primary Crystallization

Catherine Pierre (), Luc Ortlieb (), Alain Person ()

Stable Isotopic and Elemental Relationships of Ancient Shallow-Marine and Slope Carbonates, Cambro-Ordovician Cow Head Group, Newfoundland: Implications for Fluid Flux

Robert K. Suchecki , John F. Hubert

Reactive Surface Area of Skeletal Carbonates During Dissolution: Effect of Grain Size

Lynn M. Walter , John W. Morse

The Effects of Callianassa Bioturbation on the Preservation of Carbonate Grains in Davies Reef Lagoon, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Alexander W. Tudhope, Terence P. Scoffin

Black-Pebble Occurrence and Genesis in Holocene Carbonate Sediments (Florida Keys, Bahamas, and Tunisia)

Andre Strasser

Sources of Periplatform Carbonates: Northwest Providence Channel, Bahamas

Mark R. Boardman, A. Conrad Neumann

Paleosols Capping Regressive Carbonate Cycles in the Pennsylvanian Black Prince Limestone, Arizona

Robert K. Goldhammer , R. Douglas Elmore

Diagenetic Growth of Euhedral Megaquartz in the Skeleton of a Stromatoporoid

R. A. Henderson

Phosphate Authigenesis in the Aramachay Formation (Lower Jurassic) of Peru

D. L. Loughman

Diagenetic Matrix in Proterozoic Graywackes from Sweden

Sadoon Morad

Micromarker Beds in the Upper Permian Castile Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico

Beth M. Madsen

Heavy Mineral Shadows, a New Sedimentary Structure Formed Under Upper-Flow-Regime Conditions: Its Directional and Hydraulic Significance

R. J. Cheel

The Origin of Soft-Sediment Deformation Structures in Permo-Carboniferous Glacial and Proglacial Beds, South Africa

J. N. J. Visser, W. P. Colliston, J. C. Terblanche

Clastic Intrusions in Deep-Sea Fan Deposits of the Rosroe Formation, Lower Ordovician, Western Ireland

Jean B. Archer

Dish Structures in Some Paleocene Deep-Sea Sandstones (Norwegian Sector, North Sea): Origin of the Dish-Forming Clays and their Effect on Reservoir Quality

Andrew Hurst, Antony T. Buller

Fine Structures of Turbidite and Associated Muds in the Ulleung (Tsushima) Basin, East Sea (Sea of Japan)

S. K. Chough, G. H. Lee, B. K. Park, S. W. Kim

Macrotidal Subarctic Environment of Turnagain and Knik Arms, Upper Cook Inlet, Alaska: Sedimentology of the Intertidal Zone

Susan Bartsch-Winkler, A. Thomas Ovenshine

Bedding Types in Holocene Tidal Channel Sequences, Knik Arm, Upper Cook Inlet, Alaska

Susan Bartsch-Winkler , Henry R. Schmoll

Pollen, PB-210, and Opaque Spherules: An Integrated Approach to Dating and Sedimentation in the Intertidal Environment

James S. Clark , William A. Patterson III

Mineralogy, Genesis, and Sources of Surficial Sediments in the Kuwait Marine Environment, Northern Arabian Gulf

D. Al-Bakri, F. Khalaf, A. Al-Ghadban

Rippled Scour Depressions on the Inner Continental Shelf Off Central California

David A. Cacchione, David E. Drake, William D. Grant, George B. Tate

Offshore Transport and Sand-Body Formation: Evidence from a Steep, High-energy Shoreface, Southeastern Australia

Michael E. Field, Peter S. Roy

Interactions between the Ebb-Tidal Delta and Landward Shoreline: Price Inlet, South Carolina

Duncan M. Fitzgerald

Sources, Distribution, and Mixing of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sands on the South Texas Continental Shelf

Jim Mazzullo, K. D. Withers

Provenance and Areal Distribution of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Quartz Sand on the Southern New England Continental Shelf

Jim Mazzullo, Robert Ehrlich, Mary Anne Hemming

Grain-Surface Textures of Late Wisconsinan Sands from the Canadian Beaufort Shelf

Philip R. Hill , Odette C. Nadeau

Sieve Analysis as Tomography

William Menke

Petrographic Image Analysis, I. Analysis of Reservoir Pore Complexes

Robert Ehrlich, Stephen K. Kennedy , Sterling J. Crabtree, Robert L. Cannon

Grain-Size Analyses of Mica Within Sediments and the Hydraulic Equivalence of Mica and Quartz

Paul D. Komar, Jumpei Baba, Bingquan Cui