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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Depositional Facies of a Mud Shoreface in Suriname, South America--A Mud Analogue to Sandy, Shallow-Marine Deposits

J. M. Rine , R. N. Ginsburg

Glauconitic Sediments on the Continental Shelf off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Brian D. Bornhold, Pierre Giresse

The Diagenesis of Neogene Clastic Sediments from the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh

M. B. Imam , H. F. Shaw

Evidence of Tide, Storm, and Wave Interaction on a Precambrian Siliciclastic Shelf: The 1,700 M.Y. Ortega Group, New Mexico

Kristian Soegaard , Kenneth A. Eriksson

Mineralogically Mature Sandstones in Accretionary Prisms

Michael Anthony Velbel

A Comparison of Clast Fabric and Shape in Late Precambrian and Modern Glacigenic Sediments

Julian A. Dowdeswell, Michael J. Hambrey, Ruitang Wu

Substrate Destruction and Sediment Production by the Boring Sponge Cliona Caribbaea on Grand Cayman Island

Kelly Lee Acker, Michael J. Risk

The Role of Erosion by Fish in Shaping Topography Around Hudson Submarine Canyon

David C. Twichell, Churchill B. Grimes, Robert S. Jones , Kenneth W. Able

Synsedimentary Slides and Bedding Formation in Apennine Pelagic Limestones

Walter Alvarez, Roberto Colacicchi, Alessandro Montanari

Carbonate Debris Flows, Cow Head Group, Western Newfoundland

Richard N. Hiscott, Noel P. James

Calcified Algae as Sediment Contributors to Early Paleozoic Limestones: Evidence from Deep-Water Sediments of the Cow Head Group, Western Newfoundland

Mario Coniglio, Noel P. James

Diagenesis of Quaternary Bahamian Beachrock: Petrographic and Isotopic Evidence

J. A. Beier

Spheroidal Weathering in Marls and Chalks of Gebel Gurnah Near Luxor, Southern Egypt

Amin R. Gindy , Ahmad J. Al-Shakiry, Nadi A. Sa'ad

Synsedimentary Dissolution Pits in Halite of the Permian Salado Formation, Southeastern, New Mexico

Dennis W. Powers, Bruce W. Hassinger

Micritic Cement in Microborings is not Necessarily a Shallow-Water Indicator: DISCUSSION

Gerald M. Friedman

Meaning and Usage of Micrite Cement and Matrix: REPLY

John D. Milliman, James A. Hook, Stjepko Golubic

Modern Cool-Water Beach Sands of Southwest England: DISCUSSION

Philippe Roselle

Modern Cool-Water Beach Sands of Southwest England: REPLY

John R. Merefield