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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Waulsortian-Type Buildups and Resedimented (Carbonate-Turbidite) Facies, Early Mississippian Burlington Shelf, Central Missouri

David T. King, Jr.

Dolomitized Glauconite Granules: A New Kind of Peloid From Proterozoic Strata of Central India

Ajit Bhattacharyya, S. K. Chanda, Gerald M. Friedman

Organic Matter Metabolizability and Calcium Carbonate Dissolution in Nearshore Marine Muds

Christopher M. Reaves

Devonian Magadi-Type Cherts in the Orcadian Basin, Scotland

John Parnell

Clay Mineralogy of Shale-Limestone Rhythmites in the Scaglia Rossa (Turonian-Eocene), Italian Apennines

Mark J. Johnsson, Robert C. Reynolds

Coals Associated with Tidal Sediments in the Wilcox Group (Paleogene), South Texas

John A. Breyer, Peter J. McCabe

Storm-Generated Eolian Sand Shadows and Their Sedimentary Structures, Vejers Strand, Denmark

Lars B. Clemmensen

Holocene-Pleistocene Stratigraphy of the Inner Shelf Off Fire Island, New York: Implications for Barrier-Island Migration

William Panageotou, Stephen P. Leatherman

SEM Examination of Carbonate Microfacies Using Acetate Peels: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Robert J. Brown

A New Technique for Preparation of Petrographic Thin Sections Using Ultraviolet-Curing Adhesive: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

J. E. Yanguas, Stanley T. Paxton

A Collapsible Sampling Box for the Collection and Transport of Intact Block Samples of Friable, Uncemented Sands: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

M. E. Barton, A. Brookes, S. N. Palmer, Y. L. Wong

Venturi-Compensated Eolian Sand Trap for Field Use: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

W. K. Illenberger, I. C. Rust

Mineral Separation Techniques for Inorganic Constituents in Some Australian Oil Shales: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

S. ST. J. Warne, D. H. French

Design and Construction of a Compaction Cell for Studying Sediment Diagenesis at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Kenneth R. Applin, David W. Houseknecht, Brian D. Hicks

Measurement of Small-Scale Laminae in Sand-Sized Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

R. J. Cheel , G. V. Middleton

A Peel Technique for Sulfate (and Carbonate) Rocks: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

J. A. Mandado, J. M. Tena

Field Method for Determining Rapidly the Dry Weight of Wet Sand Samples: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Nicholas C. Kraus, Lindsay Nakashima

A Cryogenic Coring Device for Sampling Loose, Unconsolidated Sediments Near the Water-Sediment Interface: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Ronald M. Knaus

A Simple Rack for Slabbing Small-Diameter Rock Core with a Rock Saw: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Dennis W. Powers

Routine Heavy Mineral Analysis Using a Concentrating Table: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Robert A. Stewart

Avoiding Microfabric Disruption During the Impregnation of Friable, Uncemented Sands with Dyed Epoxy: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Simon N. Palmer, Max E. Barton

A Semiquantitative Field Classification of Ichnofabric: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Mary L. Droser, David J. Bottjer

Silver Coating Inhibits Electron Microprobe Beam Damage of Carbonates: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Michael P. Smith

Evaluation of a Laser-Diffraction-Size Analyzer for Use with Natural Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

I. N. McCave, R. J. Bryant, H. F. Cook, C. A. Coughanowr

Plane-of-Sight Jacob's Staff for Measuring Sections Oblique to Dip: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Charles D. Winker

A Technique for Slabbing Fine-Grained Sediment in Piston Cores: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

David Cole Mosher , Ken. W. Asprey

A Logging Form for Graphic Descriptions of Core and Outcrop: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

J. Michael Boyles , Alan J. Scott , And James M. Rine

Chemical and Sr Isotopic Variations During Diagenesis of Miocene Siliceous Sediments of the Monterey Formation, California--Discussion of the Sr Isotopic Data and Its Relevance to the Timing of Monterey Formation Fracturing: DISCUSSION

Richard W. Hurst