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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Selective Grain Entrainment by a Current from a Bed of Mixed Sizes: A Reanalysis

Paul D. Komar

A Pennsylvanian-Age Terrestrial Storm Deposit: Using Plant Fossils to Characterize the History and Process of Sediment Accumulation

Christopher Wnuk, Hermann W. Pfefferkorn

The Hawkesbury Sandstone South of Sydney, Australia: Triassic Analogue for the Deposit of a Large, Braided River

Brian R. Rust, Brian G. Jones

Evolution of Catskill (Upper Devonian) River Systems: Intra- and Extrabasinal Controls

E. A. Gordon, J. S. Bridge

Variable Preservation of Middle Tertiary, Coarse-Grained, Nearshore to Outer-Shelf Storm Deposits in Southern California

Peter G. DeCelles

Depositional Environments of the Dakota Sandstone and Adjacent Units in the San Juan Basin Utilizing Discriminant Analysis of Trace Elements in Shales

Lester J. Walters, Jr. , Donald E. Owen , Andrea L. Henley , Miriam S. Winsten (5), Karol W. Valek (6)

Sources and Provinces of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sand and Silt on the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf

Deanne Prusak, Jim Mazzullo

A Sedimentologic Description of a Microtidal, Flood-Tidal Delta, San Luis Pass, Texas

Alan M. Israel , Frank G. Ethridge, Ernest L. Estes

Heavy Minerals and Provenance of Sands: Modeling of Lithological End Members from River Sands of Northern Austria and from Sandstones of the Austroalpine Gosau Formation (Late Cretaceous)

Karl Stattegger

Fabric-Selective Diagenesis in the Late Pleistocene Miami Limestone

Charles C. Evans , Robert N. Ginsburg

A Mesozoic Carbonate Hot-Spring Deposit in the Hartford Basin of Connecticut

Randolph P. Steinen, Norman H. Gray, John Mooney

A Unique Freshwater Carbonate from the Upper Devonian Catskill Magnafacies of New York State

Robert V. Demicco, John S. Bridge, Kelly C. Cloyd

Smectite-to-Illite Reactions in Salton Sea Shales: A Transmission and Analytical Electron Microscopy Study

Yu-Chyi Yau, Donald R. Peacor, S. Douglas McDowell

Mineralogical Forms of Silica and their Sequence of Formation in Silcretes

Medard Thiry, Georges Millot

Textures and Geochemistry of Authigenic Albite from Miocene Sandstones, Louisiana Gulf Coast

Paul B. Gold

Commentary: Usage of Stratigraphic Terminology in Papers, Illustrations, and Talks

Donald E. Owen

Oxygen Isotopes and the Origin of Quartz: PERSPECTIVE

Harvey Blatt

The Fan That Never Was?--Upper Carboniferous Fine-Grained Turbiditic Sandstones from Southwest England: A Model for Growth in an Ancient, Delta-Fed Subsea Fan: DISCUSSION

Roger Higgs

Upper Carboniferous Fine-Grained Turbiditic Sandstones from Southwest England: A Model for Growth in an Ancient, Delta-Fed Subsea Fan: REPLY

John Melvin