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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Integration of Channel and Floodplain Suites, I. Developmental Sequence and Lateral Relations of Alluvial Paleosols

Thomas M. Bown, Mary J. Kraus

Integration of Channel and Floodplain Suites, II. Vertical Relations of Alluvial Paleosols

Mary J. Kraus

The Influence of Explosive Volcanism on Fluvial Sedimentation: The Deschutes Formation (Neogene) in Central Oregon

Gary A. Smith

Provenance Determination of Volcaniclastic Rocks: the Nature and Tectonic Significance of a Cambrian Conglomerate from the New England Fold Belt, Eastern Australia

Evan C. Leitch, Peter A. Cawood

Morphology and Origin of an Erosion Surface Cut into the Bad Heart Formation During Major Sea-Level Change, Santonian of West-Central Alberta, Canada

A. Guy Plint, Roger G. Walker

The Importance of Sea-Level Fluctuations in the Formation of Linear Conglomerate Bodies; Carrot Creek Member of Cardium Formation, Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, Alberta, Canada

Katherine M. Bergman, Roger G. Walker

Petrologic and Experimental Evidence for the Etching of Garnets by Organic Acids in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Northwestern New Mexico

Paula L. Hansley

Influence of Hematite on the Color of Red Beds

Jose Torrent, Udo Schwertmann

Experimental Formation of Spiky Calcite through Organically Mediated Dissolution

Brian Jones, S. George Pemberton

The Role of Internal Erosion and Sedimentation in the Formation of Stromatactis Mudstones and Associated Lithologies

Malcolm W. Wallace

Paleomagnetic Dating of Liesegang Bands

Karen A. Cochran , R. Douglas Elmore

Sedimentation Across the Central California Oxygen Minimum Zone: An Alternative Coastal Upwelling Sequence

Thomas L. Vercoutere, Henry T. Mullins, Kristin Mcdougall, Joel B. Thompson

Bedforms in Salt Deposits of the Dead Sea Brines

Iaakov Karcz, Israel Zak

Double Provenance of Sand-size Sediments in the Southern Aegean Forearc Basin

Emilio Saccani

Backbarrier Dynamics of the East Friesian Islands

Duncan M. Fitzgerald, Shea Penland

Guidelines for Research Methods Papers

Norman D. Smith, James A. Harrell, Christopher Suczek

A Mini-Vibracoring System: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Derald G. Smith

A Practical Method for Preparing Thin Sections of Well Cuttings: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Clifton F. Jordan, Jr., C. Duane Roady

A Device to Deposit Tracer Sediment Evenly on the Deep Sea Bed: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Alexander W. Tudhope, Terence P. Scoffin

Strontianite Reference Sample for Electron Microprobe and SEM Analyses: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Eugene Jarosewich, John Sampson White

A Method for Contouring Triangular Particle Shape Diagrams: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Francisco L. Perez

A Nontoxic Heavy Liquid and Inexpensive Filters for Separation of Mineral Grains: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

John Callahan

Image Analysis of Cathodoluminescent-Zoned Calcite Cements: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

S. L. Dorobek , J. F. Read, J. M. Niemann , T. C. Pong, R. M. Haralick

A Rapid, Inexpensive Determination of the Clay-Size Fraction of Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Michael C. Mackiewicz, David Freeman, Doug Pierson

Gypsum Dissolution Using a Soxhlet Extractor: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

David Hayes, R. D. Cody

A Simple Trigonometric Method for Extracting Data from Ternary Diagrams: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

James C. Bolton, Roger C. Brewer

Quantification of Rock Color from Munsell Chips: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

B. C. Deaton

Staining Method for Recognition of Pore Space in Thin and Polished Sections: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

K. Ruzyla , D. I. Jezek

An Improved Method for Calculating the Standard Deviation and Variance of Paleocurrent Data: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Robert G. F. Krause , Theresa A. M. Geijer

Fluorescence (Photoluminescence) of Carbonate Rocks: Instrumental and Analytical Sources of Observational Error: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Karen Rose Cercone , Vicki A. Pedone

A Method of Coloration by Fluorescein Aqueous Solution for Thin-Section Microscopic Observation: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

F. Rassineux, D. Beaufort, A. Meunier, A. Bouchet

Calibration of Settling Tubes for Collective Particle Settling: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Edward Bryant, Ethel Lee, David Johnson, Neil Mockett

Effects of Disaggregation on a Fine-Grained Marine Mud by Two Ultrasonic Devices: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

R. R. Rendigs, J. A. Commeau

A Modification of the Vibracoring Technique for Sandy Sediment: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Douglas P. Imperato

The Use of a Multiple-Disc Vibrating Saw for Cutting the Liners of Sediment Cores: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

H. Kawohl, H. R. Kudrass

Visual Comparators for Estimating the Degree of Sorting from Plane and Thin Section: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Samuel Longiaru

Sedimentary Petrology and Biologic Evolution: DISCUSSION

A. A. Bray

Sedimentary Geology And Biologic Evolution: REPLY

Kenneth J. Hsu