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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Chemical Discrimination of Clastic Sedimentary Components

Scott Argast, Thomas W. Donnelly

Hafnium Content of Detrital Zircons, A New Tool for Provenance Study

Michael R. Owen

Variation in Ilmenite Element Composition within and Among Drainage Basins: Implications for Provenance

Dennis A. Darby, Yu Wen Tsang

Sandstone Provenance, Point Loma Formation, San Diego, California: Evidence for Uplift of the Peninsular Ranges During the Laramide Orogeny

Gary H. Girty

Tectonic and Hydrologic Controls on Cyclic Alluvial Fan, Fluvial, and Lacustrine Rift-Basin Sedimentation, Jurassic-Lowermost Cretaceous Todos Santos Formation, Chiapas, Mexico

Terence C. Blair

Medano Creek, Colorado, a Model for Upper-Flow-Regime Fluvial Deposition

Richard Langford, Bryan Bracken

The Goodness-of-fit to Ideal Gauss and Rosin Distributions: A New Grain-size Parameter

Ruprecht Schleyer

Methane-related Carbonate Cements in Pockmarks of the North Sea

Martin Hovland, Michael R. Talbot, Henning Qvale, Snorre Olaussen, Lars Aasberg

Nonskeletal Peloidal Precipitates in Upper Triassic Reefs, Yukon Territory (Canada)

R. Pamela Reid

Effects of Natural and Artificial Thalassia on Rates of Sedimentation

M. N. Almasi , C. M. Hoskin , J. K. Reed, J. Milo

Facies-Specific, Calcitic and Bimineralic Ooids from Middle and Upper Cambrian Platform Carbonates, Western Newfoundland, Canada

Nancy Chow , Noel P. James

A Spherulitic Fabric in Selectively Dolomitized Siliciclastic Crustacean Burrows, Northern Kuwait

A. Gunatilaka, A. Al-Zamel, D. J. Shearman, A. Reda

The Evaporation Path of Seawater and the Coprecipitation of Br- and K+ with Halite

M. A. McCaffrey, B. Lazar, H. D. Holland

St. Peter Sandstone: A Still Closer Look Required: DISCUSSION

A. J. Van Loon