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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Fluid-Rock Interaction History During Stabilization of Early Dolomites, Upper Knox Group (Lower Ordovician), U.S. Appalachians

Isabel P. Montanez, J. Fred Read

Diagenetic K-feldspar Textures: A TEM Study and Model for Diagenetic Feldspar Growth

R. H. Worden , J. C. Rushton

Chemical Behavior of Detrital Feldspars in Mudrocks Versus Sandstones, Frio Formation (Oligocene), South Texas

Kitty L. Milliken

Trace Element Composition of Detrital Magnetite from Coastal Sediments of Northwestern Japan Sea for Provenance Study

N. G. Razjigaeva, V. V. Naumova

Sandstone Diagenesis in Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sequences: Quadrant and Tensleep Formations (Pennsylvanian), Northern Rocky Mountains

W. C. James

Paleopedology and Stable Isotope Chemistry of Late Silurian Vertic Paleosols, Bloomsburg Formation, Central Pennsylvania

Steven G. Driese , Claudia I. Mora , Edward Cotter , J. Lincoln Foreman

A Comparison of Fourier and Fractal Techniques in the Analysis of Closed Forms

Stephen K. Kennedy, Wei-Hsiung Lin

Significance of Thin Sets of Eolian Cross-Strata

David B. Loope, Edward L. Simpson

Synsedimentary Cemented Calcarenite Layers in Oligo-Miocene Cool-Water Shelf Limestones, Eucla Platform, Southern Australia

Noel P. James, Yvonne Bone

Effects of Sulfate Reduction on CaCO3 Dissolution and Precipitation in Mixing-Zone Fluids

Ronald K. Stoessell

Carnallite Mineralization in the Nonmarine, Qaidam Basin, China: Evidence for the Early Diagenetic Origin of Potash Evaporites

Enrique Casas , Tim K. Lowenstein, Ronald J. Spencer, Zhang Pengxi

Depositional Setting and Origin of Berthierine Oolitic Ironstones in the Lower Miocene Terengganu Shale, Tenggol Arch, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Mazlan B. Hj. Madon

Reflections on Eolian and Erg-Margin Systems: CONFERENCE REPORT

M. A. Chan, R. E. Hunter, D. B. Loope, R. P. Langford

"Subaqueous Shrinkage Cracks" in the Devonian of Scotland Reinterpreted: DISCUSSION

N. H. Trewin

"Subaqueous Shrinkage Cracks" in the Devonian of Scotland Reinterpreted: REPLY

T. R. Astin, D. A. Rogers