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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Coarse-Grained Storm Beds of the Upper Cretaceous Chungo Member (Wapiabi Formation), Southern Alberta, Canada

Richard J. Cheel, Dale A. Leckie

Hurricane-Induced Sediment Transport in Open-Shelf Tropical Systems--An Example from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Dennis K. Hubbard

The Effects of Wind Transport on the Shapes of Quartz Silt Grains

Jim Mazzullo, Andrew Alexander , Thomas Tieh , Ding Menglin

Deltaic and Shoreline Sedimentation in Saurashtra Basin, Western India: An Example of Infilling in an Early Cretaceous Failed Riff

S. M. Casshyap, M. Aslam

Pot and Gutter Casts from the Chapel Island Formation, Southeast Newfoundland

Paul M. Myrow

The Hydrogeochemistry of Early Meteoric Diagenesis in a Holocene deposit of Biogenic Carbonates

Michael E. McClain , Peter K. Swart, H. L. Vacher

Dolomitization of a Carbonate Platform During Late Burial: Lower to Middle Cambrian Shady Dolomite, Virginia Appalachians

Roger J. Barnaby , J. Fred Read

Glacial Dispersal Rejuvenation on the Allegheny Plateau, North-Central Ohio, Based on Till Carbonate Patterns

John P. Szabo, Stanley M. Totten

Construction of Spar Calcite Crystals Around Spores

Brian Jones

Palustrine Carbonates and the Florida Everglades: Towards an Exposure Index for the Fresh-Water Environment?

Nigel H. Platt , V. Paul Wright

Characteristics and Provenance of Log-Transported Gravels in a Carboniferous Channel Deposit

Yuejin Liu , Robert A. Gastaldo

Volcanic Ash: the Source Material for Ordovician Chamosite Ooids in Sweden

Ulf Sturesson

Comment on the Origin of Aragonite Needle Mud: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ian G. Macintyre, R. Pamela Reid

Halite Pseudomorphs After Gypsum in Bedded Anhydrite--Clue to Gypsum-Anhydrite Relationships

Susan D. Hovorka

Applications of Geochemical Data to Modelling Sediment Dispersal Patterns in Distal Turbidites: Late Quaternary of the Madeira Abyssal Plain

T. J. Pearce, I. Jarvis

Estuarine Facies Models: Conceptual Basis and Stratigraphic Implications: PERSPECTIVE

Robert W. Dalrymple, Brian A. Zaitlin, Ron Boyd

Pebble Shape (and Size!): DISCUSSION

Douglas I. Benn, Colin K. Ballantyne

Pebble Shape (and Size!): REPLY

Werner K. Illenberger