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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Origin of High-Frequency Platform Carbonate Cycles and Third-Order Sequences (Lower Ordovician El Paso Gp, West Texas): Constraints from Outcrop Data and Stratigraphic Modeling

R. K. Goldhammer, P. J. Lehmann, P. A. Dunn

On the Labeling, Length, and Objective Basis of Fischer Plots

P. M. Sadler, D. A. Osleger, I. P. Montanez

Carbonate Cycle Stacking Patterns and Hierarchies of Orbitally Forced Eustatic Sealevel Change

Carl N. Drummond, Bruce H. Wilkinson

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Model of an Incised Valley Fill: The Gironde Estuary, France

G. P. Allen , H. W. Posamentier

Directional Scours on a Transgressive Surface: Examples from the Silurian Whirlpool Sandstone of Southern Ontario, Canada

Richard J. Cheel , Gerard V. Middleton

Distinction of Marine from Alluvial Facies in the Paleoproterozoic (1.9 Ga) Burnside Formation, Kilohigok Basin, N.W.T., Canada

David S. McCormick , John P. Grotzinger

Laramide Tectonics and Humid Alluvial Fan Sedimentation, Ne Uinta Uplift, Utah and Wyoming

Steven G. Crews , Frank G. Ethridge

Depositional Architecture of the Cuerda Del Pozo Formation, Lower Cretaceous of the Extensional Cameros Basin, North-Central Spain

P. Clemente, M. Perez-Arlucea

Eocene Hydromorphic Paleosols: Significance for Interpreting Ancient Floodplain Processes

Mary J. Kraus, Andres Aslan

Sandstone Detrital Modes in the Paleogene Liguride Complex, Accretionary Wedge of the Southern Apennines (Italy)

Salvatore Critelli

Character of Clasts in Glaciomarine Sediments as an Indicator of Transport and Depositional Processes, Weddell and Lazarev Seas, Antarctica

Gerhard Kuhn, Martin Melles , Werner U. Ehrmann, Michael J. Hambrey , Gerhard Schmiedl

Quasi-Planar-Laminated Sandstone Beds of the Lower Cretaceous Bootlegger Member, North-Central Montana: Evidence of Combined-Flow Sedimentation

R. W. C. Arnott

Laboratory Experiment on Flow Characteristics at a Beach Step

Magnus Larson , Tsuguo Sunamura

Illite/Smectite Formation and Potassium Mass Transfer During Burial Diagenesis of Mudrocks: A Study from the Texas Gulf Coast Paleocene-Eocene

D. N. Awwiller

Lithologic Controls on Morphology of Pressure-Dissolution Surfaces (Stylolites and Dissolution Seams) in Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks from the Mideastern United States

L. Bruce Railsback

Organic Matter Oxidation and Aragonite Diagenesis in a Coral Reef

Gordon W. Tribble

Shallow Burial Dolomitization and Dedolomitization of Mid-Cenozoic, Cool-Water, Calcitic, Deep-Self Limestones, Southern Australia

Noel P. James , Yvonne Bone , T. Kurtis Kyser

Nonmonotonic Variation of Seawater 87Sr/86Sr Across the Ivorian/Chadian Boundary (Mississippian, Osagean): Evidence from Marine Cements within the Irish Waulsortian Limestone

Timothy L. Douthit , William J. Meyers, Gilbert N. Hanson

Columnar Calcite in Speleothems: DISCUSSION

Alan C. Kendall

Columnar Calcite in Speleothems: REPLY

Luis A. Gonzalez , Scott J. Carpenter , Kyger C Lohmann

Laminar Micrite Crusts and Associated Foreslope Processes, Red Sea: DISCUSSION

Gerald M. Friedman

Laminar Micrite Crusts and Associated Foreslope Processes, Red Sea: REPLY

T. C. Brachert , W. C. Dullo

Inorganic Calcite Morphology: Roles of Fluid Chemistry and Fluid Flow: DISCUSSION

J. A. D. Dickson

Inorganic Calcite Morphology: Roles of Fluid Chemistry and Fluid Flow: REPLY

Luis A. Gonzalez, Scott J. Carpenter, Kyger C Lohmann

"Subaqueous Shrinkage Cracks" in the Devonian of Scotland Reinterpreted: DISCUSSION

W. J. Barclay , B. W. Glover , J. R. Mendum

"Subaqueous Shrinkage Cracks" in the Devonian of Scotland Reinterpreted: REPLY

T. R. Astin , D. A. Rogers