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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Morphology, Internal Structure, and Reversal of Asymmetry of Large Subtidal Dunes in the Entrance to Gironde Estuary (France)

Serge Berne , Patrice Castaing , Eliane le Drezen , Gilles Lericolais

Seismic Facies, Architecture, and Evolution of the Bolivar Roads Tidal Inlet/Delta Complex, East Texas Gulf Coast

Fernando P. Siringan, John B. Anderson

Morphology and Formation of Armored Mud Balls on Revadanda Beach, Western India

Vishwas S. Kale, Anita Awasthi

Fluvial Response to Late Quaternary Climatic Fluctuations, Central Kobuk Valley, Northwestern Alaska

Gail M. Ashley , Thomas D. Hamilton

Flood Transport and Deposition of Tracer Heavy Minerals in a Gravel-Bed Meander Bend Channel

Johan Hattingh , Izak C. Rust

Turbulence Effects on the Settling of Suspended Particles

Peter Nielsen

Shannon Sandstone in Wyoming: A Shelf-ridge Complex Reinterpreted as Lowstand Shoreface Deposits

Roger G. Walker, Katherine M. Bergman ()

Erosional Remnants and Adjacent Unconformities Along an Eolian-Marine Boundary of the Page Sandstone and Carmel Formation, Middle Jurassic, South-Central Utah

Lawrence S. Jones , Ronald C. Blakey

Tidal Sedimentation from a Fluvial to Estuarine Transition, Douglas Group, Missourian--Virgilian, Kansas

William P. Lanier , Howard R. Feldman , Allen W. Archer

Determination of Basinwide Paleocurrent Patterns in a Shale Succession from Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (Ams): A Case Study of the Mid-Proterozoic Newland Formation, Montana

Jurgen Schieber, Brooks B. Ellwood

Permian Evolution of Sandstone Composition in a Complex Back-Arc Extensional to Foreland Basin: The Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia

Julian C. Baker , Christopher R. Fielding , Patrice De Caritat (), Melville M. Wilkinson

Regional Patterns of Diagenetic Alteration in the Tertiary of the Kyushu-Korea Region: Implications for Plate Tectonics at the Eastern Asian Continental Margin

Takashi Miki , Yoshihiro Nakamuta , Jun Aizawa

Alterations in the Non-Clay-Mineral Fraction of Pelitic Rocks Across the Diagenetic to Low-Grade Metamorphic Transition, Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Matthew W. Totten , Harvey Blatt

Diagenes and Pore Water Evolution in the Keuper Reservoir, Paris Basin (France)

Christoph Spotl (), Albert Matter , Oliver Brevart

Factors Controlling Permeability Variation in Sandstones of the Garn Formation in Trestakk Field, Norwegian Continental Shelf

S.N. Ehrenberg , T. Boassen

Comparison of Composition and Texture of Calcite-Cemented Concretions and Host Sandstones, Northern Apennines, Italy

Ubaldo Cibin , William Cavazza , Daniela Fontana , Kitty L. Milliken , Earle F. McBride

Silicification of Evaporites in Permian (Guadalupian) Back-Reef Carbonates of the Delaware Basin, West Texas and New Mexico

Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, Peter A. Scholle, Patrick V. Brady

Carbonate Bank Sedimentation in a Volcaniclastic Arc Setting: Lower Carboniferous Limestones of the Eastern Klamath Terrane, California

Rodney Watkins

Numerical Modeling of Ooid Size and the Problem of Neoproterozoic Giant Ooids

Dawn Y. Sumner, John P. Grotzinger

Rapid Growth Rates of Syndepositional Marine Aragonite Cements in Steep Marginal Slope Deposits, Bahamas and Belize

G. Michael Grammer , Robert N. Ginsburg , Peter K. Swart , Donald F. McNeill , A.J. Timothy Jull , Dennis R. Prezbindowski

SEM Imaging of Bacteria and Nannobacteria in Carbonate Sediments and Rocks

Robert L. Folk

Role of Calcium Oxalate Biomineralization by Fungi in the Formation of Calcretes: A Case Study from Nazareth, Israel

Eric P. Verrecchia, Jean-Louis Dumont, Karin E. Verrecchia

Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Concretions: An Overview: DISCUSSION

George R. Dix , Henry T. Mullins

Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Concretions: An Overview: REPLY

Peter S. Mozley , Stephen J. Burns

Numerical Studies of Bottom Shear Stress and Sediment Distribution on the Amazon Continental Shelf: ERRATUM

Paul W. Jewell, Robert F. Stallard, George L. Mellor

Influence of Provenance and Burial History on Diageneses of Lower Cretaceous Frontier Formation Sandstones, Green River Basin, Wyoming: ERRATUM

Shirley P. Dutton