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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Morphology, Relationship, and Origin of Fiber and Dendrite Calcite Crystals

Brian Jones , Charles F. Kahle

Identification and Diagenesis of a Phylloid Alga: Archaeolithophyllum from the Pennsylvanian Providence Limestone, Western Kentucky

Stephen O. Moshier (), Brenda L. Kirkland ()

Penecontemporaneous Dolomitization in Sabkha Faishakh, Qatar: Evidence from Changes in the Chemistry of the Interstitial Brines

Leslie V. Illing , John C. M. Taylor

Tem and Aem Study of Pervasive, Multi-Step Dolomitization of the Upper Triassic Dolomia Principale (Northern Italy)

Silvia Frisia , Hans-Rudolf Wenk

Submarine Cementation of Subsurface Pliocene Carbonates from the Interior of Great Bahama Bank

David K. Beach

Origin of Submarine Pisoliths and the Sedimentology of Midwestern Silurian Reefs

Tracy D. Frank, Bruce H. Wilkinson, Kyger C. Lohmann

Carbonate Platform Evolution in a Silurian Oceanic Island: A Case Study from Alaska's Alexander Terrane

Constance M. Soja

A Model for the Effect of Illitization on Porosity and Quartz Cementation of Sandstones

Per Arne Bjorkum , Olav Walderhaug , Nils Einar Aase

Authigenic K-NH4-Feldspar in Sandstones: A Fingerprint of the Diagenesis of Organic Matter

Karl Ramseyer , Larryn W. Diamond , James R. Boles

Diagenetic Albitization of K-Feldspar and Plagioclase in Sandstone Reservoirs: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling

Mohamed Ben Baccar , Bertrand Fritz , Benoit Made

Heavy-Mineral Assemblages of Continental Margins as Indicators of Plate-Tectonic Environments

Victor P. Nechaev , Wayne C. Isphording

Postvolcanic Paleozoic of the Iberian Pyrite Belt: An Example of Basin Morphologic Control on Sediment Distribution in a Turbidite Basin

C. Moreno

Mudstone Lithofacies in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation, Wessex Basin, Southern England: Implications for the Origin and Controls of the Distribution of Mudstones

J. H. S. Macquaker, R. L. Gawthorpe

End-Member Feldspar Concentrations Determined by FTIR Spectral Analysis

Abigail Matteson, Michael M. Herron

Expressions for the Formation of Load Casts in Soft Sediment

John S. Selker

Distribution of Surface Pebbles with Changes in Wave Energy on a Sandy Estuarine Beach

Karl F. Nordstrom , Nancy L. Jackson

Inorganic Calcite Morphology: Roles of Fluid Chemistry and Fluid Flow: REPLY

J. A. D. Dickson

Inorganic Calcite Morphology: Roles of Fluid Chemistry and Fluid Flow: REPLY

Luis A. Gonzalez

Significance of Thin Sets of Eolian Cross-Strata: DISCUSSION

Gary Kocurek, Mary Crabaugh

Significance of Thin Sets of Eolian Cross-Strata: REPLY

David B. Loope , Edward L. Simpson