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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Intracrystalline Alteration of Low-Magnesian Calcite Cement in the Devonian Pillara Formation, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Vicki A. Pedone , J. A. D. Dickson , William J. Meyers

The Influence of Sponge Borings on Aragonite-to-Calcite Inversion in Late Pleistocene Strombus Gigas from Grand Cayman, British West Indies

Jill Rehman , Brian Jones , T. H. Hagan , M. Coniglio

Water-Rock Interaction During Meteoric Flushing of a Limestone: Implications for Porosity Development in Karstified Petroleum Reservoirs

P. C. Smalley , P. K. Bishop (), J. A. D. Dickson , D. Emery

Nonmarine Evaporitic Sedimentation and Associated Diagenetic Processes of the Southwestern Margin of the Ebro Basin (Lower Miocene), Spain

Josep M. Salvany , Arsenio Munoz , Antonio Perez

Traction-Carpet Stratification in Turbidites-Fact or Fiction?

Richard N. Hiscott

Loss of Capacity, Not Competence, As the Fundamental Process Governing Deposition from Turbidity Currents

Richard N. Hiscott

Rock-Type Controls on Downstream Changes in Clast Parameters in Sandur Systems in Southeast Iceland

David Huddart

Low Depositional Porosity in Eolian Sands and Sandstones, Namib Desert

Warren W. Dickinson , John D. Ward ()

Deposits of Deflected and Ponded Turbidityents, Currents, Sorbas Basin, Southeast Spain

Peter D. W. Haughton ()

Bed Forms in Submarine Channels: Comparison of Ancient Examples from Greece with Studies of Recent Turbidite Systems

David J. W. Piper , N. Kontopoulos

Flute-Like Marks and Associated Structures from the Carboniferous Port Hood Formation of Eastern Canada: Evidence of Secondary Origin in Association with Sediment Intrusion

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill

Well Preserved Late Precambrian Paleosols from Northwest Scotland

Gregory J. Retallack , A. Mindszenty

Ripple Marks in Quartz Arenites of the Hurwitz Group, Northwest Territories, Canada: Evidence for Sedimentation in a Vast, Early Proterozoic, Shallow, Fresh-Water Lake

Lawrence B. Aspler , Jeffrey R. Chiarenzelli , Terry L. Bursey

Upper Proterozoic Carbonate Stratigraphy, Diagenesis, and Stromatolitic Phosphorite Formation, Irece Basin, Bahia, Brazil

Aroldo Misi, J. Richard Kyle

Temperatures of Quartz Cementation in Jurassic Sandstones from the Norwegian Continental Shelf--Evidence from Fluid Inclusions

Olav Walderhaug

Precipitation Rates for Quartz Cement in Sandstones Determined by Fluid-Inclusion Microthermometry and Temperature-History Modeling

Olav Walderhaug

Quantification of Quartz Cements Using Combined Sem, CL, and Image Analysis

Jonathan Evans , Andrew J. C. Hogg , Mark S. Hopkins, Richard J. Howarth

Petrographic and Geochemical Constraints on the Formation and Diagenesis of Anhydrite Cements, Smackover Sandstones, Gulf of Mexico

S. I. Dworkin , L. S. Land

Differential Mobility of Elements in Burial Diagenesis of Siliciclastic Rocks

Robert P. Wintsch, Cindy M. Kvale

Petrographic, Geochemical, and Isotopic Constraints on the Provenance of the Early Proterozoic Chelmsford Formation, Sudbury Basin, Ontario

D. K. McDaniel, S. R. Hemming, S. M. McLennan, G. N. Hanson

Eruption-Controlled Epiclastic Sedimentation in a Devonian Trench-Slope Basin: Evidence from Sandstone Petrofacies, Klamath Mountains, California

E. Timothy Wallin, David W. Trabert

Clay-Mineral Suites in Cyclic Miocene Sediments: A Model for Continental-Margin Deposition in a Mixed Siliciclastic-Phosphatic-Dolomitic-Biogenic System

Mead A. Allison , Stanley R. Riggs

A Reappraisal of Dolomite Abundance and Occurrence in the Phanerozoic: PERSPECTIVE

S. Qing Sun

Early Devonian Marine Isotopic Signatures: Brachiopods from the Upper Gaspe Limestones, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada: DISCUSSION

Nicholas R. Bates

Early Devonian Marine Isotopic Signatures: Brachiopods from the Upper Gaspe Limestones, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada: REPLY

Denis Lavoie

The Hydrogeochemistry of Early Meteoric Diagenesis in a Holocene Deposit of Biogenic Carbonates: DISCUSSION

David A. Budd

The Hydrogeochemistry of Early Meteoric Diagenesis in a Holocene Deposit of Biogenic Carbonates: REPLY

Michael E. McClain, () Peter K. Swart, () H. L. Vacher

Vaterite (an Uncommon Polymorph of CaCO3): Occurrences in Boreholes Demonstrate Unexpected Longevity: DISCUSSION

Ervin G. Otvos

Vaterite (an Uncommon Polymorph of CaCO3): Occurrences in Boreholes Demonstrate Unexpected Longevity: REPLY

Gerald M. Friedman , Douglas J. Schultz

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Base-Level Change on Fluvial, Coastal Plain and Shelf Systems

John E. Koss, Frank G. Ethridge, S.A. Schumm

Modern Shoreface and Inner-Shelf Storm Deposits Off the East Texas Coast, Gulf of Mexico

Fernando P. Siringan (), John B. Anderson

Peritidal Carbonate Platform Growth and Cyclicity in an Early Proterozoic Foreland Basin, Upper Pethei Group, Northwest Canada

Terry T. Sami, Noel P. James

The Foreslope and Toe-of-Slope Facies of the Middle Triassic Latemar Buildup (Dolomites, Northern Italy)

Mark T. Harris

Reconstructing Fluvial Macroform Architecture from Two-Dimensional Outcrops: Examples from the Castlegate Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah

Andrew D. Miall

Fine-Grained Splay Deposition in the Avulsion Belt of the Lower Saskatchewan River, Canada

Norman D. Smith , Marta Perez-Arlucea

Stratigraphic Constraints on the Development and Timing of Arc-Continent Collision in Northern Papua New Guinea

Lon D. Abbott, Eli A. Silver , Peter R. Thompson , Mark V. Filewicz , Cindy Schneider , Abdoerrias

Shannon Sandstone in Hartzog Draw-Heldt Draw Fields (Cretaceous, Wyoming, USA) Reinterpreted as Lowstand Shoreface Deposits

Katherine M. Bergman

Changes in Rate of Transgression Across the Permian White Rim Sandstone, Southern Utah

Diane L. Kamola , Jacqueline E. Huntoon

Mud-Flat Cycles, Incised Channels, and Relative Sea-Level Changes on a Paleocene Mud-Dominated Coast, Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada

Brian D. Ricketts

Simulating the Three-Dimensional Distribution of Sediment Units in Braided-Stream Deposits: SPECIAL SECTION: AQUIFER STRATIGRAPHY

Erik K. Webb

High-Resolution Seismic Expression of Karst Evolution within the Upper Floridan Aquifer System: Crooked Lake, Polk County, Florida

Mark W. Evans , Stephen W. Snyder , Albert C. Hine

Architecture and Directional Scales of Heterogeneity in Alluvial-Fan Aquifers

Michael J. Neton (), Joachim Dorsch (), Christopher D. Olson (), Steven C. Young

Upper Cretaceous Depositional Sequences in the Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain: Their Characteristic, Origin, and Constituent Clastic Aquifers

David T. King, Jr.