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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Fine-Sediment Deposition from Gravity Surges on Uniform Slopes

W. Brian Dade, John R. Lister, Herbert E. Huppert

Origins of the Ice-contact Stratified Ridges (Eskers) of Ireland

William P. Warren , Gail M. Ashley

Alluvial Fans and their Natural Distinction from Rivers Based on Morphology, Hydraulic Processes, Sedimentary Processes, and Facies Assemblages

Terence C. Blair , John G. McPherson (2 )

Basalt Weathering and Fluvial Sedimentary Particles: Comparison of Two Watersheds in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco

J. J. Macaire , C. Cocirta , L. Karrat , A. Perruchot

Effects of Tropical Weathering on Quartz Grain Shape: an Example from Northeastern Australia

Kenneth Pye , Jim Mazzullo

Combined-Flow Generation of Sole Structures, Including Recurved Groove Casts, Associated with Lower Carboniferous Lacustrine Storm Deposits in Nova Scotia, Canada

A. Thomas Martel, Martin R. Gibling

Modified-grain-flow Deposits from the Upper Cretaceous Vallcarga Formation, South-Central Pyrenees, Spain

Jeroen D. Schuppers, Allard W. Martinius

Pore-throat Morphology in the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation of Alabama

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Oriented Concretions, Ionian Coast, Italy: Evidence of Groundwater Flow Direction

E. F. Mcbride , M. Dane Picard , R. L. Folk

Burial Diagenesis and Pore-fluid Evolution in a Mesozoic Back-Arc Basin: The Marambio Group, Vega Island, Antarctica

Duncan Pirrie, Peter W. Ditchfield, Jim D. Marshall

Authigenic Chlorites in Sandstones as Indicators of High-temperature Diagenesis, Arkoma Foreland Basin, USA

Christoph Spotl (), David W. Houseknecht , Fred J. Longstaffe

Cathodoluminescent Textures and the Origin of Quarts Silt in Oligocene Mudrocks, South Texas

Kitty L. Milliken

Diagenesis of Low-mobility Elements (Ti, Rees, Th) and Solid Bitumen Envelopes in Permian Kennedy Group Sandstone, Western Australia

Burger Rasmussen, J. E. Lover

Rare-Earth Element Variation in Phosphate Nodules from Midcontinent Pennsylvanian Cyclothems

David L. Kidder , Carol A. Eddy-dilek

Origin and Paleoenvironmental Significance of Calcite Pseudomorphs after Ikaite in the Oligocene Creede Formation, Colorado

Daniel Larsen

Geochemistry and Crystal Morphology of Aragonite Cements of Mixing-zone Origin, Barbados, West Indies

Tod N. Kimbell (1 ), John D. Humphrey

An Example of Mixing-zone Dolomite, Middle Eocene Avon Park Formation, Floridan Aquifer System

Harris S. Cander

Dolomitization Kinetics in Hydrothermal Bombs and Natural Settings

Duncan F. Sibley, Stephan H. Nordeng, Michelle L. Borkowski

Origin of Dolomite in the Phosphatic Miocene Hawthorn Group of Florida

John S. Compton , Donald L. Hall , David J. Mallinson , David A. Hodell

Needle-fiber Calcite: A Critical Review and a Proposed Classification

Eric P. Verrecchia Karin E. Verrecchia

High-Resolution X-Radiography of Laminated Sediment Cores: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Thomas J. Algeo, Mark Phillips, Jacek Jaminski, Matthew Fenwick

A Rapid Technique for the Determination of Dry Sediment Mass from Saturated Marine Sands: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Carl L. Amos , Terri Sutherland

Accurate Determination of Reduced Sulfur and Major Elements by Fused Glass X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

David N. Awwiller

A New Standard Method of Impregnation Using Crystic Resin: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

S. P. Belbin

A High-Resolution Ultrasonic Bed Profiler for Use in Laboratory Flumes: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Jim Best , Phil Ashworth

Mounting Samples in Methyl Methacrylate Polymer for Sem and Emp Studies: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Yvonne L. Douma , John B. Knight

Quick Estimation of Pebble Volumes: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Soren B. Dorr

A Method for Studying Diagenesis in Shallow Sediments Using Flow-through Columns: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Alan E. Fryar , Franklin W. Schwartz

Improved Coring Device for Measuring Soil Bulk Density in a Louisiana Deltaic Marsh: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Thomas G. Hargis, Robert R. Twilley

A Multi-depth Probe for Measuring Oxidation-reduction (redox) Potential in Wetland Soils: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Thomas G. Hargis, Robert R. Twilley

An Improved Cover-Slip Holder for Preparing Microslides of Randomly Distributed Particles: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

David Lazarus

The Isolation of Settling-Velocity Fractions of Sand-Size Material: New Possibilities for the Settling Tube Technique: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Reinhard Oehmig , Klaus H. Michels

X-Ray Computed Tomography: A Nondestructive Method for Quantitative Analysis of Sediment Cores: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Thomas H. Orsi , Carl M. Edwards , Aubrey L. Anderson

A Method for the Determination of Nitrogen in Clays, with Application to the Burial Diagenesis of Shales: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Paul A. Schroeder , Ellery D. Ingall

Low-Temperature Heating of Shale and Clay Samples May Reduce the Efficiency of Procedures Designed to Remove Iron Oxides: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Brian T. Sheldon, Otto C. Kopp

A Simple and Effective Method for Portraying and Quantifying the Macropetrography of Lignites: A New Tool for Coal Seam Facies Analysis: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Richard Sykes , Ken C. Pratt

A New System for High-Magnification Thermometric Studies of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Jamie J. Wilkinson

Shape Sorting During Wind Transport of Quartz Silt Grains: DISCUSSION

Kenneth Pye

Pot and Gutter Casts from the Chapel Island Formation, Southeast Newfoundland: DISCUSSION

Greg H. Browne

Pot and Gutter Casts from the Chapel Island Formation, Southeast Newfoundland: REPLY

Paul M. Myrow

Highstand Shedding of Carbonate Platforms

Wolfgang Schlager , John J. G. Reijmer (), Andre Droxler

Depositional History of the Middle Proterozoic Castner Marble and Basal Mundy Breccia, Franklin Mountains, West Texas

Michelle A. Pittenger (), Kathleen M. Marsaglia , M. E. Bickford

Gradual Establishment of Iapetan "Passive" Margin Sedimentation: Stratigraphic Consequences of Cambrian Episodic Tectonism and Eustasy, Southern Appalachians

Eugene C. Rankey (), Kenneth R. Walker, Krishnan Srinivasan

Tidal Sedimentation in Part of the Late Silurian Grampians Basin, Southeastern Australia

Annette D. George ()

Allocyclic Control on Late Devonian Buildup Development, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

David J. McLean (), Eric W. Mountjoy

Tectonic Event Stratigraphy in a Fluvio-Lacustrine, Strike-Slip Setting: The Boss Point Formation (Westphalian A), Cumberland Basin, Maritime Canada

A. Guy Plint, Gregory H. Browne ()

Incision and Filling of a Lowstand Valley: Late Albian Viking Formation at Crystal, Alberta, Canada

Simon A. J. Pattison (), Roger G. Walker

Deepening-upward Sequences in Oligocene and Lower Miocene Fan-delta Deposits, Western Santa Ynez Mountains, California

Catherine A. Rigsby

Strontium Isotopes and Miocene Sequence Stratigraphy Across the Northeast Florida Platform

David J. Mallinson , John S. Compton , Stephen W. Snyder , David A. Hodell

Late Holocene Erosional Shoreface Retreat Within a Siliciclastic-to-carbonate Transition Zone, East Central Florida, USA

Randall W. Parkinson, John R. White ()

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of the Tiber Delta: Integration of High-resolution Seismics, Well Logs, and Archeological Data

P. Bellotti , F. L. Chiocci (), S. Milli , P. Tortora , P. Valeri