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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Early Cementation During Marine-Meteoric Fluid Mixing: Mississippian Lake Valley Formation, New Mexico

Tracy D. Frank, Kyger C Lohmann

An Upper Jurassic Methane-Seep Limestone from the Fossil Bluff Group Forearc Basin of Alexander Island, Antarctica

Simon R.A. Kelly (), Peter W. Ditchfield , Paul A. Doubleday (), James D. Marshall

Origin of Endogenetic Micrite in Karst Terrains: A Case Study from the Cayman Islands

Brian Jones , Charles F. Kahle

Two-Phase Diagenesis of Quaternary Carbonates, Arabian Gulf: Insights from 13C and 18O Data

Henry S. Chafetz, Patrick F. Rush ()

Paleozoic Fluid History of the Michigan Basin: Evidence from Dolomite Geochemistry in the Middle Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone

Bryce L. Winter, Clark M. Johnson, J.A. Simo, John W. Valley

Multiple Episodes of Dolomitization in the Arbuckle Group, Arbuckle Mountains, South-Central Oklahoma: Field, Petrographic, and Geochemical Evidence

G. Gao (), L.S. Land , R.D. Elmore

A Model of Orientation of Subcrystals in Saddle Dolomite

Aleksandra Kostecka

Ordovician Ophicalcites of Southern Quebec Appalachians: A Proposed Early Seafloor Tectonosedimentary and Hydrothermal Origin

Denis Lavoie , Pierre A. Cousineau

Gypsum-to-Anhydrite Transition in the Miocene of Southern Poland

Alicja Kasprzyk

Stability and Facies Association of Early Diagnetic Mineral Assemblages: An Example from a Jurassic Ironstone-Mudstone Succession, U.K.

Kevin G. Taylor, Charles D. Curtis

Measuring Sandstone Compaction from Modal Analysis of Thin Sections: How to Do It and What the Results Mean

S.N. Ehrenberg

Authigenic Quartz Microfabrics in Cretaceous Turbidites: Evidence for Silica Transformation Processes in Sandstones

James P. Hendry (), Nigel H. Trewin

Paleosols Below the Ames Marine Unit (Upper Pennsylvanian, Conemaugh Group) in the Appalachian Basin, U.S.A.: Variability on an Ancient Depositional Landscape

R.M. Joeckel ()

The Role of Tidal-Velocity Asymmetries in the Deposition of Silty Tidal Rhythmites (Carboniferous, Eastern Interior Coal Basin, U.S.A.)

Allen W. Archer , Gerald J. Kuecher , Erik P. Kvale

Shock-Induced Resuspension Deposits from a Pleistocene Proglacial Lake (Kleszczow Graben, Central Poland)

A.J. Van Loon (), K. Brodzikowski (), And T. Zielinski

The Gravel-Sand Transition Along River Channels

Gregory H. Sambrook Smith (), Robert I. Ferguson

Washed-Out Ripples: Their Equilibrium Dimensions, Migration Rate, and Relation to Suspended-Sediment Concentration in Very Fine Sand

Jaco H. Baas (), Herman De Koning

Volcanic Beach Sediments, their Transport, and the Development of Shore Platforms at the Base of the Caldera Wall on the Santorini Islands, Southern Greece

Mauri Pyokari , Kari Yli-Kyyny

Well Preserved Late Precambrian Paleosols from Northwest Scotland: DISCUSSION

A.D. Stewart

Well Preserved Late Precambrian Paleosols from Northwest Scotland: REPLY

Gregory J. Retallack , Andrea Mindszenty

Recognizing Exposure, Drowning, and "Missed Beats": Platform-Interior To Platform-Margin Sequence Stratigraphy of Middle Ordovician Limestones, East Tennessee

D. Mark Steinhauff, Kenneth R. Walker

Sedimentary and Tectonic Origin of a Transgressive Surface of Erosion: Viking Formation, Alberta, Canada

Roger G. Walker

Influence of the Ancestral Sweetgrass Arch on Sedimentation of the Lower Cretaceous Bootlegger Member, North-Central Montana

R. W. C. Arnott , F. J. Hein , S. G. Pemberton

Sequence Stratigraphy of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Platforms Developed in A Tectonically Active Setting, Upper Cretaceous, Betic Continental Margin (Spain)

Javier Martin-Chivelet

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shannon Sandstone in Wyoming, Using a Template for Regional Correlation

Katherine M. Bergman (), Roger G. Walker

Sequential Architecture in a Fluvial Succession: Sequence Stratigraphy in the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Price Canyon, Utah

Torben Olsen (), Ron Steel, Kent Hogseth (), Tore Skar (), Signe-Line Roe

Stratigraphic Constraints on the Development and Timing of Arc-Continent Collision in Northern Papua New Guinea: DISCUSSION

R. H. Findlay

Stratigraphic Constraints on the Development and Timing of Arc-Continent Collision in Northern Papua New Guinea: REPLY

Lon D. Abbott , Eli A Silver , Peter R. Thompson , Mark V. Filewicz (), Cindy Schneider (), Abdoerrias ()