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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Response of the Seabed to Storm-Generated Combined Flows on a Sandy Arctic Shoreface, Canadian Beaufort Sea

Arnaud Hequette , Philip R. Hill

Fluvial Abrasion: Converting Size Reduction Coefficients into Weight Reduction Rates

Matjaz Mikos

Compositional Evolution of Coarse Clastic Sediments in the Southwestern United States from 1.8 to 0.2 Ga and Implications for Relationships Between the Development of Crustal Blocks and Their Sedimentary Cover

Ronadh Cox , Donald R. Lowe

Soft-Sediment Deformation in Upper Proterozoic Torridonian Sandstones (Applecross Formation) at Torridon, Northwest Scotland

Geraint Owen

Origin of a Freshwater-Diatom-Rich Pyroclastic-Debris-Flow Deposit in a Shallow-Marine Tertiary Forearc Basin, NW Oregon

Brian K. McKnight , Alan R. Niem , Pat Kociolek , Paul Renne

Diagenesis: A Short (2 Million Year) Story-Miocene Sandstones of Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Jon Gluyas , Norman Oxtoby ()

Continental-Scale Magmatic Carbon Dioxide Seepage Recorded by Dawsonite in the Bowen-Gunnedah-Sydney Basin System, Eastern Australia

Julian C. Baker (1,2), Guo P. Bai , P. Joe Hamilton , Suzanne D. Golding , Jock B. Keene

Authigenic Carbonate Concretions and Host Shales from the Shimanto Belt, Southwestern Japan: Implications for Carbonate Precipitation

Kenichiro Sugitani (), Ryuichi Sugisaki , Mamoru Adachi

Carbonate Botryoids in Lower Devonian Amygdaloidal Basalts: Evidence for Precipitation of High-Magnesium Calcite from Heated and Volcanic CO2-Buffered Marine Waters

Denis Lavoie

Origin of Some Atypical Speleothems ("Stalagmitic Pipes") and the Role of Concomitant Dedolomitization in their Formation

Jose Rodriguez-Fernandez, Antonio J. Martin-Penela

Processes Associated with Microbial Biofilms in the Twilight Zone of Caves: Examples from the Cayman Islands

Brian Jones

An Improved High-Precision Jacob's Staff Design: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Leonard Brand

A New Model of Inclinometer and its Application in Determination of Attitude of Foreset Planes: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Prabir Dasgupta

Separation of Heavy Minerals from Mudrocks: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Michael C. Dean, Matthew W. Totten, Alexander U. Falster

Microsampling Carbonates for Stable Isotope and Minor Element Analysis: Physical Separation of Samples on a 20 Micrometer Scale: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

David L. Dettman (), Kyger C Lohmann

A Pressure-Membrane Technique to Prepare Clay Samples for X-ray Diffraction Analysis: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

J. J. Mcalister, B. J. Smith

An Optical Interferometric Method for the Measurement of Microdeformation in Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Nils-Gunnar Ohlson , Dorothy Guy-Ohlson

A Digital System for Recording and Rapidly Processing Settling-Tube Data: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

R. A. Robinson, R. H. Osborne, D. S. Gorsline, M. C. Robertson

A Method for Impregnating Soft Sediment Cores for Thin-Section Microscopy: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Susan J. Smith , R. Scott Anderson

A Simple One-Operator Technique for Cross-Profiling Tidal and River Channels: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Timothy J. Steel

Thin Sections of Paleosols: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Timothy A. Tate, Gregory J. Retallack

Alluvial Fans and their Natural Distinction from Rivers Based on Morphology, Hydraulic Processes, Sedimentary Processes, and Facies Assemblages: DISCUSSION

T. S. McCarthy, A. B. Cadle

Alluvial Fans and their Natural Distinction from Rivers Based on Morphology, Hydraulic Processes, Sedimentary Processes, and Facies Assemblages: REPLY

Terence C. Blair , John G. McPherson

Sedimentology and Depositional Sequences of the Jordan Formation (Upper Cambrian), Northern Mississippi Valley

Charles W. Byers, R.H. Dott, Jr.

Quantitative Analysis of a Cyclic Peritidal Carbonate Sequence, the Middle and Upper Devonian Lost Burro Formation, Death Valley, California--A Possible Record of Milankovitch Climatic Cycles

Wan Yang , Fraka Harmsen , Michelle A. Kominz

Baselap Patterns and the Recognition of Lowstand Exposure and Drowning--A Mississippian-Ramp Example and its Seismic Signature

C. Robertson Handford ()

Sedimentary Facies in an Incised Valley in the Pennsylvanian of Beaver County, Oklahoma

John A. Breyer

Glacial-Eustatic Base-Level--Climatic Model for Late Middle to Late Pennsylvanian Coal-Bed Formation in the Appalachian Basin

Philip H. Heckel

Triassic Monsoonal Climate and its Signature in Ladinian-Carnian Carbonate Platforms (Southern Alps, Italy)

Maria Mutti, Helmut Weissert

The Effects of Late Quaternary Sea-level Changes on the Rhone Slope Sedimentation (Northwestern Mediterranean), as Indicated by Seismic Stratigraphy

J. Torres, B. Savoye, P. Cochonat

Sequence Analysis of Upper Pleistocene (Wisconsinan) Glaciolacustrine Deposits of the North-shore Bluffs of Lake Ontario, Canada

I.P. Martini, M.E. Brookfield

Architecture of Miocene Overbank Deposits in Northern Pakistan: DISCUSSION

John S. Bridge

Architecture of Miocene Overbank Deposits in Northern Pakistan: REPLY

Brian J. Willis , A.K. Behrensmeyer

Architecture and Directional Scales of Heterogeneity in Alluvial-Fan Aquifers: DISCUSSION

Terence C. Blair , John G. McPherson

Architecture and Directional Scales of Heterogeneity in Alluvial-Fan Aquifers: REPLY

Michael J. Neton (), Joachim Dorsch (), Christopher D. Olson (), Steven C. Young ()