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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Anatomy of a Fringing Reef Around Grand Cayman: Storm Rubble, Not Coral Framework

Paul Blanchon (), Brian Jones, William Kalbfleisch

Lagoon-Shelf Sediment Exchange by Storms--Evidence from Foraminiferal Assemblages, East Coast of Grand Cayman, British West Indies

Chun Li, Brian Jones, Paul Blanchon ()

Compaction and Decompaction Algorithms for Sedimentary Carbonates

R. K. Goldhammer

210Pb Chronology Of Sequences Affected By Burrow Excavation And Infilling: Examples From Shallow Marine Carbonate Sediment Sequences, Holocene South Florida And Caicos Platform, British West Indies

Lenore P. Tedesco , Robert C. Aller

Hydrothermal Vent Bacterial Community in Ordovician Ophicalcite, Southern Quebec Appalachians

Denis Lavoie

An Organogenic Origin for Widespread Dolomite in the Cambrian Eilean Dubh Formation, Northwestern Scotland

David T. Wright

Sr Isotopic Age Analysis of Co-Occurring Miocene Phosphate Grain Types on the North Carolina Continental Shelf

Stanley Riggs , Peter Stille , Dorothea Ames

Criteria for the Recognition of Shallow-Perennial-Saline-Lake Halites Based on Recent Sediments From the Qaidam Basin, Western China

Kathryn A. Schubel (), Tim K. Lowenstein

Biogenicity of Silica Precipitation Around Geysers and Hot-Spring Vents, North Island, New Zealand

Brian Jones , Robin W. Renaut , Michael R. Rosen

Rare Earth Elements in Weathering Profiles and Sediments of Minnesota: Implications for Provenance Studies

G. B. Morey, Dale R. Setterholm

Detrital Chromian Spinel Compositions Used to Reconstruct the Tectonic Setting of Provenance: Implications for Orogeny in the Canadian Cordillera

H. O. Cookenboo , R. M. Bustin , K. R. Wilks

Inverse Grading Resulting from Coarse-sediment Transport Lag

Bryce M. Hand

Characteristics and Depositional Processes of Large-scale Gravelly Gilbert-Type Foresets in the Miocene Doumsan Fan Delta, Pohang Basin, Se Korea

Y. K. Sohn , S. B. Kim , I. G. Hwang , J. J. Bahk , M. Y. Choe , S. K. Chough

The Interaction of Volcanism and Sedimentation in the Proximal Areas of a Mid-tertiary Volcanic Dome Field, Central Arizona, U.S.A.

N. R. Riggs, J. C. Hurlbert, T. J. Schroeder, S. A. Ward ()

Lacustrine Sedimentation Processes and Patterns During Effusive and Explosive Volcanism, Challis Volcanic Field, Idaho

Beth A. Palmer, Elizabeth P. Shawkey ()

Origin of Quartz Cement in the Tirrawarra Sandstone, Southern Cooper Basin, South Australia

Mohammad R. Rezaee, Peter R. Tingate

Effects of Differential Cementation on the Sonic Velocities of Upper Cretaceous Skeletal Grainstones (Southeastern Netherlands)

Jeroen A. M. Kenter, Bruce W. Fouke, Marc Reinders

Timing of Compaction and Quartz Cementation from Integrated Petrographic and Burial-History Analyses, Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, Wyoming and South Dakota

Shirley P. Dutton

Influence of Depositional Sand Quality and Diagenesis on Porosity and Permeability: Examples from Brent Group Reservoirs, Northern North Sea

S. N. Ehrenberg

Diagenetic Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Dynamics of Mesozoic Arkoses, Hartford Rift Basin, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Enrique Merino , Jean-Pierre Girard (2), Michael T. May (1), Vishnu Ranganathan

Rb-Sr Ages of Diagenesis of Mg-rich Clay in Permian Sediments, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle, U.S.A.

Leon E. Long , Mark E. Erwin , (), R. Stephen Fisher

Thermal History Constraints from Studies of Organic Matter, Clay Minerals, Fluid inclusions, and Apatite Fission Tracks at the Ardeche Paleo-margin (BA1 Drill Hole, GPF Program), France

Maurice Pagel , Jean-Jacques Braun , Jean Robert Disnar , Luis Martinez , Christophe Renac , Guy Vasseur (5)