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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Early Devonian Kess-Kess Carbonate Mud Mounds of the Eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco), and Their Relation to Submarine Hydrothermal Venting

Zdzislaw Belka

Ancient Helictites and the Formation of Vadose Crystal Silt in Upper Jurassic Carbonates (Southern Germany)

Carsten Reinhold

Petrology and Geochemistry of Diagenetically Altered Tuffaceous Rocks from the Middle Triassic of Central Spain

R. Marfil , A. Hall , S. Garcia-Gil , M.G. Stamatakis

MN and FE-Rich Black Travertine Shrubs: Bacterially (And Nanobacterially) Induced Precipitates

Henry S. Chafetz , Brahim Akdim , Ramon Julia , Arch Reid

Microbial Biofacies in Hot-Spring Sinters: A Model Based on Ohaaki Pool, North Island, New Zealand

Brian Jones , Robin W. Renaut , Michael R. Rosen

Preservation of Biogenic Opal-A in Earliest Cretaceous Radiolarian Claystone from the Western Pacific

Yujiro Ogawa, Takami Kawata

Multicomponent Analysis of FTIR Spectra: Quantification of Amorphous and Crystallized Mineral Phases in Synthetic and Natural Sediments

Jacques Bertaux , Francois Frohlich , Philippe Ildefonse

Processes Controlling the Distribution of Ti and Al in Weathering Profiles, Siliciclastic Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks

Grant M. Young, H. Wayne Nesbitt

An Oxygen Isotope Study of Illite and Calcite in Three Appalachian Paleozoic Vertic Paleosols

Claudia I. Mora , Brian T. Sheldon , W. Crawford Elliott , Steven G. Driese

Unroofing History of the Eastern Himalaya and the Indo-Burman Ranges: Heavy-Mineral Study of Cenozoic Sediments from the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh

Ashraf Uddin , Neil Lundberg

Origin of Fluvial Grain-Size Trends in a Foreland Basin: The Pocono Formation on the Central Appalachian Basin

Ruth A.J. Robinson (), Rudy L. Slingerland

Sedimentary Processes at the Base of a West Antarctic Ice Stream: Constraints from Textural and Compositional Properties of Subglacial Debris

Slawek Tulaczyk , Barclay Kamb , Reed P. Scherer , Hermann F. Engelhardt

Cross-Shore Distribution of Sediment Texture Under Breaking Waves Along Low-Wave-Energy Coasts

Ping Wang , Richard A. Davis, Jr. , Nicholas C. Kraus

Tidal Dunes and Sand Waves in Deep Outer-Shelf Eenvironments, Bajocian, Se Jura, France

Urs Neumeier

A Duct-Tape Manipulator for Polishing Thin Sections

Scott J. Carpenter

A Rapid, Lightweight Sediment Peel Technique Using Polyurethane Foam

Jacqueline A. Skipper , David J. Ward , Richard Johnson

Book Reviews

Arthur Saller, Gian Gaspare Zuffa