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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sedimentary Carbon, Sulfur, and Iron Relationships in Modern and Ancient Diagenetic Environments of the Eel River Basin (U.S.A.)

C.K. Sommerfield , R.C. Aller , C.A. Nittrouer

Anchor-Ice Formation and Ice Rafting in Southwestern Lake Michigan, U.S.A.

Edward W. Kempema , Erk Reimnitz , Peter W. Barnes

Kinematics of Sand Avalanches Using Particle-Image Velocimetry

Michael Tischer (), Marcus I. Bursik , E. Bruce Pitman

Aerodynamic and Geometric Diameters of Airborne Particles

Weinan Chen (), Donald W. Fryrear

Hypersaline Burial Diagenesis Delineated by Component Isotopic Analysis, Late Paleozoic Limestones, West Texas

J.A.D. Dickson , I.P. Montanez , A.H. Saller

Discrimination of Multiple Episodes of Meteoric Diagenesis in a Kimmeridgian Reefal Complex, North Iberian Range, Spain

M. Isabel Benito , Kyger C. Lohmann , Ramon Mas

Formation of Dolomite in Recent Island-Arc Sediments Due to Gas-Seawater-Sediment Interaction

Thomas Pichler (), John D. Humphrey

Origin of Massive Dolostone: The Upper Knox Model

David N. Lumsden, G. Clifford Caudle

Biosedimentology of a Silurian Thrombolite Reef with Meter-Scale Growth Framework Cavities

Charles F. Kahle

Recent Freshwater Ooids and Oncoids from Western Lake Geneva (Switzerland): Indications of a Common Organically Mediated Origin

Eric Davaud, Stephanie Girardclos ()

Microbial Biscuits of Vaterite in Lake Issyk-Kul (Republic of Kyrgyzstan)

Santiago Giralt , Ramon Julia , Jan Klerkx

Cherts with Moganite in Continental Mg-Clay Deposits: An Example of False Magadi-Type Cherts, Madrid Basin, Spain

M.A. Bustillo

In Situ Stable Isotopic Evidence for Protracted and Complex Carbonate Cementation in a Petroleum Reservoir, North Coles Levee, San Joaquin Basin, California, U.S.A

Mostafa Fayek (), T. Mark Harrison , Marty Grove , Kevin D. Mckeegan , Chris D. Coath , James R. Boles

Facies-Related Diagenesis and Multiphase Siderite Cementation and Dissolution in the Reservoir Sandstones of the Khatatba Formation, Egypt's Western Desert

Carlos Rossi , Rafaela Marfil , Karl Ramseyer , Albert Permanyer

Development of Tightly Cemented Sandstone Lenses in Uncemented Sand: Example of the Fontainebleau Sand (Oligocene) in the Paris Basin

Medard Thiry, Benoit Marechal ()

Contact Diagenesis: The Effect of an Intrusion on Reservoir Quality in the Triassic Sherwood Sandstone Group, Northern Ireland

Jennifer M. Mckinley , Richard H. Worden , Alastair H. Ruffell

Depositional Facies and Aqueous-Solid Geochemistry of Travertine-Depositing Hot Springs (Angel Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.): DISCUSSION

Julian E. Andrews , Robert Riding

Depositional Facies and Aqueous-Solid Geochemistry of Travertine-Depositing Hot Springs (Angel Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.): REPLY

Bruce W. Fouke

Quantification of Bioturbation in Hemipelagic Sediments Via Thin-Section Image Analysis: RESEARCH METHODS PAPERS

Pierre Francus ()

Effect of Mica on Particle-Size Analyses Using the Laser Diffraction Technique: RESEARCH METHODS PAPERS

Shaun Hayton , Campbell S. Nelson , Brian D. Ricketts , Steve Cooke , Maurice W. Wedd

An Integrated Cathodoluminescence Video-Capture Microsampling System: RESEARCH METHODS PAPERS

Bruce W. Fouke , John Rakovan