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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Did the Mediterranean Sea Dry Out During the Miocene? A Reassessment of the Evaporite Evidence from DSDP Legs 13 and 42A Cores

Lawrence A. Hardie, Tim K. Lowenstein

Biochemical Control of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Modern Lagoonal Microbialites, Tikehau Atoll, French Polynesia

Pascale Gautret, Gilbert Camoin, Stjepko Golubic, Sophie Sprachta

Digital Reconstruction and Stratigraphic Evolution of a Microbial-Dominated, Isolated Carbonate Platform (Terminal Proterozoic, Nama Group, Namibia)

Erwin W. Adams, Stefan Schroder, John P. Grotzinger, David S. McCORMICK

Sediments, Facies Tracts, and Variations in Sedimentation Rates of Holocene Platform Carbonate Sediments and Associated Deposits, Northern Belize-Implications for "Representative" Sedimentation Rates

Wan Yang, S.J. Mazzullo, Chellie S. Teal

Facies Mosaics Across the Persian Gulf and Around Antigua-Stochastic and Deterministic Products of Shallow-Water Sediment Accumulation

Bruce H. Wilkinson, Carl N. Drummond

Influences of Storm Erosion and Deposition on Rhythmites of the Upper Wenchang Formation (Upper Ordovician) Around Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, China

Daidu Fan, Congxian Li, Ping Wang

Pedogenic Mud Aggregates and Paleosol Development in Ancient Dryland River Systems: Criteria for Interpreting Alluvial Mudrock Origin and Floodplain Dynamics

Reidar Muller, Johan Petter Nystuen, V. Paul Wright

Deformation Band Control on Hydrocarbon Migration

John Parnell, Gordon R. Watt, David Middleton, Jason Kelly, Martin Baron

Morphologic and Mineralogic Transitions From Opal-A to Opal-CT in Low-Temperature Siliceous Sinter Diagenesis, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Bridget Y. Lynne, Kathleen A. Campbell

Processes of Sediment-Wave Construction Along the Present Zaire Deep-Sea Meandering Channel: Role of Meanders and Flow Stripping

Sebastien Migeon, Bruno Savoye, Nathalie Babonneau, France-Lucy Spy Andersson