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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Mass-Transport Complexes (MTCs) and Tectonic Control on Basin-Floor Submarine Fans, Middle Eocene, South Spanish Pyrenees

Kevin T. Pickering, Jordi Corregidor

Conceptual and Numerical Modeling of the BIG'95 Debris Flow, Western Mediterranean Sea

Galderic Lastras, Fabio Vittorio De Blasio, Miquel Canals, Anders Elverhoi

The Transition Between Sheet-Like Lobe and Basin-Plain Turbidites in the Hecho Basin (South-Central Pyrenees, Spain)

Eduard Remacha, Luis P. Fernandez, Eudald Maestro

Experiment on Turbidity Currents and Their Deposits in a Model 3D Subsiding Minibasin

Jacob Violet, Benjamin Sheets, Lincoln Pratson, Chris Paola, Rick Beaubouef, Gary Parker

Radar Architecture and Evolution of Channel Bars in Wandering Gravel-Bed Rivers: Fraser and Squamish Rivers, British Columbia, Canada

C.L. Wooldridge, E.J. Hickin

Remote Sensing of Geomorphology and Facies Patterns on a Modern Carbonate Ramp (Arabian Gulf, Dubai, U.A.E.)

Samuel J. Purkis, Bernhard M. Riegl, Serge Andrefouet

Quantitative Analysis and Paleoecology of Earliest Mississippian Microbial Reefs, Gudman Formation, Queensland, Australia: Not Just Post-Disaster Phenomena

Gregory E. Webb

Cyanobacterial Mats from Silurian Black Radiolarian Cherts: Phototrophic Life at the Edge of Darkness?

Barbara Kremer, Jozef Kazmierczak

Pyrite and Marcasite Coated Grains in the Ordovician Winnipeg Formation, Canada: An Intertwined Record of Surface Conditions, Stratigraphic Condensation, Geochemical "Reworking," and Microbial Activity

Jurgen Schieber, Lee Riciputi

Alkali Feldspar Microtextures as Provenance Indicators in Siliciclastic Rocks and Their Role in Feldspar Dissolution During Transport and Diagenesis

Ian Parsons, Pauline Thompson, Martin R. Lee, Nicola Cayzer

Distribution of Diagenetic Alterations in Siliciclastic Shoreface Deposits within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Evidence from the Upper Jurassic, Boulonnais, NW France

Khalid Al-Ramadan, S. Morad, J.N. Proust, I. Al-Aasm

Criteria for Distinguishing Primary Evaporite Features from Deformation Features in Sulfate Evaporites: Erratum

B. Charlotte Schreiber, Marc L. Helman

Paleobrine Temperatures, Chemistries, and Paleoenvironments of Silurian Salina Formation F-1 Salt, Michigan Basin, U.S.A., from Petrography and Fluid Inclusions in Halite: Erratum

Cindy L. Satterfield, Tim K. Lowenstein, Russell H. Vreeland, William D. Rosenzweig

Genesis and Dispersal of Carbonate Mud Relative to Late Quaternary Sea-Level Change Along a Distally-Steepened Carbonate Ramp (Northwestern Shelf, Western Australia): Erratum

George R. Dix, Noel P. James, T. Kurtis Kyser, Yvonne Bone, Lindsay B. Collins