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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Mass-Balance Constraints On Stratigraphic Interpretation of Linked Alluvial–Coastal–Shelfal Deposits From Source To Sink: Example From Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, Utah and Colorado, U.S.A.

Gary J. Hampson, Robert A. Duller, Andrew L. Petter, Ruth A. J. Robinson, Philip A. Allen

Sem Petrography of Eastern Mediterranean Sapropels: Analogue Data For Assessing Organic Matter In Oil and Gas Shales

Kitty L. Milliken, Lucy T. Ko, Maxwell Pommer, Kathleen M. Marsaglia

Multi-Taxa Isotopic Investigation of Paleohydrology In the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, Eastern Utah, U.S.A.: Deciphering Effects Of the Nevadaplano Plateau On Regional Climate

Celina A. Suarez, Luis A. González, Gregory A. Ludvigson, James I. Kirkland, Richard L. Cifelli, Matthew J. Kohn

Freshwater Limestone In An Arid Rift Basin: A Goldilocks Effect

Gail M. Ashley, Carol B. De Wet, Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo, Alyssa M. Karis, Theresa M. O'Reilly, Ronidell Baluyot

A Quantitative Approach To Linking Drainage Area and Distributive-Fluvial-System Area In Modern and Ancient Endorheic Basins

Stephanie K. Davidson, Adrian J. Hartley

Abiogenic Growth of Needle-Fiber Calcite In Spring Towers At Shiqiang, Yunnan Province, China

Brian Jones, Xiaotong Peng

Lava–Sediment Interaction and Drainage-System Development In A Large Igneous Province: Columbia River Flood Basalt Province, Washington State, U.S.A.

Alena Ebinghaus, Adrian J. Hartley, David W. Jolley, Malcolm Hole, John Millett

The Role of Mudstone Baffles In Controlling Fluid Pathways In A Fluvial Sandstone: A Study In the Pennsylvanian–Permian Fountain Formation, Northern Colorado, U.S.A.

Ian M. Hogan, Sally J. Sutton

Reciprocal Changes In Foreset To Bottomset Facies In A Gilbert-Type Delta: Response To Short-Term Changes In Base Level

Katarina Gobo, Massimiliano Ghinassi, Wojciech Nemec

Simple and Efficient Separation of Magnetic Minerals From Speleothems and Other Carbonates

Jennifer H. Strehlau, Lindsay A. Hegner, Becky E. Strauss, Joshua M. Feinberg, R. Lee Penn

Sponge Spicules, Silicification, and Sequence Stratigraphy

Fritz Neuweiler, Stéphanie Larmagnat, John Molson, Francis Fortin-Morin

Carbonate Sediment Production, Transport, and Supply To A Coral Cay At Raine Reef, Northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia: A Facies Approach

John L. Dawson, Scott G. Smithers

First Discovery of Channel–Levee Complexes In A Modern Deep-Water Carbonate Slope Environment

Thierry Mulder, Emmanuelle Ducassou, Hervé Gillet, Vincent Hanquiez, Mélanie Principaud, Ludivine Chabaud, Gregor P. Eberli, Pascal Kindler, Isabelle Billeaud, Eliane Gonthier, François Fournier, Philippe Léonide, Jean Borgomano