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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Kansas Geological Society

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Abbyville Pool

Geological Department

The Bloom Field

Shirley E. Lenderman

Boggs Field

A. N. Jacques

The Brenham Pool (Abandoned)

Shirley E. Lenderman

Cairo North Pool

J. W. Thompson

Coats Field

Graham R. Curtis

Cunningham Field

Geological Department

Deerhead Pool

Virgil M. Tucker

Embry Pool

Claud Sheats Jr.

Enlow Pool

Claud Sheats Jr.

Fitzsimmons Pool

Jack H. Brown

Grabs Pool

James B. Richter

Hardtner Pool

Everest E. Wible

The Harper Ranch Pool

George Waite

Haven Pool

J. Mark Richardson, Edwin P. Matthews

Haviland and Wellsford Fields

Alfred James

Kansas Oil and Gas Pools: Vol. I, South Central Kansas. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Paul A. Harper

Lerado Field

D. H. McGinness

Lerado Southwest Field

Nichols Pool

William E. Zajic

Nurse Gas Field

H. Marvin Douglass

The Rhodes Field

W. R. Clark

Robbins Ranch Pool

Jas. I. Daniels

Rosedale Pool

J. Mark Richardson, Edwin P. Matthews

The Sun City Pool

Warren S. Spaulding

The Whelan Pool

John E. Brewer

Willowdale Pool

J. D. Cruce